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September 2006

Path to 9/11
* Nowrasteh's compelling film
Anousheh Ansari
* Ansari is a great role model
* Ansari teaches me to pursue my dreams
* It’s easy to pick on one or two who stand out
* Hassoudi
* Keeping them in the public eye is the best revenge
* So unbelievably ego-centeric
* She could've change life for over hundreds of thousands of children with that money
* Can't she spend some of that money to help her countrymen?
* Life is ultimately about choice
* Is Islam more flexible than Marxism?
* Repeating hateful ideas
* Victimized by primitive alien ideology
* The silent Persian
* Comedians are the only people who will go to Heaven
* Real or phony?
* France, oil & inhumanity
* I suggest readers pitch in and send you to Iran
Peyvand Khorsandi
* I see that you are Hadi's son!
* Hossein in the closet
* You don't fucking deserve Canada
* Ehanat beh Azadi
* I will stop drawing cartoons if...
Business Iranian-style
* That tells me that Iranian businessmen have a heart
* We should not forget
* HoloHoax
* The last paragraph
* What can happen any place at any time
Cultural relativism
* Reasoned treatise on cultural relativism
* Jews need to read Einstein
* If your main problem is NAMES, get over it!
* Bahaullah wrote
* I feel guilty
* Value the contributions of your ancestors
* Start your own religion
* Not any different
* Grass-roots revival
Lost in translation
* fArsi forgot kard
* It means W.C.
* Sorry, we Iranians won't accepet Western rule anymore
* Respecting world leaders is a good thing
Hezboillah leader
* Can be a bit intimidating for some
* Asshole in Arabic
* As much as I dislike Ahmadinejad, that's wrong
"Ey Iran" anthem
* Ey vaay!
* Imperialist egos
* Sorry, we Iranians won't accepet Western rule anymore
* Don't give them any ideas
* What is their business?
* It all comes down to money and power
Shirin Ebadi
* Agent Shirin
Jim Muir
* Fishman
* Lost and confused species
* Persian man available
* Were I not 88 I would chase you around the mulberry bush
* Turn on the engine and leave the station
* My concern is the stereotyping
* You may be in the wrong market
* Throw this one back
* Ya Hossein!
* Look in the mirror
* Guy issues
* Not all Iranian men
* You need to get laid. Seriously.
* Qualifications for "Iranian Man"
Lost & found
* Looking for sister Goodarzi
* Abadani classmates
* Boukzadeh looking for friends
* Mehrdad D. Birjandi
* Hamid Atarodi Fardi
* Morteza Baltimori
* Saadi Haeri
* Thank you for giving me some of that feeling back
* Framing Boston
Cosmetic surgery
* Nose-job recommendation
* Improper for kids
* Khatami's dark side
* Sir, I think you got it wrong
* Instead of lecturing the world
* Shame on the people who have invited that crook
* Khatami did his best
* Please stop this visit for Christ's sake
* Face of Islamic moderation
* I would not party with those people
* I am no more a fan of you, sir
* Insults my intelligence
* On a mission
* Not any more brutal than the Shah's regime
* Very little room for civilized debate
* Khatami's legacy
* Heard enough of Khatami
What will happen
* I thought you were really serious (just a second)
* Jokers like this Jacob-boy
* You have no right to demonize any people
* Jewish hashish
* A simpleton American's answer to a complex problem
* I have a better idea
* No human logic
* Legal and peaceful means
* God bless air headed people
* I get enough racism
* Just wait until November elections
* And why not?
Andre Agassi
* Do you blame him?
* No one believes these false allegations anymore
* I only offered you the truth
* Mas'alato baa khodat hal kon
* Who is responsible for publishing these insulting cartoons?
* Degrading toward women and minorities
* Neo-pimp in Diaspora
* Of letters
* You've survived
* It gave me hope
* PR agent
* Difficult words
* Worry about our own issues first
* Funnier
* Heartwarming
* Kheyli bebakhshid... you call this art?
* To me that means...
* Bullshit rhetoric
* Excellent x 3
* Should Israel country even have nuclear weapons?
Regime change
* Practical solution
* What is your alternative?
Plane crash
* Make your own
Visiting Iran
* Molavi & "separation depression"
* Should Israel country even have nuclear weapons?
Holocaust cartoons
* It symbolizes the stupidity of the Muslim world
* Even Einstein condemned Zionists
* No one is against JEWS
* Positive effect should not be completely denied
* Racist dumb muthefucker
* Don't waste your time
* Apology & correction
Iran pix
* Mentality that fuels Secession
* Hell, even I can do better
* Shame on the people who have invited that crook
* To me that means...
* Zert o pert
* No Persian in pre Islamic Iran
* Hidden Imam must be armed with a modern army
* No logical conclusion
* True or false?
Stockholm Syndrome
* Happens all the time
* Iranians in Dubai


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