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August 6, 2007

International solidarity with Osanloo and Salehi
Sent by Mehdi Amini

Information on planned activities by unions for the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) / International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) International Action Day in solidarity with imprisoned Iranian trade union leaders, Mansour Osanloo and Mahmoud Salehii, on Thursday 9 August 2007:

In London, the ITF and the UK trade unions, together with Amnesty International will take part in a protest vigil outside the Iranian Embassy. The delegation plans to deliver the ITF petition. The participants to the vigil will carry the campaign posters and also hold boards displaying the names of those people who have signed the petition.

In Geneva, a delegation composed of representatives from Global Unions including the ITUC, UNI, PSI and IUF will visit the Mission to Iran and meet with the Ambassador at 15h30.  The ITUC is also planning a meeting with the Iranian Mission in Brussels.

An ACTU delegation of union officials including ITF affiliates such as RTBU and MUA will seek an audience with the Iranian Ambassador and deliver a letter of protest at the Iranian Embassy in Canberra.

The Austrian union for transport and services, VIDA is in contact with the Foreign Ministry and has requested a meeting with the Iranian Embassy on 9 August. A rally is planned in front of the Embassy.

The Canadian Labour Congress has written to the Ambassador. A CLC protest vigil will be held in Toronto ˆ Queen‚s Park on 9 August between 12h30-13h30.

French unions are planning a demonstration at the Iranian Embassy at 13h00 on 9 August.  The CGT as well as Force Ouvrière will join this protest action.  The FO will mobilize its transport and food sections.

Bus workers in Frankfurt are planning a protest action.

TRANSNET has publicized the Action Day to all union activists.

GDBA has sent a protest letter to the Ambassador and asked all union activists to do the same.

Great Britain
Amnesty International is preparing a statement of support. The ITUC/ITF campaign has been advertised to all UK trade union contacts and activists in the London region. The Amnesty UK Section has also highlighted Mahmoud Salehi's case in its monthly online action E-zine which is sent to 60,000 registered activists in the UK.

The RMT has sent a message to union activists calling for their support. The union has also highlighted the protest appeal on its website.

The ITUC-ITF appeal has been circulated to all GMB staff and activists asking them to sign the online petition.

UNISON has publicised the appeal on its webpage calling for people to take action.

The National Union of Journalists has raised Osanloo‚s case at its International Committee.

The British National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT) has asked its activists to sign the online petition and send letters of protest to the Iranian Embassy.

The Free Trade Union of Railway Workers (VDSzSz) has publicised the appeal on its website encouraging members and visitors to sign the petition.

ITF affiliates are sending their individual protest letters to the Iranian Embassy in Jakarta. On 9 August a delegation of ITF affiliates will take part in a demonstration outside the Embassy where a joint protest letter will be submitted. Local media have been contacted.

A delegation from RENGO will meet with the Ambassador at the Iranian Embassy in Tokyo on 9 August and also submit a protest letter and copies of the ITF petition. Mac Urata will represent the ITF at the event.

The ITF Malaysia Council plans to deliver a protest letter to the Iranian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

As there is no Iranian diplomatic mission in the country, NETWON will visit the Ministry of Nepal Government and submit a protest letter. The union has also consulted the NTUC for possible joint action.

The FNV has publicised the campaign on their website and urged people to sign the petition.

Norsk Transportarbeiderforbund is organizing a demonstration outside the Iranian Embassy and will deliver a protest letter.

ITF affiliates in Panama will deliver a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requesting that the Government communicate the unions' request that Brothers Osanloo and Salehi are released immediately to the Iranian Government.

Federatia Sindicala Transloc intends to picket the Iranian Embassy and distribute leaflets calling for the release of Mansour Osanloo and Mahmoud Salehi.

SEV will organize a protest action in front of the Iranian Embassy in Berne and submit the union's protest letter. Media have been invited to the event.

Affiliates in Thailand will participate in the Action Day. The ITF Coordinating Committee is seeking cooperation with ITUC affiliates.

The Seamen & Waterfront Workers' Trade Union will hold a press conference to highlight the plight of the Iranian prisoners.

The AFL-CIO is organizing a delegation to visit the Iranian Interest Section on 9 August to submit a protest letter from their President, John J. Sweeney and to also deliver a copy of the ITF petition. Union events will also take place in Chicago and New York.

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