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August 21, 2004Top

* Another Texan, another war

Isn't it amazing that whenever this country has a president from "Texas" we have a war on our hand?

Johnson, a Texan, was war lovin' good ol' boy who went to great lengths to create the war in Vietnam and please his gun makin' buddies and oil friends. There are theories out there and books written about how bloody his hands were in Kennedy's assassination.

G.W. senior, another Texan, was literally paid by his oil producing buddies in Kuwait to go to war with Iraq. There has never been a president who has had so many Arab friends.

The next Texan moron, falsified records, put up cartoons of WMD all over the airwaves and fed us "bull shit", which the purest form of it comes from Texas, the land of Bull Shit, so his buddies can make money out of a war and human suffering.

The White House has never smelled like oil as it does now!

Let us not forget that this is a country who's people love war. The word "fight", "destroy", "bomb", "rocket", and "win" appears everywhere, especially in the National Anthem.

From the day they set foot on the Native American's soil they put bullets into dark-skinned bodies and that practice continues.

To understand this nation, one has to go back to history and recall five consecutive years, when America has not been involved in a war, police action, conflict, or a fight. The guns of this nation has never had five years to rest, never. WHY?

Hamid Bakhsheshi


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August 21, 2004


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