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August 21, 2004Top

* Canada owes Kazemi nothing

In response to "Last Tango with Tehran",

Zahra Kazemi voluntarily went to chronicle the democratic movement of Iran's students. Ultimately, as Samira Moyyeddin pointed out, Zahra Kazemi gave her life because she believed that the democratic student movement in Iran was entitled to recognition.

A noble cause? Yes. But a cause that any intelligent person, especially one who is Iranian and acutely aware of the brutal realities of Iranian governance, would surely understand is a most dangerous undertaking. Like the Iranian government, I too will be so bold as to blame Kazemi for her own demise.

Certainly, the Iranian government, with its history of systemic violation of human rights and the totalitarian and theocratic nature of its regime, cannot have been expected to act any differently? Like any totalitarian state, the Iranian government and it's 'agents' has no choice but to eradicate (or attempt to eradicate) any and all opposition, imagined or real, to it's rule.

Zahra Kazemi. however, did have a choice. And she choose, fully aware of the dangers and consequences of her choice. For Samira Mohyeddin, communications officer for the Canadian Committee for Democracy in Iran (CCDI), to use Kazemi's murder as a platform to declare that it is imperative that Canada picks up where Kazemi was forced off is disingenuous and insulting to this Canadian, who fled the country of his birth, Iran, shortly after the Islamic Revolution.

Canada owes Kazemi nothing. But I guess for the special interest group CCDI, not only does Canada owe Kazami, it owes the people of Iran as well.

Razin Shaikoli
Toronto, Ontario


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August 21, 2004


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