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August 21, 2004Top

* I was in Niavaran

I have always liked your pictures but you left a few good ones out! [Palace stroll] I was in Niavaran in 1983 (the last time I was in Iran) and despite getting in an argument with a bearded guard about not having stockings on, which made me mad, I was thrilled to see the statue of the Crown Cannibal's dad cut and destroyed (with only his legs remaining).

Where are the pictures from the dining room with the magnificent red leathers and the priceless sealing covered in leather with exquisite artwork? You should have photographed those to show the stupid and totally fucked up Monarchists who hide behind an e-mail (because they do not have the balls to reveal even a general name) to see how the Crown Cannibal and his family lived when thousands of his "people" lived in what was called Godals in Tehran and Halabi Houses in other parts.

The consolation is that our damned Royal family will take the dream of ever stepping to that palace to their rotten grave. That brings enormous joy to my heart even though my dad has said I should never rejoice at other's misfortune. Oh well, my joy is a small satisfaction for all the lives that perished during that regime.

Please feature more pictures showing this family's decedent lifestyle and feature the bitch's ruby crusted cigarette case box so people can see the sad face and the sad voice are part of an elaborate skim to gain MORON"S sympathy.

Azam Nemati


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August 21, 2004


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