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Who will fight for Iran?
There is no easy answer

January 24, 2007

At the moment, Seyyeds run Iran, propagating their Empire. Their self-acclaimed moral prerogative, is that they are related to Halabi Qureshi (aka Mohammed), who himself was brought to world attention, thanks to the abdication of the High Priest of Iran in the 7th Century AD to Christianity and then eventually to Halabi Qureshi. Ancient Iranian mythology (referred to by Christian historians as Zoroastrianism), speaks of an Iranian traitor; that creates a new revolution and overthrows the Iranian Empire; but much later is overthrown by a true Iranian.

The next word in the question is "will". The word "will" immediately links ones mind to "will power". The inspiration behind will power has to be Iranian, and there we see the Iranian nation reading Ferdowsi to be inspired with Iranian nationality. This is the will power, that drives an Iranian to be Iranian, and its roots are from a Zoroastrian book called Khodayenamak. There are many other Iranian poets and philosophers that came after Ferdowsi, but it was he who had the will power to resurrect the "Iranian Will Power" as it were.

The word "fight" immediately brings on the impression of weapons and war. Whilst in today's world people fight with ideas, and the opposition overcomes dictatorship with massive non violent demonstrations and general strikes. That is not war with swords, that is war with words. Just count the number of real Iranians that participated in the latest Seyyed so called "elections" in Iran. Moreover the war of words by Iranian Bloggers is running circles around the Seyyed media in Iran. So real Iranians are winning against the alien Seyyeds in Iran right now.

"For" is the hardest word in the question. So many Iranians who are against the Seyyeds end up fighting for Seyyeds if Iran was attacked. They did so in the Iran-Iraq war. Iranians died in that war, not Seyyeds. But if the definition of "For" is Iran, then one can say that real Iranians are fighting in a non violent way for Iran from within Iran right now. Everywhere you go you will find the Seyyeds trying to intervene, but are circumvented by real Iranians. So much of the Iranian way of life has been sabotaged, and the economy is drained by Seyyeds' overspending in the nuclear industry, that real Iranians are openly and overtly criticising the Seyyeds. A massive peace movement "For" Iran to prevent a war for Seyyeds needs to be developed.

What is Iran? It is called in the Zend-Avesta as Eran-e-Vitch. Sounds Russian, doesn't it. And old Iranian culture is much closer to the culture surrounding the Caspian Sea, than the culture around the Persian Gulf. The oldest inhabitants of Iran come from as far back as anywhere in the world. Yes, we in Iran have archaeological roots from what the archaeologists call the Olduwan in Kasharfud. And it is not surprising to find, that our ancient myth talks of our first rulers inventing the tools for civilization like fire and clothing. So the word Iran can be in itself have the meaning of the root of human civilization.

The question mark is perhaps the most interesting part of the whole sentence. Are there those of us, who are not focused on Iran properly? Some see Iran politically, religiously, or economically, and at the end lose sight of what it really is. They will raise too many questions and give no answers. They are too cynical, because they do not have a belief system based on Iran. Only Iranians that have faith in the story of Iran or the Spirit; that is behind the story of Iran; will see the future of Iran; be part of it; and make a new Iran happen in an Iranian way. Others will remain cynical and lose interest over time. Comment

Ali Mostofi MSc DUC BA (Princeton, USA). Visit

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