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What happened?
Why is the Middle East stuck in the Middle Ages?
August 14, 2007

Hitler's legacy
Iran's and Iranians' identity is indeed largely based on what they see as Iranians being Aryans
July 19, 2007

Disfunctional democracy
Why did America fail in Iraq?
July 16, 2007

Why are Iranians so concerned about Israel?
My reckoning is that this whole anti-Zionist/anti-Israeli rhetoric we are seeing is a new form of anti-Semitism and nothing more
June 28, 2007

Blue blood? So what? Get to work!
It is ignorance and a great waste of time to blame Arabs for the problems of the Iranians
June 20, 2007

Dreaming of democracy
Be careful when you wish for freedom and democracy, because you may just get it
June 13, 2007

Republic of intimidation
If the unity of Iran can only be achieved through fear, intimidation, force and censorship, then we will never start our path toward a free society
May 31, 2007

Impossible boundaries
I'm not a fan of the great Persia or believe in Aryan purity and superiority. Therefore I must be a Jew?
May 25, 2007

Hiding behind America
Blair had the courage to confront terrorism and not fear it, though he got it wholly wrong on Iraq
May 14, 2007

Aggressive nationalism
The strong resurgence of nationalism among the Persians of Iran, and also other Iranian groups, especially the Turks (Azerbaijani Turks) is a very bad sign for our country
May 6, 2007

Not exactly democrats
Taking pride in the likes of Xerxes is quite worrisome
April 24, 2007

Tyrant Xerxes
What is the big deal about mocking a dictator and mass murderer of more than two thousand years ago?
April 16, 2007

Trust vs. fear
My suggestion is to look at ourselves before blaming others
April 5, 2007

Why make things worse?
We have a weak country and the Iranian regime must know this before making the situation worse
March 30, 2007

Some modesty wouldn't hurt
Arrogance has cost us Iranians dear and it is still doing so
March 6, 2007

Leaders and followers
Are Iranians undeserving of decent leadership?

February 27, 2007

A matter of time
Democracy takes a very long time to be built and democracies are not necessarily supposed to be the same
January 21, 2007

Pompous Persian
Can you imagine where Aryans would have been if there were no Turkic occupiers? Just kidding.
January 15, 2007

Revenge does not mean justice
Let these children’s suffering touch your heart; help us help them
January 8, 2007

Force-feeding Persian
It is saddening for me to see so many Iranians, especially Persians, still think that what they think is right is right for others too
January 4, 2007

Falling apart
One fallen and weakened state will not do much harm to the Middle East, but the same thing happening to many states at the same time... that would be one big mess
December 26, 2006

There will be no revolution
Then what will happen to the Islamic Republic?
December 4, 2006

Leaving Iraq in broken pieces
Maybe I'm wrong, but it's probably best to partition Iraq and leave
November 20, 2006

Not that special
Persia and Persians before and after Islam
November 14, 2006

Heading toward failure
Iraqis prefer mayhem and sectarian killings rather than Americans policing them
November 2, 2006

Their grass is not greener
Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran
October 21, 2006

We can kill our own dependency on gods inside us and let ourselves free of them, at least of the earthly ones
October 9, 2006

Let there be light
Respecting other people's rights and distinct values, or the ideology of enlightenment
September 20, 2006

Disrupting life
That's all the terrorists want. They can't do more than that
September 11, 2006

Why mess with a superpower?
Why is it that the Iranian regime seems so anti-American these days?
September 5, 2006

Democratic Federation of Iran
If Iran, ever transformed into a federation, can solve not only the problem of identity, that could give the Iranians a stronger sense of belonging and patriotism
August 22, 2006

The cost of paranoia
Ever tighter and stronger and more intrusive controlling of public life and domain is not the answer to terrorism threat
August 16, 2006

No winners
Jews have neither accepted colonisation nor been good colonisers
July 25, 2006

It's not worth so much humiliation
The Palestinain conflict
July 6, 2006

Faith & ignorance
The way to fight religious fundamentalism is to offer real chances of better lives for the Muslim youth
June 28, 2006

Local vs global
We do not live any longer in the times of vast empires, only commercial ones
June 19, 2006

Righting wrongs
Iranians need to heal the wounds of past religious and ethnic discrimination and offer to the discriminated groups greater rights
June 2, 2006

Culture of lying
Iranians lie just as a simple way of talking
May 16, 2006

Big clean up
Muslims and Iranians need healing the scars from having lived in lies for hundreds and thousands of years
April 19, 2006

Stick to 21st century values
The Persian empire was not really anything to be proud of
December 28, 2005

Are Iranians really Aryans?
That's not important. We should find common grounds based on respect, understanding, and finally, freedom -- not race
March 31, 2005

Glorious loneliness
Iran will never be what it used to. But Iranians can built a 'better' Iran
November 21, 2004

More, or no more?
Most people have 'chosen' to believe that they will not be terminated by death
March 18, 2004

We've got a problem
We don't do enough to express or defend ourselves
March 11, 2004

Nothing more
Countering thoughts of superiority
March 3, 2004


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