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August 21, 2004Top

* Beating our own

What is all this Iran-bashing? [Unhappy campers] These olympiad events are nothing but a super huge advertising market, a big bazaar, if you will just like they have always been and the parade does not signify anything at all, to the extent that some athletes even choose not to attent so they can preserve their energy for a better performance. How could you expect something as infinitsimally insignificant such as this, to represent a country's overall integrity?

and do you really think anyone cares what country bags how many or of what type of medals? I could not even begin to understand why you and others on this page are using the image portrayed by the iranian athletes both during the opening ceremony and the first few days of the competition, against iran and all iranians of the world?

you need to ask yourself a very serious question that supposedly if the iranians were dressed accroding to your standards and were more colorfully accessorized, to please your taste, would anyone had regarded that as an enlightening fact about them after the games were over? you and i both know that it would not have changed their image a darn bit.

Shame on us for not having gold medalists in the world or becuase we dressed differently than everybody else on the field? Shame on us for carrying a long-revered tradition of observing and respecting our holy religious figures, and not breaking it down and go crazy and feel jovial! in front of all those cameras?

I think that a crucial burden of shame is due upon those who make it a habit of constantly taking advantage of a situation to berate their own fellow countrymen.



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August 21, 2004


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