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March 2007

UK sailors
* I would have taken all of you hostage
* Story reversed
* Why were the British there in the first place?
* Just "the Channel"
* Nice take
* I do wish we had more fair people
* At least they did not end in Guantanamo
* Wouldn't mind confrontation with the West to divert attention
* Total humiliation of Iranian passengers
* Roughing up prisoners until they admit to something obviously not true
* What about Iranian detainees in Iraq?
* This is where God comes handy
* We all remember how Native Americans were shown in the movies
* Most Iranians don't think with an open mind
Persian Parade
* We should do the same thing in Toronto
* How fucking cheezy?
* Culture is not a bunch of losers holding signs
* Great photos
* Why not authentic Persian music and poetry?
Mohsen Namjoo
* Iranian music is finally stepping into 21st century
* "Genius", I think it is not
* Hafez meets Tom Waits
* To say that this guys stinks would be a nice thing
* Complicated & clever
* 3 MP3s
* You get the sense that this guy is living and breathing music
* Majority of Kurds in Iran are happy to be Iranian
IRI & U.S.
* Iranian government is playing for time
* Anyone living in the United States as a citizen is an AMERICAN, period.
Mahasti Shahrokhi
* Hate speech
* What is your measure to publish a "shit"?
Siamack Salari
* I got hooked
* Have you ever thought those kids need you to be around to raise them?
* Someone you would like to be friends with
* Why do we need to see  this video?
* Large
Hamid Dabashi
* That doesn't jive
* Fair critique
* Why not authentic Persian music and poetry?
* Beautiful and optimistic
* My heart is happy
* Gole eghbaal man ey ghonche-ye naaz bahaar aamad
Farah & women
* Why "oppurtunism" accusation?
* She has the right to speak
* Blame your parents, not Her Majesty
* Disinformation does not work any more
* Important matter brought to light
* With power comes great responsibilities
* Ghorbooneh dahanet khaahar!
Global warming
* Buy real estate in Greenland
Saman cartoons
* Untalented, un-original
Israeli-U.S. attack
* I just hope my govn't (USA) doesn't mess it all up
* Isreal is nothing without US-Europe help
* Iran is not a country that the U.S. and Israel can push around
* The attack on Iran will be devastating
Hajiagha cartoons
* Cheap and literally "mobtazal"
* Not funny issues, but issues
* Are you supporter of this regime?
* Fascism not freedom of speech
Women activists
* Off his chain
Mina Assadi
* Nothing?
* Sulukis were Greek
* So short and intense
Back to Iran?
* Checkout Europe and best of all Belgium
* "Now What" phase
* "Visualizing" phase
* I could pack up and leave
* I miss Tehran, period
* Just do it
* "Visualizing" phase right now
* I need to fight back
* If I only knew which Central American country they went to
* It is almost as if you are dead!
Letter from america
* We are all connected
* Pity Iran has lost these great gentlemen
* Blinded our Soul and Spirit
* Master of foul language
* Need attention?
* It's only Bahai missionary work!
* Too interested in lower part of women's anatomy
* Can't wait!
* Mr. Knofler
* Humorous, interestingly artistic, and entertaining
* Amazing video
* You can have absolutely no talent but still make it on stage!!
* My picky husband approves
* Excellent clip
* Everything "Persian pop music" is NOT
* Try quenching your thirst with dough again
300 movie
* We all remember how Native Americans were shown in the movies
* Responsible for our own actions or inaction
* It's a shame, because I like Persians.
* Yes, we feel betrayed by those who have the means to shape public opinion
* Couldn't put it to words
* Hollywoodian misrepresentations
* Organize a massive protest
* 300 is like a fart in the wind
* High priority
* Story of the underdog trying to succeed
* A cause that TRULY benefits all Iranians
* Rambo 2007 and his horde of 299 beefcake soldiers
* Brazen act of disrespect
* Create a movie that depicts what YOU like to see
* Let Hollywood rape some more stupid moviegoers
* Excellent
* Reading way too much into a childish movie
* Worse than claiming the Two Towers from "Lord of the Rings" is about 9/11
* American Jewish PR against Iran!
* Good to know we were not savages
* Persians liberating USA from neocons
* Just be proud to be Iranian and accept the virtues of the Greeks
* Hasn't war taught us anything?
* You can't be more wrong!
* Suffering nation more important than a movie
* Why make fun of your own people?
* Effective and impressive
* How could ancient Persians be Muslims?
* Fine line between fiction and fraud
* Messing with Iranian identity
* Ummm…it’s a movie man
* I doubt he would ever complain about IRI history books
* I admire you as an Iranian who looks for equality and justice
* Distribute broadly
* Complexity of media influencing the masses
* Dangerous, embarrassing ignorance
* Very influential in forming public opinion
* Our identity hijacked and insulted
* The more offended you are the more you will be ridiculed
* Get over yourself
* Producers should apologize
* If you had true Persian blood
* Why should we allow this to happen to us?
* Complete opposite light on the Persians
* Manipulation by a caca-film like this
* I e-mailed this article to 63 friends
* We'll get there!
* Well, for many of us, this IS important
* Focus on those issues that deserve it
* I do not think 'oh, this is exactly how the Persians were'
* 30 years veteran of American life style
* This comedy can only happen in Hollywood
* We are being paranoid
* We can walk and chew gum at the same time
* Forcing us to re-examine our true identity
* History from critical perspective
* Let us first resolve the problems of 2500 years ago
* It’s Hollywood
* Adverse effects on the mind of the general public
* I have not read anything so powerful for so long
* 2500 years is a very very long time
* Go back to Iran
* People! We are the biggest joke
* A movie is only a movie
* Stop advertising the movie
* Hellooo... it's a C-A-R-T-O-O-N!!!
* Afraid to tell who you are talking to?
* Don't sweat it
Fuzzy Zadeh
* Perfect 10
* Marxist Marjane
* Passing through a confused era
* Who cares about women's rights? I'm a man.
Iranians & War
* We all will lose if a war breaks out
* Cosmopolitan bullshit
* Iran was never a threat
* US and its followers will not be too stupid to attack Iran
* Little shambul
* Maadar sag
* Only a bimbo
* US is trying just to scare Iran off
* US attack as criminal as IRI crimes
* Another piece of "IRI’s propaganda machinery”
* I can improve
* Generation of the infected, you mean
* My eyes well up whenever I think of her
Persian arrogance
* Out of step with the truth of human history
* Who's arrogant?
* Indpendence of minorities
* Try to assimilate, frigging whiner
Nosratollah Amini
* Excellent
* Hilarious
* Your're THE MAN
* Priceless!!
* Give me a break!
* Useless human behavior
* Never a dull moment
* My Korreh Khars
* Touched my heart and soul
* Makes us all wish we had known him
* Your stuff does nothing for me
* Thanks for the trip down memory lane
* I feel for you
* Sweet thoughts that memories
* Your father is very proud of you
Iran-Iraq war
* Writer should seek the truth
* Too many distortions
Lost & found
* Setareh Campbell?
* Ramtin Malekpoor?
* Khar language
* Darfur's JAN JAVEED
* Very clever sense of humour!
* When will people grow up?
* IRI's mythical tool
* Gheirat
* Iranian nation is PROUD and BRAVE
* Who were those young men who saved Khoramshahar?
* All Iranians are not backward
* Best Iranian
* Natural charm
* The guy seems very pleased with himself!
Nosratollah Amini
* Great man
* I've been waiting a long time for this
Saudi Arabia
* See the great err in both regimes
* Illusion of U.S. democracy for Iran
* Implement smart sanctions
Space rocket
* Let's not glorify what the US says or does
* Happening to most of us Iranians on daily basis
* Get over it
* I don't blame the conductor
* You are in denial of the world around you
* And what was the big deal?
War: Iran
* Move on
* Equal rights under the law?


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