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January 2007

* Good news for mother language
* Great to refresh memory
* This is fantastic
* Cannot thank you enough
* Nuclear first-strike
* Is quick change a gateway to democracy?
Abjeez music
* Style-less sisters
* I have no problem the readers doing the attack, but the editor?
* Stereotype cliches scrutinized
* Blatantly racist against Aryans
* Not sure which one is worse
* Iraq war as a big success?
* New recruit for pro-IRI campaign?
* Instead of fueling the situation
Zan Zaleels
* Seriously screwed up shit
* War equals the prolongation of the mullah regime
* I pray you grow a brain
* Silent majority
* All it takes is a desire to see the best in others
* Pick the thorn from your own eye
* Hahahaha...
* Beautiful
Returning to Iran
* Did your experience ruin some of the old fond memories?
U.S.-Iran War
* is a site with open arms for IRI lobbyists
* If Bush decides to invade, my ticket is ready
* Iraq war as a big success?
* Real disaster
* US and Israel want to control the Middle East and the world
* What's in it for America?
* They need to reap what they have sown
* Is quick change a gateway to democracy?
* Typical LA shahi position
* Nothing honorable about GWB
* Confrontation does not require military interference
* Supporting parasitic regime
* Joke?
* Certainly brought back fond memories
* Viva Abadan!
* Like a farmer who has thrown millet seeds
* Shoa're eslah talabi
Public baths
* Hidden culture
* It does not necessarily have to be done be Iranians
* Concerned
* Magical
* Brush your teeth
* Every medication has side effects
* Ultimate example of sick sense of humor
* Communism? Childhood? Future-land?
* What has Africa got to do with us?
* Where exactly is this place?
Hajiagha cartoons
* Mordam az khandeh
* Hilarity race
* Shuster & Ali Quli Khan
* No sign of unity between different sects of Islam
* I value my life too much
* Path to this peaceful unity is strewn with wasted lives
* Final Solution for bad Muslims
* Can Islam answer this basic requirement?
* Is there one rule for Muslims and another for the rest?
* Very sensible
* We should move forth shoulder to shoulder with the international community
* Fashion to trash Islam
* Expecting your mom to change is almost impossible
* Talking openly about mother
* Iran dose not need us, we need Iran
Traffic signs
* Nothing rong
* Canada not better than Iran
Flat earth
* Casting a shadow
* I can hear God saying to America, "You're too arrogant!"
* How our meddling has cost us
* Iranian suggestion to Mr. King
* We don't need your prayers
* To go to war with Iran would be disastrous
* Leave your uniform and your cocky sense of moral superiority in the closet
* I will pray for all Iranians, and Americans
* Your leader that is destroying the world over and over and over
* It's the booze talking
* Screaming crap all the time
* Watch and write about John Wayne
* Another mistake of invading a country of 70 million
* Aggressive on company time
* Name your price
* Finish the mess in Iraq first
* Iranians won’t take American bull-crap either
* Wishing you a speedy recovery
* Chances of you returning alive to your family will be slim to none
* You are talking like a master of the world
* We will emerge victorious
* Remember Mossaddegh
* I wouldn't be  surprised
* What do you think is a fair solution?
Nuke attack
* Damned if they do and damned if they don't!
* Here is the reaction
* Gooshmaali connection
* Let us not teach them to resort to "violence"
Reza Aslan
* Studying instead if snarky op-eds
* Harkee az nanash ghahr mikoneh
* Fits in with the CNN group think
* Making a name for himself in a KHAR TOO KHAR world
* Expected a higher standard of reasoning from a lawyer
* Lumpanism
Saman cartoons
* Funny, creative, EVEN thought provoking
* Either we are all Strangers, or nobody is a Stranger!
Women activists
* No such thing as a perfect ideological partner
Iranians of the year
* Top of the list
* What has become of the "dissident students"
* I salute her and play the air guitar for her
* Can you imagine if Googoosh had a concert in Iran with Mehrdad
* Loud and clear
* What happened to the rest of Iran?
* Well-said
* Do you live in the ivory tower?
* Butchering is to be rational
* If Saddam is a monster
* Governments obscure the lines
* Impeach G.W. Bush
* I feel ashamed
* Bush worse than this dangling puppet
* You forgot Israel role
* Do you really think this had anything to do with freedom?
* Not alone
* Majority of Iranians prefer the present regime to what might replace it
* The hands of American officials are just as much bloody
Laleh Banoo
* I had a hard-on from the 3rd paragraph
* Call me
* He most certainly doesn’t deserve you
* Dinah does Zarrabi
* Serving one's enemies is never a solution
Forcing Persian
* Iranian Turks are coming out of their shells
* Wahoo, such an oppressed people!
* Respect me being an Azerbaijani
* Letting people practice what they believe
* Nobody can cliam his or her true identity
* I believe in the long run
* You were in too much of a hurry
Persia in Hollywood
* This propaganda is too much
Persian restaurant
* Everything but the food
Dirty Persian
* Farsi shekar ast
Nuclear sanctions
* This modern "Changiz Khan" will burn the Middle East
* Confrontation of logic with complete irrationality
* Let IAEA have a free hand in inspections
* Jihadist strategy
* The right to be hanged
* Iran is not a super power
* Ink is power
* Dear lady, stop lobbying for murderous Mullahs
* Anti-Iranian regime write-ups ignored
* Dubious views
* Outstanding work of wisdom and knowledge
* Why should an Iranian site give a chance to those who wish to separate Kurdistan from Iran?
* Folan not fellow
* I do not stop where Western lexicon stops
* The only way that we can fight is to educate people
* Stupid, male, ignorant Islamist
* You are crazy and also lazy
* Why the Jews and why so much and so damn long?
* Acknowledge where we stand in the evolving human civilization
* Flirting with IRI
* Actually it is quite easy
* You sure know how to make a fool of the Iranian people
* Latest trend in bigotry
* Giving historians a chance
* Obviously not touched by the horrors of the Holocaust
* Bravo for expressing it
* Hearing from Holocaust opponents
* So where is this sacred "free speech"?
* We are no better nor any worse than others – just different
* Only liars can be afraid of being exposed
* Palestinian problem
* No help needed from idiotic Ahmadinejad
* Reza Shah was no Nazi
* I completely agree
* Strong points
* Not ashamed either
* Freedom of speech at its best
* Two thumbs up!
Iran pix
* Very touching and genuine
* Imagine what this would do to you
* Last time I checked paradise is warm and plush, perhaps like "Hawaii"!
* Loud and clear
* What happened to the rest of Iran?
* Well-said
* Porn-infested mind
* What the Israelis are planning to do
* Now why should any Jew not want to protect their nation against such Islamofascists?
* I do not blame Israel
* How desperate do you have to be?
* Jimmy Carter should be applauded
* Classic mistake of equating Jews with Israel
* Imagine how many good causes you serve in one CUT!
* Maybe that's why one gets addicted
* Quick & easy
* I am saddened
* Very selfish
* Heyf shod
* A noble decision
* Nobel Prize for "World Population Control"
* Do it after 2 children
* Will be thinking of you
* Maybe it would be cool and practical
* I don't think I'd have the guts!
* Is this the democracy you want?
* Slip of the pen! 
* More open-minded
* Interesting, good and funny
* Khatneh and akhteh
* Made my decision way easier
* What the Israelis are planning to do
* Which system is REALLY perfect?
* We only should support the Iranian people in Iran
* Odd accord
* Tradition of democracy vs. tradition of dictatorship
* The bottom line
Revolutionary song
* Modified Americans
* Distorting "Anjaza Anjaza"
* Institutional distortions
Interests section
* What about treatmnet of Iranians at foreign emabssies?
* People like Mahtab khanoom have a crisis of identity 
* As an middle eastern man i was deeply insulted
* I do not buy your story
* Thanks
* The cute ferry
* Threat to German national security :o)
* Anything worthy of praise?
Museum pix
* You did it
* You feel rules never apply to you
Iran media
* Who are behind this pro-IRI campaign?
* Excellent témoignage
* Bought or brainwashed
* End of their line
* You defeated mighty America :o)
Iran elections
* You still don't know all elections in IRI are staged?
* Iranian democracy?
* Insult to many millions
* Well thought out
* IRI Rabi?
Pre-marital sex
* Western sexual occupation
Women & Men
* It's their turn
* What did YOU get out of HIS Dutch heritage?
* We should not be praising the action of a woman against another defenseless woman
* Legally worthless
* ....... Sharm
Anousheh Ansari
* Do you live in the ivory tower?
* It's their turn
* Shouldn't we care more about our own deeds?
Helping hand
* My savior, the monkey
* See who's really full of shit
* Great
* No one said it better
* Christmas is for everyone
* I have no problem putting the tree on top of my roof
* Mithraic traditions 
* No position to preach
* If I had shown a burning cross, maybe
* Khosh keyboard
Iran photos
* What a true bitter "avazi"
Los Angeles
* Palace uprising
* I want to go back but I'm afraid
Lost & found
* Looking for Krista


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