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August 21, 2004Top

* Nader wins arguments, not votes

There are several problems with A. S. assessment [Nader anyone?].

1 -- Kerry has NOT signed on to Bush's "axis of evil" formulation. There is no indication that he is set on foreign policy of pre-emptive war. Indeed, it is quite the opposite. If the goal here to to make less likely that the US will invade Iran on an imperialist whim, then voting out the neo-cons who surround Bush makes the most sense. But is voting for Nader the best way to accomplish this? Bush supporters on't think so. They've been helping Nader when they can.

2 -- Nader does not have the political common sense of even a sack of hammers. He wins arguments, not votes. The practical political reality is that the there are two choices.

3 -- Of course, if one, does indeed support Nader on all his policy ideas then one should vote for him, but the implicit argument that there is no difference between Kerry and Bush (or Republicans and Democrats) is demonstrably false. They have very different approaches to taxation, healthcare policy, foreign policy and many other issues.

4 -- Children of the revolution, eh? Well, how did that work out? There is something to be said playing the political terrain as one finds it instead of insisting on a single, rapid and dramatic change in that terrain.

Cam Amin


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August 21, 2004


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