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Soft power
Wouldn't it be easier if the Allies concentrated more on working with the non violent forces already winning in Iran?

April 9, 2007

So that's it, take a breather this week-end folks, as we sit with our barbecues, rejoicing the end of one hostage drama. But little do we know, that the Seyyeds are famous for one thing, if nothing else. They retained power against the US with their hostage crisis, and now are on the verge to more of it.

But the world knows better this time. The yellow bellied drug runners, arms for oil traders, and the like, are no longer going to get away with it. Why? Well, Mr Steyn is of the belief, that "soft power" is going to persuade. An immense campaign, to surround and strangle the Seyyeds, is under way. And the first good results of it was shown just recently, with the release of the 15 sailors.

Yup, the Seyyeds can no longer get way with nicking people willy nilly. It was always really amusing for me, to see how little Arafat and Co, managed to get up Goliaths' like US's noses, and to really distract him so much, as to completely throw him off balance. But they did just that. And so with that success, like Arafat's boys who hijacked planes in the 70's, the Seyyeds prey at chic well dressed UK marines, get all the mums and dad glued to SKY TV (who loves that), and the whole pathetic drama manages to mesmerize the public. No nuclear power with all that strength can get in the way.

And that's how Big Brother (TV), international politics and war get all connected beautifully. Selling news is big business, and crackpots like Seyyeds and all their sound bites, are great fodder for the press, oil prices, the flotilla off the Persian Gulf. So what of it? Even if my imagination is running wild with all those dots, you all know that the wall of ammunition that is pointing up the Seyyeds' noses, is enough to scare them big time.

Expect more hostage taking. In my other site I figured out that it will be around the late week of April. So we should see some more people being involved with the IRGC, or someone pretending to be IRGC. They will more than likely be holding the Seyyeds as well as the new hostages for ransom. It will be a new crowd, who will surprise the existing Seyyeds' as they all jockey for power. Expect that to happen just when the oil price really starts to dive. That is just about the time when it all happens. And then bingo the chain reactions begin.

This time more US and UK and many other countries will be in the Persian Gulf. The Straits of Hormuz will have to have traffic lights to coordinate the flow above and below the sea level. Either way, some prat will probably throw a cocktail over the side of a US or UK navy vessel, and hey we will be all into a lovely mess. Watch the oil price go up and up. Will the TV commentators see through all this? Why should they? They have to whip up anxiety. Keep people glued to the TV man, and watch those ads eh.

But it will now be the end of the Seyyeds we are told. The grand plan is to play their game, and win. So the UK and US will nick the Seyyeds in Iraq, and will force their hand to take western hostages. And with madmen in Qom giving their blessing to anything as they face Mecca, expect more and more Chlorine trucks, and more Seyyed IRGC arrests in Iraq. So both the allies in Iraq and the freaks in Qom will increase the stakes in this useless game of bluff.

We are told that "soft power" will win. The mere fact that the Seyyeds will face a Tsunami of munitions, will force them not to dare. But Seyyeds are driven by their own illusion of power. They think that their religion will win. All that will allow more poor helpless Iranians to volunteer and convert to Seyyed brainwashing. Wouldn't it be easier if the Allies concentrated more on working with the non violent forces already winning in Iran? Look at the way we all ignored the Seyyeds in Iran during the Spring New Year festivities we have been celebrating for 7000 years. Not one Iranian cared for the Western or Seyyed TV.

Western TV's will not focus on this aspect of Iranian culture. They will not show how 60 million Iranians celebrated Nowrooz and Sizdehbedar. They will not see the beautiful Life loving Iranians. Why? It does not effect oil prices, and if allowed to prosper, it will allow the foundation of a new modern industrial state on par with those in East Asia, which will surpass anything they ever did because of both geography, demography and natural resources. Comment

Ali Mostofi MSc DUC BA (Princeton, USA). Visit

Also see: "Iran's bluff humbles Britain" by MARK STEYN Chicago Sun-Times Columnist

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