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March 15


Ummm… it’s a movie man

On Touraj Daryaee's "Go tell the Spartans":

Ummm…it’s a movie man.

Seriously though, I understand your position on this. I somehow forget that this movie is marketed to a public who elected the lying warmongerer twice. However, as an independently minded human being I do not draw the same conclusions from the movie as you do. I saw it as a fictionalized version of an ancient battle, more meant to portray the "freedom isn't free" mantra than "obey the idiot president" one. No one can say that the war in Iraq or any of the latest actions of President Bush have been heroic, justified, or legendary. Neither can anyone say that the terrorists who hate Americans are an "overwhelming horde". I realize Bush would like to keep us in terror of a nonexistent threat to our lives and freedom, but attack him and his kind, not the movie. The movie was in the end only meant to entertain and make money, and therefore not worth arguing about. If you want to make a profound stand against Bush's injustice - indeed AMERICAN injustice - then call him on the numerous war crimes he has already committed and stand against both sides in this pointless, destructive, and inhuman conflict.

Darryl Narcisse


Complexity of media influencing the masses

On Touraj Daryaee's "Go tell the Spartans":

This shows the complexity of media influencing the mass of western people in current crisis. This is the second movie that was made about King Xerxes or Persians in other words since last year and half, the other one which is called "one night with the king" I believe addressed the Persian anti-semitism in that era.


p.s. nice article and please note we can not stop people from making that kind of movies we better encourage some of our young people to go in the field of media and communication instead of medical science  and engineering ;).


Complete opposite light on the Persians

On Touraj Daryaee's "Go tell the Spartans":

Check out the following movie: "One night with the King" (with Omar Sharif). It is about Ester and King Xerxes. This one sheds a complete opposite light on the Persians.

Khodadad Darius Sharif


Distribute broadly

On Touraj Daryaee's "Go tell the Spartans":

This is excelent article of mr. Daryaee, please publish in Daily News, LA Times, Washington Post etc. for broad distribution and effect.

Thank you

Mehrdad Rahimi


I doubt he would ever complain about IRI history books

On Touraj Daryaee's "Go tell the Spartans":

Why do I get a feeling that Touraj Daryaee is a mouth piece of Islamic Repulic? Every time he touches his keyboard to write something for the Iranian.com, he sounds like an official from Tehran. I am not accusing him of being an agent of IR, I certainly have no proof of that, and don’t want to label anyone as such, but I get that feeling. Perhaps it is because he sounds a lot like the spokesperson of the Ministry of Culture in IR, or even Antarinejad’s advisor on the cultural issues.

I got give him credit, he is right on about the historical inaccuracies in the movie, but than again the movie makes no claim on being non-fiction. As a matter of fact, every where I read, they mention that it is based on a COMIC book. As an Iranian, I did not see the parallels between Bush and Leonidis, or the War in Iraq, seems like Daryaee has a hell of an imagination. What troubles me most about his article is that supposedly, he is a professor of some type, probably teaching our poor kids on one of our great campuses across the beautiful state of California. I don’t know what he is trying to suggest, but what I got from his article is that there is this conspiracy between the Bush administration and Hollywood to destroy Persian history, making Iranian look bad, so Bush can attack Iran. After all, Hollywood does not control the armed forces, so there had to be at least some coordination between Hollywood, and Bush.

Ironically, throughout his article, he often asks for historical evidence, or complains about the omission of facts in the western world when it comes to the Greco-Persian wars, yet he provides not an ounce of proof how Hollywood is connected to the Bush administration or vice versa.

Just as this movie does not explain the motives for why Xerxes sets on the expedition to finally suppress the Ionian rebellion, most critics of this movie set on to omit one important fact. If they really love Iranian history, and Iranian culture, their argument should not be with a few Hollywood actors, writers, and directors, for if anyone is to be confronted for damaging all aspect of Iran, it is the MULLAHS for the past 27 years. Mullahs and the Islamic Republic are affront to anything Iranian. They have deprived Iran of any dignity, and they have shamefully plundered all of Iran’s resources, including the very people of Iran. They have destroyed Iranian history, one only needs to look at the history textbooks for the middle school and high school in Iran.

I doubt Touraj Daryaee would ever complain about the way Iranian history is portrayed in the history books of Islamic Republic. I doubt he will confront the Islamist in the education ministry for calling some of the great Iranian kings dictators in history books. I doubt he will ever complain about the arabization of Persian language. After all if he did, I doubt that he would be able to make his annual trip to Iran for “research” purposes. It is much easier to stand up to Hollywood in the land of free, and take up this fake cause than to confront the real violators of the Iranian culture.

Touraj Touran


I admire you as an Iranian who looks for equality and justice

On Touraj Daryaee's "Go tell the Spartans":

I enjoyed very much of reading your scientific and historic comment. I admire you as an Iranian who looks for equality and justice among mankind.

Reza Khabazian


Dangerous, embarrassing ignorance

On Naz Ghassemian's "Fiction does not deserve a pertition":

I was disappointed by Ms. Ghassemian's assertion that "300" is just some kind of a joke, based on a comic book, and that somehow Iranians need to get over it.

The battle of Thermopylae, if you went to school in Europe or the US, generally anywhere in the West, you would know as being the symbolic birth of "Western" culture. The evil East defeated at the gates of the West. Simply read the reviews currently out there. The Washington Post reviewer, (read the full, not the brief review) even talks of how, it is thanks to this war, that the World speaks English and not Farsi.

One advantage we have as Iranians, living in the West, is to understand the West, better than if we were living in Iran. Ms. Ghassemian ignorance regarding the West's affiliation to this story, is disappointing. It is dangerous. It is embarrassing.

I don't have the energy to then debate the ills of the premise of this movie. To see that argument, read the reviews at Washington Post, my thoughts come under "Spinning the Persians."

Afsaneh Mirfendereski


Very influential in forming public opinion

On Naz Ghassemian's "Fiction does not deserve a pertition":

We are not really talking about comic books here either. Hollywood has never been fair in portraying minorities. In recent pasts, other minorities have had to persuade the movie industry through organized efforts to put an end to the stereotyping or negative portrayal of their people. We need to do the same when the opportunity arises.

Art and literature are a creative expression and a reflection of the historical period they are born in. Movies in particular do often reflect the political climate of the times and are very influential in forming public opinion. In case of this movie, the historical inaccuracies play right into today's political climate. I think it is necessary for our voices to be heard and petitions and letter writing campaigns can only help.



Producers should apologize

On Naz Ghassemian's "Fiction does not deserve a pertition":

With all due respect to Naz Ghassemian's arguments, I beg to differ. You stated that "anyone who allows their view of Iranians to be influenced by a comic book or a movie is a dimwit and may also be the sort of individual who believes that Pamela Anderson's breasts are real." This is precisely why it is necessary to take actions like drafting or signing a petition against the movie, precisely because the target of movies like 300 is "dimwits." Granted, a minority of intelligent people do not get influenced by a fantasy movie or do not think Pam Anderson's breasts are real. But, my friend, the majority do. That is why Pamela Anderson is a celebrity, enjoys wealth and fame, and is viewed as beautiful and sexy by the majority of the population whether people like you and me like it or not.

The simple fact is that in today's societies -- particularly North American societies -- dimwits run the show. It is the dimwits who supported the invasion of Iraq which eventually took place despite the outcry and protest of most intellectuals and academics (At the end of the day it wasn't the informed views of academics and intellectuals who swayed politicians and think tanks, but the views of the dimwits who, more often than not, could not even locate Middle East on the map!) It is the dimwits who finance the giant consumerist machine. It is the dimwits who make the dehumanizing world of advertising possible. It is the dimwits who make "American Idol" the number one show on earth. This is precisely why the dimwits do have "the likelihood [of ] swaying decisions and think tanks." It is the sad fact that we live in a world of dimwits that calls for action.

I personally don't care much about the portrayal of Persians or the Persian army in the movie and don't see it as necessary to correct people's notion of Iran 1700 years ago. I do, however, believe that the movie's portrayal of anyone non-caucasian as barbarian and the monopolization of reason, justice, and freedom to the white race goes beyond an innocent attempt at turning a fantasy novel into film. And it is the scary likelihood of the "dimwits" viewing it as historical truth or as fact that undeniably calls for action, for the majority do view it as such.

This is why I have drafted my own petition against "300", one that does not aim to restore "Persian pride" but to force the producers of this movie to assert its falsehood and to apologize, lest the "dimwits" take it too seriously.

Here is the link to my petition. Please sign!

Hamid R. Yazdi


Our identity hijacked and insulted

On Naz Ghassemian's "Fiction does not deserve a pertition":

Dear Nazanin,

Your Article raised several fundamental points, and I like to respond if I may.

Webster defines "fiction" as something invented by the imagination or feigned; specifically : an invented story "

Now, Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. was not fiction and was very real, and in the movie "300" they used all actual names and references. the movie is also being advertised a "Epic" movie, meaning historical.

The movie might have used the characters and lines from the comic book, however, the comic book was based on the historical event in 480 B.C.

The central core of the insults rests at the fact that "Persians" are labeled horde, or barbarian and even beasts, but the Greeks are holders of "Western democracy and symbol of freedom. In 332 BC, Alexander attacked Persia and burnt the entire Persian civilization in Persepolis and they called him the "GREAT" Now, do you see a double standard here or not?. Reason; most historical events were rerecorded by "western" historians.

I agree with you there are far more serious issues and concerns that affect all of us whether we live in Iran or Beverly Hills, in that we should take stand whenever our cultural and national principals are being trampled by so called i"western" ignorance. We are not the only indigent people whose national identity are being hijacked and insulted, but we are littler more naturalists.

BTW, I though Pamela Anderson's were real (just kidding).



If you had true Persian blood

On Naz Ghassemian's "Fiction does not deserve a pertition":


You are either a Mullah or a jew hired by WB company. A true Iranian with Persian blood in his vein and love for his country and culture does not accept the things you wrote.



We can walk and chew gum at the same time

On Nema Milaninia's "The ridiculous truth":

I read that for historican Herodotus, the Battle of Thermopylae was the defining clash between East and West: So it is somewhat ironic to see such a movie coming out now as we have yet another naval carrier being shipped to the Persian Gulf.

That said before I express my view on this matter I do wnat to remind others that such reactions to a movie is something that is not just limited to us Iranians. After all in the past we have had many other communities, ethnicities, and religious groups expressing their opposition in similar manners. Moreover I disagree with Neema's suggestion ("The ridiculous truth") that we can't walk and chew gum at the same time thus just because there are more important issues we shouldn't have devoted 1 min of our time to sign a petition and/or forward it to others!

He also makes an incorrect analogy by bringing up the Mel Brooks movie. In that movie (which unlike him I am not too sure if NO group ever objected to it or not) the misrepresentation was satirical, whereas in this case if the objection is valid it is on the ground that the misrepresentation involves the inhumane and violent portrayal of 1M people. For example how do you suppose Americans will feel if there was a comic book followed on by a movie inaccurately depicting 150,000 US soldiers killing, raping etc ... 300 Iraqi's who were fighting for their freedom!

Now I believe if the detailed accounts of the actual Battle of Thermopylae as portrayed in this movie happens to be factually wrong, then that is something that an average Iranians may want to ignore, but if how Iranians are portrayed and presented in the movie is a "gross" exaggeration and/or inaccurate then it is a must that we as a community make an effort to be "Better Keepers" of our heritage and history. Especially because of today's unfortunate problem where so many people especially many of today's young generation get their information from mediums like movies.



The more offended you are the more you will be ridiculed

On Nema Milaninia's "The ridiculous truth":

Your Op-ed piece on the movie 300 fits every cliche we've come to see pass from the Muslim world. "We need to be offended when an offense is targeted at us"

No, really, you aren't being "targeted" you simply are hearing something that hits you the wrong way, which the majority of people brought up in Islamic culture seem to view as a hate crime in itself. "Targeted" is a term better used for the way women, gays, ethnic and religious minorities are treated in most of the muslim world.

After Iran's "Holocaust cartoon contest" any whine from Iranians about being demonized will be laughed at, for good reason. The world is sick of perputually angry Muslims demanding people being punished for saying things they don't want to hear. I looked at this petition and most of the comments were typical of the zionist-obsessed, paranoid, and patholocially arrogaunt attitudes by people who believe the world needs to stop spinning when they are mad (which is 99% of the time).

By signing the petition the author simply forwards the sterotype that Muslims believe they have a god (or Allah) given right to infringe on the rights of others. Did the author sign a petition condemning the Holocaust conference sponsored by Iran? Probably not, so shut up and get over your little over-offended self. The more offended you are the more you will be ridiculed by the majority of the world who sees how manipulative and hypocritical your constant offense is.

Miss X


Adverse effects on the mind of the general public

On Nema Milaninia's "The ridiculous truth":

Dear sir,

I have not seen the movie, but my research on the subject following your article shows that such a movie is in the pipline and should be hitting our screens very soon, unless the chinese copies gets to us even before the movie is finished, however, behind every conquest there is a reason, no nation has ever taken arm against another just for the HELL of it, and todays expansionisms by super powers is based on energy needs as was treasures of troy to the Greeks. We live at a time that such expansionisms are taken a demonic face in the form of lables such as Islamic and Terrorism, and while Iranians are no exception in this equation then any movie that does not portray the truth within its content can have adverse effects on the mind of the general public, please do not forget that many westerners think that Iranians are Arabs, and given such lack of historical information among the western nations, then they will believe that Iranians were exactly what the movie had intended them to be, we know very well that there are many glorious chapters in our history but no director has ever taken the trouble of portaying the Iranian history in a movie, in reality there has been more movies made about the Romans and Greek empires than, western and second world war movies put together, I tend not to politicise the movie industry in general and Hollywood in particular, but its strange that such persian "barbarism" should become a movie specially at a time that Iranian Regim is not playing ball with the western counterparts.

Kayvan Mobini


Go back to Iran

On Tinoush Moulaei's "Make a fuss":

You guys keep criticizing the American people and the American film industry and how wonderful things are in Iran and how wonderful the Iranian cinema is. So why the hell you guys don't go back to Iran where y'all belong?



People! We are the biggest joke

On Tinoush Moulaei's "Make a fuss":

I don't think I would be commenting on a movie without being there or seeing the truth. the history is assumed. We have no knowledge of how the Persian were or even the Greeks.

If we are going to complain about a past we have no knowledge of then we are really weak. So what they made a movie about us that is not true. look at us today. look at Iran and the Iranian president . People We are the biggest joke. all we care about is food and music and that's all. look at the TV stations we have its all about making money selling music and food advertising. there is no education there is no power. remember Persia, Iran Fars pars what ever you wanna call it had More kings than history.

300 educates you about Love and Honor not greed and Money. or Harams. It has nothing to do with putting Persians down or making fun of them. and if they are making fun . the whole world is laughing at us so be it. instead of making life better we always find things to petition about or complain. if we had the ability we would have a country. we have no COUNTRY. remember that. Iran is nor Persia. it was part of Persia. so what are we Persians??? are we really. or are we Turks, Kurds, Moguls or Hindu.

The history is behind us so shy look back.



We are being paranoid

On Tinoush Moulaei's "Make a fuss":

I am not sure we'd go as far as signing a petition if this movie took place pre-911.

We are being paranoid but rightfully so: The nuclear stand off and the rumors about attacking Iran, the growing racism against muslim communities, being targeted as a terrorist, worrying if our personal rights are being violated, if we are being watched and stopped at the airports, if Ahmadejad can do more damage about Iran's image and reputation, and the panic goes on...

Relax! "300" is a fantasy/sci-fi not a fact. Plus, I am hearing that an epic movie is being made of the Great Cyrus. There!

I'd just like to make this one suggestion: Instead of whining (which we are so good at), how about putting our minds and money to work. Do something constructive to repair our image and history, and perhaps the future.

Any thoughts?

Sheila K


Hellooo... it's a C-A-R-T-O-O-N!!!

On Tinoush Moulaei's "Make a fuss":

Hellooo... it's a C-A-R-T-O-O-N!!! People, get over it! No one is trying to change or re-do History or sell it as a documentary of facts. Even the director admitted to it's inaccurate historical content, if you watched the making of 300. Lets focus on more important things to petition than Cartoons and TV shows!

Shirin S


A movie is only a movie

On Tinoush Moulaei's "Make a fuss":

Well i am a proud Iranian and say it loud and clear everywhere i go , living in Europe since long time ; but i dont sign this petition neither other petitions in the same categories.

Our Beloved Country is sick and we are suffering ; this is not because of a movie or a novel (without my daughter ) or an article in a geographical magazine (as famous as it was)...

The above acts will be fixed using the same manners...

I will sign a petition and invite the others to do so for what is happening "now" in our country ;

- against humiliating , beating and imprisoning our mothers, sisters and daughters during 8th of March demonstration
- for the freedom of our political prisoners
- for freedom of our courageous students and teachers
- against death penalty in our country , against hanging a 16 year old girl , against stoning
- against dictatorship in our land
- against poverty
- against loosing our nation rights from 50% down to 20% on "Caspian Sea" ; which has always been in our history and culture ... this is not loosing just a name .
- for the equal chance for all the Iranians despite their culture and religion
- against denying Holocaust
- against military actions
- against spending enormous amount of money on an "out of date" nuclear facilities while millions of iranians are in famine and out of descent place to live

There a lot to say and we all know. These are the reasons in my opinion which "hurt the national pride of the millions of Persians". These are the reasons which i am ashamed of; a movie is only a movie ....

but this is again my point of view

Sepehr S


Manipulation by a caca-film like this

On Ahmad Sadri's "Beauty and the beast":

Hi there Jahanshah khan, here's my two pennies on the film I haven´t seen.. best regards and best of luck as always.. Alidad
I am sure Ahmad Sadri's article on the film 300 is more interesting than the film itself. I have not seen the film and likely will not go, as it seems to be a lot of rubbish as a film, never mind as an historical account. My query here is: did the director make a sequel to Dawn of the Dead, or did he make the highly amusing Sean of the Dead? I saw the latter first, and so kept chuckling through Dawn of the Dead. I highly recommend Sean of the Dead: the story of the clash of English suburban life and supernatural horror, in an inspiring setting of semi-detached homes and council housing.

What Ahmad Sadri teaches us in his beautifully written article is that we should read more and watch a little less television, nor fall victim to the massive marketing that accompanies every film production, ensuring people rant and rave in indignation, then go and see the film. I resisted the passing temptation of seeing that other rubbish, Alexander the Great, especially after seeing a five-minute extract that displayed the full horror of its script. ("Alexander, you shall conquer the world, and forge an empire of love and beauty. You will be the beloved of the gods... OH-MY-GAAD-WATCH-OUT... here comes an Asiatic elephant") Such films must be seen in the right context: special effects technology has reached a peak and film makers wish to use it to the full. It saves having to pay many actors. "Three hundred" is more a sequel to the Lord of the Rings than a reference to ominous events in the Middle East, let us hope.

I have come to conclude, after meeting a number of Americans now, that the cultural level of that nation is so woefully low and contemptible that we have a right to worry about their manipulation by a caca-film like this. Most times Americans open their mouths in my presence, their social and cultural idiocy has appeared so startling as to make me wonder how they have come to despise their present administration. Only a couple of years ago they had no idea who Iraq was. I don't know anymore if it is the accent, their obsession with a smiling and happy countenance, the upward inflection at the end of most sentences, their constant shouting, inability to speak foreign languages, obesity or what.

I am reminded now of a conversation last summer with an American girl (from the venerable land of Milwaukee) who, as a post-graduate student of 19th and early 20th century Spanish literature, asked me if B.C. came before or after A.D., and what the initials stood for. I solemnly take back my diatribes against France and the French, and declare the United States - not the United States of Washington, Jefferson or John Singer Sargeant, but the current country of smiling fat-guzzlers - to be, alongside atheism, a veritable threat to civilization.

Unfortunately I cannot think of any other defender of democracy right now, aside Great Britain, making the United States a necessity: not unlike the Roman Empire. Who else has in recent years called every dictatorial spade a spade - the United Nations, the EU, Russia or China? Still, I suggest our readers do not waste their five or six dollar to see this preposterous film and spend it more sensibly on a Big Mac menu.

Alidad Vassigh


We'll get there!

On Ahmad Sadri's "Beauty and the beast":

Dear professor Ahmad,

Haven't seen your writings for some time now, and it is good to have your perspective in this matter. Hopefully, someday we will have our own producer and director who would show the truth about the Persian history. We'll get there! Who would have thought that the mayor of Beverly Hills would an Iranian!

I was so anxious about seeing the movie, however, after reading your article I decided to pass, saving money, headache and time!



Focus on those issues that deserve it

Hi Nazy,

Just wanna say thanks for this article. In these days where way too many people seems way to occupied about an insignificant film, to the extent that they completely forget about the real problems, it was really a nice surprise to read a rational voice that still manage to keep priorities straight and keep the focus on those issues that deserve it.

Adrian Hjelmslund


Let us first resolve the problems of 2500 years ago

On Nazy Kaviani's "People vs. 'Persians'"

Ms. Nazy Kaviani,

Let us first resolve the problems of 2500 years ago.We will eventually get to today's problems too. MAYBE IN 2500 YEARS FROM KNOW.HAVE PATIENTS.

Hamid Izadi


Get over yourself

On Hamed Vahdati Nasab's "Bad history, worse timing"


1) It isn't history. It's a movie based on a comic book, based on another movie, based on a historical event.

2) The timing is perfect, because the object is to create a profitable movie. It did so.

3) Get over yourself. This film has no more to do with the craphole of modern Iran than Spartacus had to do with Italy of the 50s.



I e-mailed this article to 63 friends

On Hamed Vahdati Nasab's "Bad history, worse timing"

Thank you & Thanks to Mr. Vahdati Nasab (very much)... I e-mailed this article to 63 friends of so many different nationalities!

Reza Badei (San Diego, CA)


It’s Hollywood

On Hamed Vahdati Nasab's "Bad history, worse timing"

Vahdati Nasab,

Thank you for correcting the actual events portrayed in the movie 300. This movie was made in Hollywood, not in a non-biased history class. The movie would not be that interesting without exaggerating one side or the other (it would have been another boring documentary on the History channel). I would love to see a movie made from the vantage point of the Persians. Let’s see if that can be done accurately and still hold it’s luster and entertainment. I am a non-biased entertainment seeker. I think most people are as well. Like I said before, “It’s Hollywood”. You must consider the source.


Michael T. Cain


2500 years is a very very long time

On Hamed Vahdati Nasab's "Bad history, worse timing"

Thank you for speaking on behalf of all Iranians. I don't claim to know much about history, but the historical event apparently happened almost 2500 years ago. 2500 years is a very very long time. There have been programs on the American TV questioning the existence of Jesus, because 2000 years is a very long time and people could be fabricating stories.

If I am not making a mistake, the ancient history was written by Herodotus, a Greek historian. Is it possible that he was distorting the facts? And he was biased toward his own people? He was just a human like all of us, if he existed.



This comedy can only happen in Hollywood

On Daniel M Pourkesali's "Pure fantasy":

YOU WROTE: "There is hardly any depth to his portrayal of Greek Spartans as they are reduced to bloodthirsty savages whose only aim in life is to do war and yell "SPARTA" each time they stab a Persian warrior."

From what i have seen on History Channel , The Spartans were indeed bloodthirsty killing machines who were separated from their family at about age 7 . Their whole life was therefore aimed toward learning how to kill. They even killed each other while practicing , therefore, only the strongests survived to fight another day and eventually the enemy. But 300 men, no mather how strong, holding back an army of 100,000 strong is indeed comedy and can only happen in Hollywood.

Hamid Izadi


I do not think 'oh, this is exactly how the Persians were'

On Lale Welsh's "Wake-up call":

In response to the media and news, I followed the link to this website and began reading the views of Iranians regarding the movie '300'. First of all, I am a White American female, mid-twenties and am open to all ideas/thoughts/opinions. I am not one to get offended, as I believe everyone has a right to their opinion as we are all based on being products of our background. I am however slightly offended on the remarks of Americans using this movie as pyschological warfare.

Before seeing this movie I had absolutely no idea this is about a war between Persians and Greeks nor that it was suppose to be based on a real war. I saw previews in which the graphics looked great and it simply seemed like an interesting movie. I do however have enough education/experience to realize this is based off a book written by one man, and directed by another. I do not think, 'oh, this is exactly how the Persians were, this is the exact story that took place, look at the crazy Persians'. Who would have such closed minds to believe this? It's just a movie! If directors and producers had to make sure they didn't offend anyone, there wouldn't be any good movies. This is why we have freedom in this country. I can say that I have absolutely nothing against Iran, nor do any of my friends or family, and this movie has not in anyway changed our feelings nor will a movie/book/song/etc. ever do such a thing.

Tasha Curtiss


History from critical perspective

On Lale Welsh's "Wake-up call":

Dear Lale

I always enjoy reading intelligent and cool headed comments, even when I have some disagreements with.

We have to put the facts right and that should takes place despite of the slaughter of the historical facts by Hollywood. The fact was/is that in the case of 300 hundred we were the invaders(read bully) and those three hundred (plus the few thousands who were helping them), although were the bearer of savage culture (you just have to read the history of Sparta in details), but they were defeding their land so we have to show them great respect. We have to learn while admiring our history but to look at it from critical perspective, otherwise we will loose the sense of fairness.

I have yet to see the movie, but maybe I wait till my daughter grows up so I see it with her and tell her my version of it.

Good suggestion about financial support, I will do my best



Don't sweat it

On Lale Welsh's "Wake-up call":

Right on Laleh! Uniting is very good! Look at Mel Gibson who was forced to GOH KHORDAN by the Jews! The more we take it the more they would kick us around while down! The Jews would never allow this kinda movie to have been made about their history, in fact they get even! Why should we allow this to happen to us?

Just because there are iranians who don't understand this and bad mouth Anousheh Ansari due to their own short comings, that doesn't mean that the rest of us have to give up on what we think is right! when you belive in a cause you pursue it regardless of how many people follow you or discourage you!

I will boycut the movie, and unite with you!



Forcing us to re-examine our true identity

On Daniel M Pourkesali's "Pure fantasy":

The film 300 is not doubt an insult to most Persians, we who who proud of their ancient culture; the film is a fantasy and in no way reperesents Xerxes (KhashaYarShah or the history of tghe time) We however must take a much more honest look at the cruelties of the recent past and the present, and not be content with how others preceive us. These days the magnifying glass is on Iran and Iranians; forcing us to re-examine our true identity.

The following is an eyewitness account in Iran in 1852- what seemed to be a typical koucheh-bazaar incident with the publics' full participation. It is chiefly based on a letter written on August 29, 1852, by an Austrian officer, Captain von Goumoens, who was in the Shah's service, but who was so disgusted, and horrified at the cruelties he was compelled to witness that he sent in his resignation. The translation of this article is as follows:

.... ", my friend, you who lay claim to a heart and European ethics, follow me to the unhappy ones who, with gouged-out eyes, must eat, on the scene of the deed, without any sauce, their own amputated ears; or whose teeth are torn out with inhuman violence by the hand of the executioner; or whose bare skulls are simply crushed by blows from a hammer; or where the bazar is illuminated with unhappy victims, because on right and left the people dig deep holes in their breasts and shoulders and insert burning wicks in the wounds. I saw some dragged in chains through the bazar preceded by a military band, in whom these wicks had burned so deep that now the fat flickered convulsively in the wound like a newly-extinguished lamp. Not seldom it happens that the unwearying ingenuity of the Orientals leads to fresh tortures. They will skin the soles of the Babi's feet, soak the wounds in boiling oil, shoe the foot like the hoof of a horse, and compel the victim to run. No cry escaped from the victim's breast; the torment is endured in dark silence by the numbed sensation of the fanatic; now he must run; the body cannot endure what the soul has endured; he falls. Give him the coup de grace! Put him out of his pain! No! The executioner swings the whip, and--I myself have had to witness it--the unhappy victim of hundredfold tortures and runs! This is the beginning of the end. As for the end itself, they hang the scorched and perforated bodies by their hands and feet to a tree head downwards, and now every Persian may try his marksmanship to heart's content from a fixed but not too proximate distance on the noble quarry placed at his disposal. I saw corpses torn by nearly 150 bullets.... When I read over again what I have written I am overcome by the thought that those who are with you in our dearly beloved Austria may doubt the full truth of the picture, and accuse me of exaggeration. Would to God that I had not lived to see it! But by the duties of my profession I was unhappily often, only too often, a witness of these abominations. At present I never leave my house, in order not to meet with fresh scenes of horror. After their death the Babis are hacked in two and either nailed to the city gate, or cast out into the plain as food for the dogs and jackals. Thus the punishment extends even beyond the limits which bound this bitter world, for Musulmans who are not buried have no right to enter the Prophet's Paradise. Since my whole soul revolts against such infamy, against such abominations as recent times, according to the judgment of all, present, I will no longer maintain my connection with the scene of such crimes."' (He goes on to say that he has already asked for his discharge, but has not yet received an answer...."



Well, for many of us, this IS important

On Lance Raheem's "What's wrong with this picture?":

Why do you try so hard to convince everybody that this project is worthless??

At any goven time, we are all faced with many different issues. Yes, the oppression of women in Iran, or minorities, are important issues. Hunger in Africa and poverty for millions of people in (for example) Afghanistan are also important issues. But the portarayal of YOUR heritage in this horrible way is also an issue.

Now, many people, for whatever reason, feel that this issue for them is very important, maybe even more important than many other things. You have no right to balme them for picking up this particular matter and wanting to do something about it. Similarly, I can not balme you (or anyone else) why they feel so strongly about global warming, or religious tolerance, or sexual oreintation, or etc etc etc. (The list of topics goes forever).

If you believe in democracy, then you should accept that there are peope in this world, who right now, feel the issue with "300" is important for them and want to do something about it. You can decide not to participate, and that's your right. I can't blame you for not participating. But similarly, you have no right in going around and telling people " there are more important things in life etc etc" and belittle their efforts.

That's the problem with many of the comments I've read in places like iranian.com. They all want to make it sound like THEY are the wise people who care about "important issues" and all the rest of us (hundreds) who participate in this project are "stupid little infantiles" with nothing better to do than get concerned about "trivial" matters!!!

Well, for many of us, this IS important, and we're doing something about it. You are more than welcome to go and come up with other projects for things that are important to you, and you may or may not find people who share that with you and will take part. But please, don't lecture us on what we SHOULD think is important to us.

Vandad Yousefi


I have not read anything so powerful for so long

On Lance Raheem's "What's wrong with this picture?":

I have not read anything so powerful for so long. I will be forwarding this piece to all I know. Good job and I wish you success


Shahla Kermani


Stop advertising the movie

On 300 movie:

Dear Hamvatans,

Please stop advertising the movie 300. Don’t you see that whatever more is said about this act of animosity only brings more dollars to the film maker in Hollywood? Everybody knows who runs the shows over there and enough has been said. At this point, I think it to be a good idea, if a historian would write or directly quote from a western Historian, a short paper on how the actual war was, a single page and  post it on the internet so that all interested Iranians can make copies and leave them close to their local movie theatres or anywhere suitable for interested people to pick up and read and know the actual historical fact behind the source of the story in this movie. That is all...



Everything "Persian pop music" is NOT

On Kiosk' music video "To Kojaee":

On a freezing nyc morning, your music, its message , not to mention the imagery and overall its post production values brought a smile and warmed the heart. Your music is a perfect blend of everything that so called "Persian pop music" is NOT. The music of Arash and Co, The Abjeez, is hopefuly a part of a renaissance in Persian music for a world audience.

Faryar Mansuri


Humorous, interestingly artistic, and entertaining

On Kiosk' music video "To Kojaee":

I watched Kiosk's new video "To Kojaee" on Iranian.com and I am thrilled. Arash Sobhani, Afshean Hessam, Ardalan Payvar and Shadi Yousefian thank you for bringing everything together in such a humorous, interestingly artistic, and entertaining way.

Sheema Kalbasi


You can have absolutely no talent but still make it on stage!!

On Kiosk' music video "To Kojaee":

What a great inspiration for my children. I can now show them that you can have absolutely no talent, but still make it on stage!! Wow!



My picky husband approves

On Kiosk' music video "To Kojaee":

Excellent work everybody! My husband Nicholas is a big Rock fan and he thought it is better than 99% or the work out there. Guys this is a big complement; he is very picky.

Mitra M Lore


Excellent clip

On Kiosk' music video "To Kojaee":

Excellent clip from Arash Sobhani. Well done, keep up the good work.

Azadeh and Touraj Moghaddam (Roksan Audio)


Amazing video

On Kiosk' music video "To Kojaee":

Amazing video by a group of very talented individuals, Afshean Hessam... Shadi Yousefian does amazing work... whether it's photography or any other artistic area she gets into... And Ardalan Payvar is... well... he's the man!!!

Navid Firoozi


It is almost as if you are dead!

On Faramarz Fateh's "If not for my kid":

Dear Mr. Fateh,

This is the list of the different characteristics of the place you wish to go:

1) No TV
2) No radio
3) No phone
4) No friend
5) No garden
6) No health care
7) No credit card
8) No bill
9) No home
10) No heartache

I think I have found this place. It could be anywhere in the world and this is the description of this place:

It is a dark silent place outdoor where you are alone with no money/credit card and no real need for it. Plus, you are in a physical state that you have no more need to the services of any doctor or hospital ... It is almost as if you are dead!

On a second thought, I think it is simply your midlife crisis and all you have to do is to change your current health care provider and find a good psychotherapist before it is too late!

Please seek help!

Azarin Sadegh


Just do it

On Faramarz Fateh's "If not for my kid":

I agree with what you wrote, a dear friend of mine just did the same thing and left for rural Spain, for good, and good for them, but they spoke Spanish well.

Just do it, yes like the Nike Add says. Living in most cities, but particularly one as Artificial & Stressful as LosAngeles is harmful to one's life. Just take your talents and resources elsewhere where you are appreciated and will have more full-filling life and not a "Life Style". Don't wait too long and your wife will support you once she sees the folly of continuing your current "Life Style". I never understood why so many Iranians chose Southern California as their new home?

Droughts,Earthquakes, Brush fires, Toxic Pollution, Horrendous traffic jams, and worst of all; Beverly Hills and Holly Wood. Why not just stay in Tehran? All Fab-Glam and yet very tacky and extremely Gross. The insanity of it all; just say "no more" and come up with a new game plan and implement it.

Dare to do the impractical-Dare to love life. Remember, you only live once!

paymaan dinavari


30 years veteran of American life style

On Faramarz Fateh's "If not for my kid":

these same words has rang many times in my own mind as I have traveled along the same path. most of my life I have measured myself and the level of success in life buy the houses, business, 401k's the vacations or the cars I have owned also. The real shift in my mind happened when I found my self rewarded above and beyond any thing I have ever imagined when I contributed to the life of others. When others did not only include my family but included ones who surround me on daily basis. Then and only then I felt rewarded moment by moment and every day, not by standards of others but by standards that truly has a meaning to me.

30 years veteran of American life style.



"Visualizing" phase

On Faramarz Fateh's "If not for my kid":

I feel the same way as you have described. Except my only daughter graduated from college last May and is now working in Santa Barbara. If I haven't met and married my current wife 3 years ago, with my daughter's graduation I would probably been be in the planning phase of the move to a small country. Now the plan is put off for about 6-7 years. I guess they say you need to visualize yourself in new circumstances before you will act on it. So, I guess you and I are in "Visualizing" phase right now, and have to help our spouses do the same.



If I only knew which Central American country they went to

On Faramarz Fateh's "If not for my kid":

If I only knew which Central American country they went to. I would be in the next flight to go there.



I need to fight back

On Faramarz Fateh's "If not for my kid":

Hello dear Faramarz,

I am sorry to hear about your feelings, but believe me, you are not depressed. As a matter of fact, you are not waking up of a sleepy dream called survival! Your spirit has now came to that point of which it needs to complete its journey and do something for itself.

Perhaps you should indeed do something about this crazy life and change your life and that of your beloved wife as well. You have a bigger spirit than an average person and believe it or not, we all have lived many lives before and for some, just living 2 or 3 lives have been enough, but for some like you and I, another 10 won’t be enough and as we are meant to be there for the future lives to come, we have to fulfil our journey and reach up to that goal, that one special thing which will make this life complete.

I have the same feeling as well, for many years as a matter of fact, I am a 32 year old young Iranian woman who lives in the Netherlands and still trying to make it. But somehow, somewhere, things don’t work out that easily for me and therefore, I need to fight back and try to achieve my goals and I am working on it too, hopefully my plans for the future will work out and I can get somewhere where my heart will be at her ease and lay down, relax and enjoy life!

But, you on the other hand, has reached that point of survival, getting there, a good healthy life, successful kids, lovely wife, good job and some good colleagues and perhaps a few good friends, and now, it is time to move on! ... why don’t you start enjoying life? Why do you need an expensive vacation (or second house) villa in Palm Springs? While you can get something much better, much much cheaper, with a greater view, somewhere in Italy? Or in Greece? Or in Spain? Buy an old villa, begin scaffolding it and reverse it into a beautiful peaceful quiet mansion with a great view over the hills, mountains and perhaps the sea? Did you know that in Europe, especially here in the Netherlands, almost everybody who is rich or at least has got enough money, is doing that? They escape the hectic of the daily life here and seek refuge in Extramadura or Andalusia in Spain or Kreta, Mykonos or Lesbos in Greece, or even better the healthy air, blue sky, green olive tree’s of Marche or Piemonte in Italy! (Toscane is a big big cliché, believe me) ... at the moment there are so many villages in for example Italy where nobody lives! Only a handful of old old men and women, no kids, no youngsters, just you and the whole village!

And above all that, you can get a beautiful old house, for a very cheap price, you can shape it to your own dream, and relax! Or as we Europeans do, make a living out of it, Agro-tourism or just for the seek of your family and who says that your wife and you have to take it for granted or should miss your children and not being able to see them at least 6 months of the year? Do you know how many Americans, those Americans who know the world and appreciate it and don’t go with the daily flow back in US, are here????? Living their lives like it should be and not even watch the news? And who knows, maybe your kids, will come and see it for themselves and decide to do something for themselves too or follow a better study in Europe? (I don’t mention Netherlands, cause Netherlands is not really Europe, it is a man-made country)

Anyways, I have the same feeling and I have same kind of dreams, I myself dream of getting a good education, earn enough money, to someday build my own dream house somewhere in the Middle-East or Southern Europe, where all my friends and family can come and stay and so we can party all the day long. We can’t go back to Iran, that is for us, our generation, a place where we are forgotten and can’t adjust, we are too honest for some people and sooner or later, they will make advantages of us, but we can at least create our own version of our own Iran, the Iran we knew, perhaps not in Iran itself, but somewhere where it is safe, clean and looks a bit like home! ... Extramadura in Spain!

And I also have to tell you this too, I guess that you need a good friend too, a real good friend, whom you can talk to, share your thoughts with and just trust unconditionally, your should look for a healer as friend! (Every human soul has a destination, some are healers, some are considered to be builders etc etc,) So, if you meet new people, try to look for one whose spirit belongs to the category of healers, those are destined to be there for anyone who needs them, and be a good friend.

And Oh, I am not working for a real state company, just an idea of myself! ... Perhaps you should forget the US and continue your search for unlimited happiness somewhere else on this beautiful merciful planet. It doesn’t matter where you go or live, but try to make that place your HOME!...

Charlotte Najafi, the Netherlands


I miss Tehran, period

On Faramarz Fateh's "If not for my kid":

you are right, it's life in an strange place, differnet culture and no real friends, I wish I could pack up and leave, but; I only have one son and I can't live without him. I miss Tehran, period.



Who cares about women's rights? I'm a man.

On women's rights activists, "Iranians of the day":

Honouring women's rights activists on International Women's Day: I am not complainer why you choice this matter on Iranian, I am complainer why we should respect to the women right? this is own problems not us, as man I don't care at all about freedom on Iranian women, much better stay under discrimination by the man to be free. because I am worry they are going to change if we left them to be free. like in Canada, which Canadian women now in power and they are going to fuck the man,by divorced, by homosexuality act, by the luck own pussy and sanction on man,and why every five years may I have chance to meet a women and have sex, may ...is so hard at this times to meet women in Canada, they are rich, having nice job, and if they are looking for sex , so easy they are looking for big African ....or some things like that to pay and have sex and fun,also inform me were I can meet.

Hossein Hajiagha


Your're THE MAN

On Siamack Baniameri's "The pussyfication of Iranian men":


Your're THE MAN! Gut is another factor that has been evaporated from every single cell of Iranian men bodies! Noroozet mobarak!





On Siamack Baniameri's "The pussyfication of Iranian men":

Priceless!! Thank you for your great articles. I cannot help but laugh out loud most of the time!



We all will lose if a war breaks out

On Dokhi Fassihian's "Terrorizing Iranians":

Great article and analysis, I enjoyed it a lot.

Please write more, and have other people to plea to all Iranian-American to act now, while we have time to prevent this potential war. Please repeat it, as many time as possible, that not wanting war with Iran it doesn't mean defending the Iranian government. As you said it very elegantly "Make no mistake about it. Supporting diplomacy does not mean that Iranian Americans are supporting the Iranian government. "

It should be known that, we all will lose if a war breaks out between Iran and America; we all will gain if the talks starts. This is true for both Iran, and America.



My eyes well up whenever I think of her

On Zohreh Khazai Ghahremani's "Who knew":

Dear Zoe

I had almost got over the death of my best friend and companion until I read your beautiful article.....She was 13 years old and 2.5 kg and after suffering 2 heart attacks she passed on peacefully in her basket (I told her to do it in her sleep and that's what my beautiful dog did)! Not many people have the qualities she possessed.

We are often not granted or allowed to grieve for our pets (who are better than humans in many instances). In hindsight, I would not have imagined that I mourn her so much when I first saw her at the tender age of 3 weeks!

I know that her spirit is with me all the time. It's been said that they return to their masters faithfully and in full health, so I don't think that you were imagining him barking. Believe me, I have also heard her bark and lick herself and that was no imagination.

My eyes well up whenever I think of her or read something on dogs or pets (like your article). You will see your dear dog when you pass on and so will I. In a way I can't wait for that day!




Who's arrogant?

On Ben Madadi's "Some modesty wouldn't hurt":

You actually want to prove what again? I think if you like to talk about arrogance then take a look at the US, where the people are arrogant and apolitical. Also take a look at Europe too. Now if a nation wants to keep its pride and say that we are not as bad (Which I do disagree with you although don't feel like motioning it here) so what? what's it to you? Good for Turkey to be great, I am glad you have discovered them as a great cultural/social advance nation in our region!

Now who is arrogant again? I am not sure what you are trying to say, not to be proud of our history? Name four contributions of the Persians to the world (If you can't then you don't know history). Now name four contributions of the "Congo" to the world. Humor me please. You may have a point but by taking it too far you miss your goal. Plus at these times when Iran might be attacked only a fool tries to separate the people of his country men and women. You Iranians in LA really surprise me!



Out of step with the truth of human history

On Ben Madadi's "Some modesty wouldn't hurt":

you are absolutely right. Iranians plagued with the arrogance disease, have nothing and claim every thing, that's why the old empires vanished, they didn't take Alexanders army seriously, and they underestimate Arab army's, and ridiculed the Mongols army, so it was the reason for there demise, i think its the one of the reason for the arrogance is the humiliation that Iranian endured under the invaders throughout the history. my father is like that, he always brag about Iran's place in the world, but in fact its just the news and its for the wrong reasons.

also i want to add is that the arrogance appear to be more between the Iranians them self's, even though im a third generation iranian "lur descendant" living in kuwait, but i still see this clearly in our families.



Out of step with the truth of human history

On Ben Madadi's "Some modesty wouldn't hurt":

In response to Mr. Madadi's article, I would first of all like to point out that very little about Iran's history compares to that of the Ottoman's. Iran shares more similarities to the Greek and Roman Histories. And when you peer closer, more so to the Roman.
The Greeks have never resurfaced substantially since their zenith. The Persians and the Romans have done so repeatedly. Living in Italy, you see the resurgence of a cultural force, the Romans, the Medieval and pre- Renaissance, the Renaissance, the Baroque. It is as if a certain force of culture keeps returning to the face of their human history.

Similarly in Iran, from the Achaemenids and Sassanids, the cultural identities then resurface through the Samanids, the Seljuqs, and in the 17th century, the Safavids and their glorious Isfahan - named one for the 17th cenutry's most beautiful cities in the World.

The Greeks never resurface in such substantial peeks. So as a tourist, the zenith of Greek culture is the grandeur of what you see in Athens, Delphi and a host of Greek archeological sites. But in Italy, you have to see Rome for the Romans, Florence for the Medieval and pre-Renaissance. Venice and Rome again for the Baroque and Rococco. Similar to how in order to sample Iran's cultural history, you need to have seen Persepolis and Shiraz, Mashad and Khorassan, Kashan, and ultimately Shah Abbas's Isfahan.

The Ottoman's peeked essentially, once, a few centuries ago. Their history has no pattern of high cultural endurance, as does that of thousands of years with the Persians and the Romans.

I would like to now move to Mr. Madadi's most offensive premise. That if others discover fragments of your past, in some way the reality of its existence is diminished. Italy, with all its glorious sites in Rome, Florence and Venice, was a major slum for 200 years. The British would record nothing but cat-pee stink in the streets, throughout their visits in the 18th and 19th centuries, and if fact considered the Italians as savages. Paintings from the time show peasants roaming the monumental sites, cattle grazing on the rooftops of architectural marvels, with weed literally growing out of the Colosseum! These weed filled, neglectful depictions of their beautiful sites, are quite striking, as well as sad. Makes you wonder how the same Romans, or more recently, the sons of Michelangelo, got reduced to such filth, squalor and ignorance.

It was the more industrial northern Europe of the time, that recognized the worth of the life and cultural heritage there. The Italians had been in a state of poverty and slumber, and needed a jolt from the outside.

Similarly, much of the discoveries of Greek Heritage, during the Renaissance, for example, involved other nations rummaging through peasant life and what was at the time a rural livelihood in Greece.

The notion of others discovering the values of nations, is nothing new. It applied to the Romans and the Greeks, and to "some" of our heritage too. I take care in using "some" ,as the last time I checked, Ferdowsi, the father of a rebirth of our language and pre-Islamic heritage, was NOT a foreign escavator. The idea that there is no self-awareness in our history is a slap in the face of our very own cherished Fersowsi.

Mr. Madadi's article is offensive not in its attitude, we are all free to have our opinions, but in its ignorance. He can get away with it in an age where most of us are bombarded by drivel regarding celebrities having shaved or not shaved their heads; able to go through years without any basic knowledge being imparted upon us. Only in such an age, would a Mr. Madadi get away with publishing such an historically spinned article.

Iranian.com, should also be more responsible in an age that is ignoring the value and worth of other cultures. It's ignorance like this that helps justify people to go and bomb nations to smithereens. This isn't an age of irresponsibility; a little more thought please, Iranian.com, to articles that are so out of step with the truth of human history.

Afsaneh Mirfendereski


Are you supporter of this regime?

On Hossein Hajiagha's cartoons:

Ba dorood:

I am sorry but your cartoonist is pushing for Islamic Rip-off.

His cartoons have consistently been for Islamic Rip-off and in support of Mullahs.

Are you supporter of this regime?

If not then why aren't you asking HAJAGHA to pay attention to the money brought to CANADA by the so-called REFORMISTS?

He claims that regular Iranians have the big bucks and coming to CANADA for a good time but forget (he does not but pretends as such) that the so-called reformist such as ROKHSEFAT (former MOIS deputy minister) is one of them who has come to CANADA with millions of dollar.

Ba sepas

Payandeh Iran

Cina D


Too many distortions

On Lale Welsh's "Axis of art and culture, too"

Lale jon,

Who gives a shit what "W" says? He opens his mouth and manure comes pouring out. The airwaves, especially late night is filled with his complete idiocy and inability to put English words together.

So, he farted and it sounded like he referred to Iran as one of axis of evil, big deal. One has to always consider the source when words are spoken. You and I and 70 odd million of Iranians know what Iran is, what it stands for, and how we are. The words of a moron does not change anything.

Don't forget, days after he made that comment, he was on TV talking about "Axes of Evil", while moving his arms up and down as if he was chopping something with an ax. He was smiling as if to make a joke, but I really don't think he knew the difference between "Axes" and "Axis". Much like his complete lack of knowledge about Sunni and Shiia Muslims.

Don't sweat it, a year and half from now, we'll have some intelligent life in the White House, no matter who it may be.

Hamid Bakhsheshi


Too many distortions

On Steven M. Goldstein's "Dynamic war":

Just one sample of the many mistakes you tend to make: no Ayatollahs in Sunnism, and Azarbaijan is from where Shiism started out to take over the rest of Iran. Another one: Khomeini was not Indian, his family came from Khomein (read Fariba Amini's interview with her father "Twenty eight years later", if you don't believe me), in central Iran, but moved temporarily to Kashmir. I would gladly disown him, but the truth is the truth, and I don't suffer fools, even less fools who think they can fool. I only hope you do not belong to the latter category.

I could go on and on, but your pathetic articles are not worth it (nor are the other pseudo-histories on this site for which I longer no write, precisely because I have little tolerance for pseudo-knowledge and distorted facts), which is why I did not bother to read your previous article. The only reason I bothered to read it is because I had the impression that the aim of your articles may not be entirely innocuous, unless you can't get anyone else to print something truffled with mistakes.

If you are still a diplomat, not a spy planting ideas on an Iranian site, I would advise you to stop writing and read history before you pick up the pen again. There are already far too many distortions about Iran and Persian culture (including among Iranians themselves). It 's a daunting task, I agree, the country's long history (it gets longer with every new archaeological dig) and complexity are daunting, but the choice is yours: don't write or study for decades, as many others have done (including yours truly). Third option: you could also stick to your last paragraph, since your conclusions are miraculously not too far off the mark. I guess you are have more horse sense than study to your credit - a diplomat, in one word.

Fatema Soudavar Farmanfarmaian


Writer should seek the truth

On Fatema Soudavar Farmanfarmaian's "Too many distortions":

I do seek the truth and appreciate the info. that Khomeini’s family was indeed Iranian, even if they had sojourned in India. I had read that his father’s last name was Khomeini el-Hindi (from India) but it may be a distortion by monarchists seeking to discredit him. No doubt the ayatollah did spend much of his life outside Iran. I had heard Shiism was adopted in Iran by the Safavid dynasty whose origins were Turkish and may have originated in Azarbaijan. But Islam was introduced by the Arab conquest. I am sorry you take me for a “fool” but if there are other untruths please let me know as I believe a writer should seek the truth and that’s what I want my writing to portray, even if it’s a long learning experience!

Steven M. Goldstein


Fascism not freedom of speech

On Hossein Hajiagha's cartoon "Why should I respect these animals?":

Don't you think this is just fascism and not freedom of speech?

Love you.



Perfect 10

On Nazy Kaviani's "Fuzzy":

I Really enjoyed this article About Professor Lotfi-Zadeh. I Want To share With You a Couple Of Memories: When I was a Student At Berkeley, Davis Hall (Which was The Dept. for Civil Engineering) was Next To The Electrical Engineering Dept. A Lot Of Times, Us Iranians at Civil, would walk across the Street on Hearst, and Go to a Coffee shop in a Small Shopping Place Just North of Euclid.

(By The Way, in The Same Shopping Place, there Was An Iranian Named "Amir", who was a graduate of I think Santa Rosa, Which had The "Best" Sandwich Shop In Berkeley). This Coffee Shop had the Best "Moccas" That I Had Ever Tasted. Most of the Times, we would See Professor Lotfi there Drinking Coffee. (He was Always Dressed "Dapper). I want You To Know That I Never Knew That He Was Born in Baku. (To us Iranians, He was Always Considered "Iranian").

I Want To Share With You One Other Thing: A Couple of Years ago, I was Watching The E! Channel . Suddenly This "Howard Stern" show Came On, and as I Was Getting Ready To Turn The TV Off, He Said That He Was Going To Interview This Guy Named "Norman Zadeh". I Became Curious of His Name, and Decided To watch the Interview. This Fellow Norman said That He Had a "PhD." in Mathematics, and That His Father was a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Berkeley .

(By Now, I was Getting Ready To Fall of The Chair: ):)!!

Then he Said That He Has a "Soft Porn" Magazine Called "Perfect 10"!! He Said That He Only Photographs Very Young Women who haven't had Boob Jobs or other Plastic Surgey !! Anyway, I Was "TOTALLY" Surprised. I am sending a link to His Magazine In case If You Don't Know about it: perfect10.com



Marxist Marjane

On Marjane Satrapi's interview on French TV:

While her books are entertaining, her views are Marxist and she invents lies like being the great grand daughter of the last Persian emperor. My sister, also a writer, tried to make sense with her and her hypocritical views to no avail.



Thanks for the trip down memory lane

On Siamack Salari's "Interview with a 3 year-old":

Dear Siavash,

I very much enjoyed watching your interview with your 3 year-old son. My son is now 11 months old and I can’t wait until we start talking about Superman, rice, and yogurt. Your ghalyoon also reminded me of when I was a kid watching my grandmother smoke. She had some plastic cowboys and Indians in the water of her ghalyoon and we (my cousins and me) used to just love watching them bob up and down with the bubbles. We used to play “pasoor” with her while she smoked. The loser had to buy ice cream for everyone. If we lost, our parents would by the ice cream; if she lost, she had a 100 toman bill that she didn’t want to break so our parents bought the ice cream. I do miss my “khan Jaan” and the simple pleasures of childhood in the early 70’s. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

It’s also interesting how things are so very different here in North America versus Europe (or it could be I just hang out with the no smoking crowd). We wouldn’t even dream of bringing our son anywhere near smoke or someone who is smoking where as you had a nice conversation while enjoying your ghalyoon. Not being judgmental here but it was just an interesting observation to me.

Anyway, I very much do enjoy your video blogs so please keep them coming.

Warm regards,


PS- I didn’t check spelling or grammar before sending this email so please accept my apologies in advance.


Never a dull moment

On Siamack Salari's "Interview with a 3 year-old":

I accidentally ran into your blog. It was like looking into a mirror. My 3 year old is much like your 2. Never a dull moment here and I am sure there also. Right now he says he is not Iranian he is Chinese. Where that come from I have no idea. Kids. Keep up the blogs we are enjoying them.



Your stuff does nothing for me

On Siamack Salari's "Interview with a 3 year-old":

How come your children do not speak Farsi? I am absolutely confused by the videos you send to Iranian.com. I truly enjoy reading many articles on this site and find your videos great, for your own website! Brother, it costs $11.98 through Yahoo. Set up your own website so you can share whatever personal things it is you share with those who want to see it. (I am guessing that would be limited to people related to you).

I am not trying to be insulting in any way, but I have really tried a few times to listen to your stuff and it does nothing for me, or anyone else I have asked. This last one is the cream of the crop! You are having a very simple conversation with your 3 year old son (he is very cute by the way), but the conversation is, first of all in English, which tells me that you have no desire to further the Persian culture through your blood line, secondly, it tells us nothing about what you started the conversation with, the life of a 3 year old.

I wish you all the best, but I am sorry to say that you are taking up valuable space with the volume of shallow (sorry!) stuff you put on this great site. May I suggest that you spend your time reading some of the great articles our “hamvatans” send in?

All the best my friend.



Give me a break!

On Siamack Salari's "Interview with a 3 year-old":

I just cant understand the significance of this video. Why is it on this site? Koorosh the Great? Give me a break!



Useless human behavior

On Siamack Salari's "Bed time":

I watched the two episodes of Mr. Salari's interviews with his twins and was not the least impressed. I'm not sure what the message (if any) is?! They basically show typical interactions between a father and his playful 3 year olds who answer charand-o-parand in response to his questions. So what? But since Mr. Salari has chosen to post his interaction with the boys in the public domain and comments are encouraged, I want to further comment on my observation of the 'human behavior' in these clips.

The fist video clip shows a father who carelessely smokes a ghalyoon in front of his 3 year old, and not only places the little boy in danger of 2nd hand smoke, that is surely harmful to his fresh little young lungs, but also sets a bad example for him (and perhaps his brother) to follow.

The second clip shows a father who is unable to discipline his kids and can only beg them to 'please go to bed!... and the mother is apparently out belly dancing or learning French!...sounds like he's not sure which one!

I'm sorry Mr. Salari that I could not have a better observation of your efforts. Aside from the above I did not find anything interesting, intelligent, artistic, funny, or the least useful in these video clips. Just because the internet is free, it doesn't mean we should post anything we find on it.

There are many video clips of Iranian music performers on YouTube. I think readers of Iranian.com might find them much more interesting. Getting permission from YouTube to copy their clips elsewhere might be another issue and a good idea.

Have a nice day,



My Korreh Khars

On Siamack Salari's "Bed time":

Hey Siamack:

I got twin girls that just turned 2.. they are Korreh Khar just like yours.

Good luck



Generation of the infected, you mean

On Hamid Karimianpour's "Generation of the enlightened":

A one-word response: AIDS.

David Donnell


Khar language

On Guive Mirfendereski's "Dar vasfe khar":

After reading your piece on the real meaning of "khar"(big) and little memory searching for khar related Persian words, I have come to the conclusion that you may indeed be right! Look at these words: khar magas, khar khoon, khar poul, khar mohreh, khar chang (lobster). Also I think khar gaah (pavillion) should be of the same connotation. I am sure there are others.



Cosmopolitan bullshit

On Shahla Azizi's "Carpet dealer diplomacy":

I'd be the last person to defend bazari mentality and money worshippers and lousy work ethics but this kind of generalization is frankly nauseating. Try this as a generalization: self-hatred is a cornerstone of Iranian mentality. This kind of willy-nilly cosmopolitan bullshit is all so chic these days with the jet setting internet surfing power-this-and-that crowd pontificating from the comfort of their condos in the US and Europe but at the end of the day nearly 70 million people live in Iran and regardless of whether or not nationalism is a 19th century concept, the actual living breathing people in the country nominally called Iran draw their protection, wealth and happiness collectively from their land, which by the way has been there for close to 3000 years.

I don't want to shed blood over territories. I don't want to kill Kurds to keep them in Iran, or hang Azari activists to keep the territorial integrity of Iran. But don't kid yourselves. Nationalism is alive and well as a pretext to steal other people's natural resources but I guess it depends whose nationalism you are putting in doubt. I don't see Ms. Azizi parting with her American passport anytime soon. It's nice to be a national of United States, isn't it, with all the privileges it affords you, including mouthing off about how global the world is, or mixing Virginia Woolfe with the price of shit in downtown LA.

Asghar Massombagi


Iran was never a threat

On Shahla Azizi's "Carpet dealer diplomacy":

The little you know about the world today my friend is so very outdated. You need to read and educate yourself more about Iran as well as the other parts of the world. It is not that I use the same medication, I am prescribing you here, but I don’t just get on line, and share my opinions with others either. I am sorry that you are in such financial hardship that you would need your piece of property back more than your identity or even your remaining family’s safety in Iran. In spite of all the contradictions and here say in your article, I found a true half a sentence in your article “Iran is simply not a threat to Israel or the U. S.”, of course Iran was never a threat to any neighboring countries and definitely not a threat to countries as far as the United States. Don’t you get it? the “threat” is a cover up story that the United States uses whenever she wants to invade attack or destroy the democracy of one country or the other.

And since when more restricted sanction is only affecting the “bazaaries” and not the regular people of Iran, also fyi: it has been a long time since “bazaaries” could put any pressure on the “regime”. I am sorry that you have so much hatred in yourself about Islamic Ideology or any other ideology for that matter. Oh and please don’t call yourself “a feminist of the old school--a freedom loving hippie” I know a lot of them from 60s who turned out to be highly educated, intellectual, open minded individuals who actually respect ideologies other than their own. They are anti war, anti violence and ignorance of which I could not find a trace in your article. I am also sorry that you have mixed feelings about a war in Iran (or any other place in the world) by U.S. military strike. Dear Shahla wars are ugly, and inhumane. They are simply bad for the man kind, animals, and environment of the earth regardless of their nationality.

To your credit I have to admit I found some common ground between you and myself: I love chelo kebob and I love Iran’s football team.


Roshan Nikou


Only a bimbo

On Shahla Azizi's "Carpet dealer diplomacy":

Only a bimbo can show her true self in one article. Her parents must be proud of her.

Arman Nosrati


US and its followers will not be too stupid to attack Iran

On Shahla Azizi's "Carpet dealer diplomacy":

You go girl! I don't care what many other will tell you or the full range of angry emails or reactions you will receive upen the article you have written, but I do completely agree with you and believe it or not, I too think that any attack on Iran, will make sure this regime is going to stay in Iran for the coming 100 years and it is indeed true that you say that these missiles would hit Tabriz earlier than Tal Aviv.

And do not pay attention to those who say you are not an Iranian or to blame you for who and what you are all not and lack of interest and care about Iran, I, as a woman, wrote a few months ago just a stupid article about my relationship with this lovely Dutch guy and I wish you were there to see how many angry reactions I received by male fellow Iranian men (mostly frustrated I guess) and this time, they have to have you! or to blame you for what you are, who you are and what you think. One thing is for sure, darling sweet sister, women know it better and surely US and its followers will not be too stupid to attack Iran and also I like you, have my beloved friends and family living in Iran today and any war or attack will harm all of them and will be a disaster to each one of them and also I like you am aware of my origin, know the differences between men and women in Iran and have been there to see how difficult it is to any woman to find her way equally through the society.

And yes, most Iranians are much like to talk rather than act and they are carpet dealers! the first thing they will be prior to an attack, is to flee the country and find their refuge in some stupid European country so a few years later, they all can go back and show their family how much progress they have made and to show them the pictures of their stupid BMW's and Mercedeses and to tell their male friends, neighbours and family, the pictures of the girls they have scored! .. If I was you, I would tell them, all those who are going to say you are not an Iranian, that yes, you are, and you are one who is not blind! who has her eyes open and uses her braincells! , that only the fact you love Chelo Kabab and the music and the culture, makes you as much Iranian as they are! ..

And you know what, I personally, am going to throw up on all those who are talking about the attack on Iran lately and write so many stupid stuff on this site regarding that attack as well as to complain about the post 9/11 US or Europe and how bad they treat them! to me, these are a bounch of losers, who only love to complain and actually most of them are students, or lawyers, doctors and high educated citizens who haven't been in Iran for years and have no idea that life in Iran is not what they think it is! They mostly never been there during the Iran/Iraq war, seen the misery, lack of respect by the regime and the fact that in Iran, you have to be one of them in order to benefit the life itself! To get good jobs, good food, good housing, good education, they have to leave their beard grow, wear a so called Jelaba and bid 5 times a day, participate each Firday prayers and sign in as loyal followers of the regime during each celebration of the dead of each Imam or Profet or who ever, so they can ride in a BMW, have a nice house and marry 10 wives! .. but once they are in a train and a lady asks them to move over, they begin to complain about racism, if they get a job at Wall Street, and one just as joke calls them a risk factor, they call this racism and wants all of us to take action on this matter while he is getting a salary from here to Tokyo and still has the opportunity to study at Yale or Columbia Univ. and then again to react on you and what you say about them.

You go girl.. I do respect you and I do agree on all the points you mention.


Charlotte from the grey stupid Netherlands! (yeaah, I do complain too! hihihihi)



On Shahla Azizi's "Carpet dealer diplomacy":

Shahla Khanum,

Shame on you for being so IGNORANT on your country's history & those who have paid and will continue to pay with their blood to protect every inch of that land.

What you've put down on paper is outrageous!!! It's simultaneously comical and truly sad..

You talk about the Arabs: If the Arabs could actually distinguish their asses from their heads & agree on whether it's day or night, there would never be a state called Israel..

It's infuriating that you actually have the audacity to write that you don't feel anything for Iran ????

But then again, a blessing because if you feel nothing for your country & your only connection to Iran is Chelo Kabab, YOU'RE NOT IRANIAN..& therefore IRRELEVANT..

Azita Ardalan



On Shahla Azizi's "Carpet dealer diplomacy":

Wow! As an Iranian woman, I feel scared, ashamed and extremely disappointed . I keep on wondering to myself , how BADBAKHT we would be if we had more Iranians who felt like yourself. Ignorant , selfish and totally unaware of the history and current situation of our country . IMAGINE!!!

Please keep your brilliant ideas to yourself. And I am sure that I speak for thousands of Iranians who do not need people like you to support the football team .

Get a life..



Little shambul

On Shahla Azizi's "Carpet dealer diplomacy":

Hello Ms. Azizi. in reagard to your article: Carpet dealer diplomacy, I believe that you must have an American or western husband with a little shambul and haven't experience the large Persian cock to know that we fuck those who want to mess with us. Got it?




On Fariba Amini's interview with her father Nosratollah Amini, "Twenty eight years later":

Excellent .. worth every word..

Mariette K


Sweet thoughts that memories

On Hamid Bakhsheshi's "Baba":

Dear Hamid,

I am very sorry for your loss, I never met your baba but i think I knew him, if you understand what I mean.

There is a very bitter fact that life goes on but also the very sweet thought that memories of babas will go on forever!!

Payandeh va poyande bashid



Your father is very proud of you

On Hamid Bakhsheshi's "Baba":

My condolence.as a father, think of it your father is very proud of you dr.



I feel for you

On Hamid Bakhsheshi's "Baba":

Dear Hamid,

Your letter to your "baba" was heart-breaking. I went thru the same thing 10 years ago and I still miss hearing my dad's voice over the phone. I feel for you and want to remind you that he'll always be in your heart. We are not a blessed generation and every day I curse the people who made us suffer so much.



Touched my heart and soul

On Hamid Bakhsheshi's "Baba":

May Baba rest in peace..

Your writing touched my heart and soul. Maybe I am touched by it because I feel close to you since I too like so many others left Iran, left maman and baba and came here... and life was never the same again!

Best wishes to you and family!



Makes us all wish we had known him

On Hamid Bakhsheshi's "Baba":

Hamid jaan,

You should be filled with honor.

I never had the pleasure of meeting your baba, but from all the stories you've shared with us, he sure sounds like a 'special' person. He's an Angel and he is watching over you and your beautiful family.

I know we're all in queue, and our turn will come to mourn our losses. This will be a wake up call for me to value every second of my time with my parents...thank you for the reminder.

Your friend forever,



Makes us all wish we had known him

On Hamid Bakhsheshi's "Baba":

Absolutely wonderful piece. So sensitive. Makes us all wish we had known him. Thank you for sharing your father's humanity.
I lived in Iran from 1977-1979.

Betty Blair


Maadar sag

On Saman's "I can fix the crisis":

This time you crossed the line too much. I don't care if you are the agent of the west and been "gaayeedeh" by the westerners, but that is only because we Iranian proud dont do "Jendeh". Go write for your sisi masters maadar sag.




On Shahla Azizi's "Carpet dealer diplomacy":

Shahla Khanom,

You must have forgotten about the over 500,000 Iranian troops who lost their lives in battle with Iraq to protect their homeland and kept people like yourself safe from the atrocities that were headed your way, or were you not there? Maybe you were not and that is why you have no knowledge of their Bravery and their Sacrifice. Maybe you would have preferred to have Saddam as the ruler of Iran. Whatever you think of the regime, those Iranian soldiers were defending Iran from Saddam's opportunistic and brutal attacks and went to battle courageously in the face of chemical weapons and whatever Saddam could throw at them until their last drop of blood. And if your memory does not serve you, Iran held its ground for 8 years, the longest war of the 20th Century at a tremendous human cost. Where have you been? What are you talking about? For better or worse, Iran's history is all about warriors starting from the time of Mithra over 3000 years ago until today.

Proud Arab neighbors? You mean the new countries, carved out by the British during WWI? The British occupied Iran a few times too and meddled in its affairs and continue to meddle in its affairs only to find that Iran is not an easy pushover unlike some of its "proud Arab neighbors". Iran has NEVER lost its culture to a foreign invader unlike some of its "proud Arab neighbors". It has even taken the culture of its invaders and molded it into something Persian. It has positively influenced the entire Arab world and beyond, from China to Europe, and yes even the USA more than any of those "proud Arab neighbors", and most of its contribution are under "Islamic World or Islamic Art", but we all know much of it is Persian.

If ever in Iran I suggest you go to Beheshteh Zahra in Tehran and see the graves of the thousands of Iranians who gave their lives to defend their homeland, and observe how their families honor and remember them everyday. It will be a good lesson for you on BRAVERY and SACRIFICE of the Iranian people for their country. Most of them volunteered to go and die for their country. War is a terrible thing and I do not wish to glorify it by any means, however, its important to know the soul of the nation and the people you so easily denigrate.

Maybe its good to be reminded of Saadi's whose famous poem graces the entrance of the Hall of Nations of the UN Building in New York. It's a poem that represents humanity in a beautiful vision. Its very difficult to not be proud of a culture such ours which includes such treasures as Saadi, Hafiz, and Ferdowsi (whom we owe for saving our language) and not want to protect it with life and limb. Maybe its time you discovered it. Maybe its time to have some pride about where you come from. You represent Iranian culture to the world everyday with your words and your deeds. Do a good job.

"The children of humanity are each other's limbs
That share an origin in their creator
When one limb passes its days in pain
The other limbs cannot remain easy
You who feel no pain at the suffering of others
It is not fitting for you to be called human"

So it is written,

Anahita the Goddess!


I can improve

On RC's " Equal rights under the law?":

Dear RC,

I am indeed fortunate to have you interpret my notes/articles. As far as I recall, and I believe my post is still available, I had made reference to 'jazyyeh' (after 1500 years??) . Here is my quote:

"While there are many versions of the Islamic conquest, I would very much like you to give me one country in which a ‘second-class citizen’ as you call them, lives and pays jezyeh or poll taxes greater than the Moslems. I believe you will find there is no poll tax and the actual taxes are equal among all citizens. " I then forwarded a letter from an Armenian who wrote than he is not ill-treated in Iran.

Either I am truly a poor writer for coming across as defending the Islamic Republic as the beacon of democracy in a short sentence where in fact it was my attention to point out that 'jazyyeh' is a thing of the past and that regular taxes are not imposed based on religion, but based on income. Though in many Arab countries, being 'rentier' states, none exist. It was also my intention to convey to the writer of the said article that his hatred and bigotry was unfounded. But is seems that you read my response as defense of democracy and what have you in the Middle East and the IRI.

Obviously, you have an issue with my articles and my mindset. You also dislike me because you interpret my defense of Iran as defending the regime. You will be happy to know that you are not alone. I take comfort in knowing that if I have poor writing skills, I can improve on it. If I lack knowledge, my continuing education will help me reduce the gap between ignorance and eventually, knowledge and wisdom. As long as I am aware of my shortcomings, I can work on them. I hope that you will do the same.

Wishing you the best,

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich


Passing through a confused era

On Noushin Ahmadi Khorasani's "Treating us like criminals":

i read your article regarding behavour of present iranian government with the iranian girls i think you people are struggling much for liberalisation of society in iran. I must say that whole muslim society is passing through a confused era and no one knows where and what is the right way, we need to exchange our views on these issues this will creat a sense of harmony among us and we feel that in this struggle we are not alone lot of people will ready to contribute in this regard, i wish you all the best.

Anwar Aftab


Another piece of "IRI’s propaganda machinery”

On Ardeshir Ommani's "Rational alternative":

This is another piece of "IRI’s propaganda machinery” which was this time mediated by Mr. Ommani and published by Iranian.com. The IRI fabricates so many lies that not only gullible school kids in Iran do not believe them anymore, but no independent site abroad would publish them. We know that a number of known IRI’s lobbyists abroad get in line to lap up their craps in Iranian.com. The IRI’s record is so black that the regime buys off any volunteer, from Al-Sadri-bearded brothers to Mullah Abadi, or so far from a starlet- looking Soraya-guise to a crypto-communist, Ommani who knows from socialism only anti-American hysteria. The purse of “B’eit- al-mal” (budget of a Muslim society) is generously open for all worriers of God. Therefore, when the purse is “full”, the friends are around! Nothing is sacred! So, IRI’s lobbyists of any size and colour are welcome to Iranian.com!

However, to see how the facts can be twisted, let us have a look at the piece of comrade Ommani:

According to the comrade, Hamas and Hezbollah are the progressive and “real revolutionary forces” in the region. In reality, these two proxies of the IRI have so badly amalgamated the image of Palestine with terrified jihad and act of violence that many in the world ignore the historical right of Palestine. The goal of Hamas is not to free the occupied territory, but to conquer it for its own God’s state.

True, Hamas has a great support of the population, mostly fanatical Muslims and uneducated people. However, it is a diehard reactionary force of Islamists, if they happen to usurp the full power, they will establish another horrible Islamic republic in the region.

The comrade is proud that China, a new key power, sides with the IRI. In fact, China open or closed to the capitalist world has been ruled by the same party since 60 years. This party has supported dictators like Marcus of Philippine, Pol Pot (a Stalinist butcher), and now shares its bed with criminal Mullahs. Like any of these mentioned friends, Chinese ruling class is an unelected apparatus; this is the only similarity they have with the IRI. Other wise, New China has started its existence by curbing Confucius in China, Buddhism in Tibet and about 70 millions Muslim in west China. The same scenario happened after the Cuba’s revolution. It was not only against US backed Batista, but also the church, and its destructive influence. Today, being isolated, Cuba has to side with any anti-American regime, even the anti-socialist but “anti American” IRI.

In his sweeping generality, the comrade spews out any insult to those who do not bow down to his masters in Tehran. Being an echo of Shariatmadari of state run Keyhan, and a bully crypto anti-American, of Dr. Abassi, a IRI’s theorist of violence, the comrade bangs that all Iranians who have problems with the IRI or cannot go to Iran are “traitors”!

The comrade is likely amnesic, he never remembers the 28-year of IRI’s violation of human rights, the number of executions and above all the notorious death-fatwa of Khomeini to massacre many thousands political prisoners. He does not remember that many political opponents were summarily executed with the help of IRI’s collaborators. IRI’s lobbyists never show sympathy for a single IRI’s victim or any understanding for the ills of people... But one more question from our comrade: where were you and what were your “ant-American” activities when so many “anti revolutionaries and “elements and spies of the US” were identified by , also, comrade collaborators, captured by brothers and summarily executed by your “president” Ahmadinejad’s death squads?

Eh, let’s not so much babbling about these profane things because dissent will grow! Allah is omnipresent! Do you ,Jahanshah, publish Jahanshah’s piece, this time, in Iranian.com?

Jahanshah Rashidian


Try to assimilate, frigging whiner

On Majid Borumand's " Can we trust you?":

Please see my comments to an earlier writer who was a frigging whiner like you. He was complaining about being abused and humiliated on a subway train by a black man.

It's about time, you losers stop blaming your lack of self-respect and dignity on the "white" world in general and the decent Americans in particular. Try to assimilate in this culture and learn how to assert your rights. You guys are no less "white" or privileged citizens than the average Americans around you. I am ashamed to be affiliated with people like you by our country of birth. Take my advice and stop calling yourself an Iranian. You and the other writer, are disgrace and cause of embarrassment to the rest of decent Iranian men and women.



US is trying just to scare Iran off

On Peyvand Khorsandi's "The brave blogger":

Let's go! Boy you're gonna get a lot of mails for this! One doesn't know you are serious or joking! Attack? US is trying just to scare Iran off so Iran would cooperate!



Passing through a confused era

On Jahanshah Javid's "Neutered":


Bravo and congratulations. Although I'm absolutely certain this is a disservice to the gene pool of cool Iranians, I applaud your bravery. I know how attached men are to their, well.. attachments.




On Saman's "I can fix the crisis":

Hilarious Saman.


Roshan Nikou


Very clever sense of humour!

On Yasmin's "Don't come back":

Dear Yasmin,

It was a wonderful piece. Very clever sense of humour! I was just wondering why did you feel you have to add the last paragraph? are you afraid of being accused of blasphemy? or did you want to make sure you were not encouraging blasphemy and misleading our souls?

Just wondering...



When will people grow up?

On Yasmin's "Don't come back":

I completely agree with you. There is one God and all these people killing each other in the name of the same God. When will people grow up and understand that religion is something personal and every body searching God in a different way, like reaching atop of a mountain that has many different trails to reach the top. Good luck to all of humanity...

Masoud Talebzadeh


IRI's mythical tool

On Yasmin's "Don't come back":

Reappearance of the mythical legends is in many cultures; even Chengis Khan belongs to this category of legends. The Hidden Imam, Mehdi, is one of these legends. His whole history has not been predicted by Allah, therefore not even written in the Koran. Some Muslim scholars belatedly discovered his reappearance through some “Hadiths” (sayings) of Bukhari.

Mehdi of Shiites is in a well in Iran where he is supposed to receive any help from the IRI. The Sunnite’s one will be born in Arabia where the house of Saudi will be his “Anssars” (followers). Neither is The Mehdi the same Messiah like Jesus or any other, but it is believed by Shiites that Jesus will help him to increase the Islamic Ummah, as a reconciliatory solution. “Dar al Islam” under Mehdi’s rule and confirmation of Jesus will be the only unique God’s state and the rest of the world has to bow down the God’s kingdom.

As far as its opposition is concerned, there are arguments among rational Muslims, which are presented against this reappearance. The main argument against the advent of Imam Mehdi is that none of the “Ahadith” (sayings), which informs about his coming, has reached us through reliable sources. There is, however, no mention of his return in the Koran and therefore, the advent of Imam Mehdi cannot be regarded as a part of the Islamic faith or considered as an element of the Islamic beliefs. However, if it was a myth, it is today a factual tool for the IRI.

It is probably because of this doubt on the origin and the hatred towards the IRI that people like you post such an interesting argument.

Jahanshah Rashidian


Setareh Campbell?

i would like to contact setareh campbell. we have been to the same university in india. i have lost touch with sitareh since 1993 and would like to get in touch. the link in your website is not working. kindly for ward my mail to her.

Subha De
artist from india


Ramtin Malekpoor?

hi my name is mandana and i have been looking for a friend for ages.his name is RAMTIN MALEKPOUR and is 35yrs his date of birth is 3azar 1350 and he lives in Tehran ofcourse i have no news from him since 12 years ago whereas he used to live on PASDARAN ST,NIESTANE AVAL.i really looking forward to hearng from him .THANKS A MILLION.

salam modatti ast donbale kasi be esme ramtin malekpoor migardam mikham bedoonam kojast va chikar mikone .delam barash tang shode albate be onvane ye doost.mahale sokonat tehran ast va hodode 12 sale pish dar khiabane pasdaran niestane aval mineshastand.motevalede azar 1350 ast .mamnoon misham age betoonam azash khabari behem bedahid.


mandana yekta



On Guive Mirfendereski's "Dar vasfe ghater":


What do you think about the transfer of the name for Arab fighters at Darfur who are called JAN JAVEED as in Gaard-e Javeedan? This definitely is Persian since it is appropriately named after special forces however evil (Of course, we all know the war is about the new oil reserves in Sudan)? Do you think they got the name from the time of Darius when Persians ruled Egypt?



US attack as criminal as IRI crimes

On Ramin Ahmadi's "Reading Postel on Tehran"

Dear Mr. Ahmadi,

Let me be frank and precise for the following exchange of views:

Political Islam is an enormous catastrophe for the whole humanity, especially Iranians.

Only Iranians are in the fair position to get rid of this catastrophe, as once they got rid of another one, the Shah's dictatorship.

A US attack is at least as criminal as the crimes of the IRI and cannot be morally justified and politically fruitful.

Iranians need moral and political support from the international community, but not blind economic sanctions from key powers or, worse, bombs from the US and its allies.

Hopefully, the new Iranian regime will not be a trash of the last two consecutive dictatorships, Monarchists or Islamic reformists-- the majority of people deserve and want a secular and democratic republic.

Jahanshah Rashidian


Indpendence of minorities

On Esmail Nooriala's "Federaalizme modern":

Dear Mr. Nooriala,

You make a reasonable argument. I belivee if such ideas would have been implemented, Iran would have been in a better shape and home to every Iranians regardless which side of the artificial borders they are. The country needs more people like you, although it might be too late to start with federalism now. The reason that some minorities are seeking their natural right of indpendence as a transitional solution, is that they have lost trust in anyone who does not beleive in unconditional self determination rights. I beleive indpendence of minorities in the developing world ultimatley leads to federalism and voluntary unions, as it it is the case in the developed world. For details please see: www.art-in-mind.net/articles



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