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Sad and happy
Photo essay: Childhood in Tehran & a new song

Shahrzad Sepanlou
January 3, 2005

These pictures were all taken in the 70's and early 80's in Tehran. Looking through them, besides feeling nostalgic, I find it amusing that in one photo I have a conservative black scarf on and in the other a revealing black ballet suit probably within the same year.

But that's how life in Tehran always was. Black and white. Sad and happy. Exciting and boring. Peaceful and nerve-racking. Both extremes everyday. I miss those days >>> Listen to my song "Az man taa man" [Lyrics & Music: Kambiz Mirzaei. Arrangement: Giampiero Scuderi]

I miss the excitement of life. I can't figure out if it was really my life that was exciting or the perception of my life. Maybe all children find life exciting. I like to look at these pictures from time to time, only to remember life as it looked through my eyes as a child in Tehran while playing with my dolls and laughing with my friends. We all grow up too soon.


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