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Blessing in disguise
The Crown Prince of Iran is wrong about nationalism
June 10, 2006

Seculars vs. Seyyeds
Seyyeds need US Democrats against real Iranians
May 12, 2007

Soft power
Wouldn't it be easier if the Allies concentrated more on working with the non violent forces already winning in Iran?
April 9, 2007

Who will fight for Iran?
There is no easy answer
January 24, 2007

Light is born
Happy Yalda or Yuletide
December 20, 2006

Mad in Iran vs Made in Iran
A Mickey Mouse that rants regularly is very handy. And that is why we have such a buffoon in charge in Iran
May 15, 2006

Human alternative
Idealism and dogma tried to do the same, but Christianity and Islam brought wars. Nationalism based on human rights never did
February 2, 2006

Pink strike
Building a peaceful non-violent national strike
Ocotber 11, 2005

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