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Pompous Persian
Can you imagine where Aryans would have been if there were no Turkic occupiers? Just kidding.


January 15, 2007

The following suggestion is to be taken as a joke, even though it is very much inspired from reality. So, please don't get mad!

There is a problem with the Turks in Iran. They have always been a problem for a very long time. They have ruled over Persians and other pure Aryans with no shame for such a long time. They have separated the Persian people. Persians have been separated into Western Persians, in Iran, and Eastern Persians, in Afghanistan, because some Turks, specifically Shah Ismail Ardebili and his Qizilbash followers, made the western ones Shia and left the eastern ones Sunni. Turks have tainted the pure Aryan race of the Aryan land, Iran (Aarian), by mixing with them, taking their women, turning blue blood into blue-grayish Mongolish-Asiatic blood.

Turks have also converted so many of the Aryans making the Aryan land into a partially Aryan land. How can a proud Aryan tolerate this? Turks have converted the Aryan inhabitants of Azerbaijan into Turkic speaking people. That is unacceptable to any proud Aryan. All these Turkic dynasties, Ghaznavid, Seljuk, Timurid, Aq Qoyunlu, Qara Qoyunlu, Safavid, Afshar, and Qajar have dared continue their Turkic Mongoloid inferior occupation of the Aryan pure race for about one thousand years. And now their remnants are still gerrymandering with the Aryans, causing problems by their covert activities within Iran.

At last the pure Aryan, Aryamehr Pahlavi, ascended to the well-deserved throne of the Aryan state, the Persian empire, getting rid of the Turkic occupiers. Since then Aryans have tried theories to convince the Turks that Turks in Iran, more specifically and especially Azerbaijan, were originally Aryans and spoke a tongue close to Persian about 1500 to 1000 years ago. These Turks did not want and seem not to accept the theories, the facts, and stayed the Turks they were. Scientists were hired to show that even the DNA tests suggest that they are not supposed to speak Turkic, but rather the melodic beautiful and rich Aryan language, Persian, as they used to before being turned into Turks. No, didn't have much of an effect. These Turks even dare to say that they are Turks! How inferior, how disgusting and how barbaric can that be?

Here is the suggestion to resolve this problem once and for all because Turks in Iran do not seem to understand that being Turks is not so Aryan and they do not want to accept to go back to their historic roots and forget about speaking Mongoloid gibberish and start to converse like any superior Aryan, in Persian. Aarian (Iran) must unite with the other two pure Aryan states who also speak Persian who also have the same traditions and culture like the Persians, i.e. Afghanistan and Tajikistan, and then get rid of the Turks in Iran by either throwing them into the Caspian Sea (there is too much water there anyway), or separating them altogether (and letting them be as poor, uneducated, uncivilised and wild Turks as they are in Turkey and Azerbaijan), or by sending millions and millions of Afghan and Tajik Persians over them and making them a small minority in Iranian Azerbaijan. There is no other way to possibly deal with these Turks.

Uniting with the Persians in Afghanistan and Tajikistan, who have been artificially cut off their brothers and sisters in what had remained of the Aryan land by the Turkish wild invaders, is the only possible way to give back Aarian (Iran) to the Aryans! Otherwise as the Turks in Iran being so many, almost a quarter of the population or more, who knows when their successive plots will succeed again and they will take over Iran again. And even if they do not take over they are not pure Aryans. They have polluted Aryan blue-blood genes with their nomadic backward genes.

Aryans must live together, grow poppy together, smoke pot together, sell oil extracted from the nomadic impure Arabs of Khuzestan together, fight sporadic civil wars together, and care and love for each other! Forget about democracy! That was a pan-Turkist conspiracy that was started by the Turks, Sattar Khan and Bagher Khan in Azerbaijan, sensing that Persians were going to take over again! And they were smacked properly as they deserved and the great Aryans triumphantly returned the Aryan land, Aarian, to its deserving Aryan inhabitants with the leadership of their warrior commander Pahlavi Aryamehr.

Can you imagine where Aryans would have been if there were no Turkic occupiers and invaders pretending that they were the masters of Persia? Now all Aryans, in greater Iran (Aarian, including Aryans of Afghanistan and Tajikistan) would have been so happy together, smoking pot day and night. Who needs the Internet anyway? That's also a Jewish conspiracy. Who needs cars anyway? That's a German conspiracy. And by the way, Germans are not Aryans! They were never Aryans. They are fakes, pretenders. They were thrown out of Aarian's (Iran's) Kerman (German) province because they were behaving completely out of touch with Aryan values and traditions. They had started to stand in queues (instead of using fists and taunts), build huge useless buildings (Bam was built by these shameless barbarians), work hard and have discipline! How boring and utterly barbaric can that be?!

The great historic Aarian must be given back to the pure Aryans. Aryans must unite, Persians in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan and re-create the historic Aarian (Iran). And the best possible way to deal with the Turks in Iran is to unite with Afghanistan and Tajikistan. That way Afghan and Tajik Persians would migrate to Azerbaijan and in not such a long time Turks would become a small minority and later on disappear altogether. Long live Aryans together and forever! Comment


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