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Impossible boundaries
I'm not a fan of the great Persia or believe in Aryan purity and superiority. Therefore I must be a Jew?


May 25, 2007

It has long been a common practice among many countries, nations or peoples, to create divine boundaries, crossing which would constitute alienation, disgrace, humiliation, profanation and so on. The scope of these divinities have usually (but not always) been to protect an unnatural and normally unsustainable ideology or creed feeding and sustaining a well-established and organised clique.

Examples are aplenty, especially among religions, but also among various other big-promising ideologies. These ideologies (religions and so on) feed on the ignorance, fear and, of course, the lack of education of the masses. Uneducated and ignorant masses form the best possible political and judiciary protection against outside threats, whatever they may be. Such ideologies need divinities, as mentioned earlier, without which their true faces would surface.

Let's give a few examples to clear things up. The Vatican is one of the best examples of the kind that has survived for more than a millennium and continues to do well. However it is worth noting the merits of the Vatican as being capable of re-inventing itself. Otherwise it would have long been gone. The Vatican is basically made up of a clique who live fabulous lives without doing much. They receive Godly respect and appreciation and adoration for basically no real and serious reason.

Am I right on this? Maybe an alien visiting our planet would say that I am right, but a devout Catholic would disagree, evoking exactly the same type of divinities I just mentioned. The divinities about the Vatican are quite simple. As long as they represent Jesus and his father you cannot question their legitimacy and authority. How do we know they represent Jesus? Well, that's something a Catholic shall not ask!

Another example can be Islam, and I believe there is no need for me to go through this because the Iranian community is perfectly knowledgeable about this. There are so many established divine boundaries in Islam that crossing them is just what any kid, with their starter curiosity, can do.

But it is not just about religion, and there are many other types of divine boundaries. Some of the ideologies creating these boundaries actually lack the clique who are supposed to benefit from them. One favourite example of mine is nationalism. I have very often written about this subject and been targeted by the supposedly offended fellow Iranians. Ideologies such as these lack the clique and they prosper without any patronage. Popular ignorance actually asks for it.

Crossing the boundaries of nationalism seems to be such a disgrace and profanation that so many of my fellow Iranians thought it impossible for me to be an Iranian. And although at first it seemed amusing to me and I felt the curiosity to see where it can go, it started to become a bit more serious and somewhat worrisome. I started to receive many e-mails directly or subtly accusing me of being an Israeli (politically correct version of anti-Semitism is to call someone an Israeli rather than a Jew). To some of my fellow Iranians it seemed so incredible and impossible to have an Iranian of their own not being a nationalist, a fan of the great Persia or believe in Aryan purity and superiority, so somehow somebody came with the idea that therefore I must be a Jew.

This reminded me of the frequent judicial accusations in Iran against various Iranians, of being Israeli spies or some other spies working for some countries or dark forces. If someone disagrees with your belief then he must either be insane (your ideology is perfect so how can a normal person be against it??!!) or paid by some enemies or dark forces, or a citizen of your perceived enemies! This is the norm in the Middle East and it is very unfortunate that even many of those Iranians who have long left Iran to live in America and other Western countries have not learnt some of the same democratic values they have taken refuge to.

I am curious to know how and when I turned out to be Jewish, and when I got my Israeli citizenship that I am unaware of??? Can one of the accusers enlighten me please? I guess not. I actually mentioned in one of my previous articles that I am an Iranian Turk (or Azerbaijani, to be more precise, and this means non-Jewish). I do not wish any of my writings to be a cause for more anti-Semitism among Iranians, so I thought it necessary to clarify the subject.

Most of Iran's non-Persians, and probably a very large number of the Persians, feel insulted and disgusted by the insensitive and aggressive nationalistic Persian-Aryan posturings and it is normal and legitimate to take measures in order to hinder such ideologies from taking hold of our extended family, comprising of Iranian peoples. Iranians do share a lot of values, but they ought not to include anything other than those based on free will. Comment


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