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Sweet sin
Kurdistan-Israel alliance

Kamal H. Artin
August 9, 2004

Recently there has been rumor about an alliance between Kurdistan and Israel. Instead of promoting this idea to become a reality, surprisingly some Kurds feel guilty as if such an alliance would be sinful.

The people in the Middle East have been paying a tremendous price for their persistent unresolved conflicts. Needless to say that any conflicts needs at least two self-centered parties. The main conflicts in the Middle East seem to be rooted in the lack of tolerance for those with a different ethnic and religious background or a different viewpoint. Denial of the peoples rights in the region seems to be the rule rather than exception.

In some countries with a fundamental religious rule, if not all, at least half of the population is banned from even choosing its own clothing let alone freedom of expression. In some countries, ruled by a dominant ethnic group, many people have no right or opportunity to even learn their native language.

In some countries led by deluded fanatics many are convinced they are special and chosen by god; they seem to be unaware of or resistant to accept the fact that "god given" or genetic superiority is equally distributed among nations and that the differences are related to environmental influences.

In the Middle East dictators with such a fixed and deluded believe system have been running the show and created an atmosphere of domination, force, wars, and abuse. The region resembles a jungle in which even ethnically related groups try to eliminate each other. One would expect that nations or ethnic groups with a common origin would defend the right of their cousins and do everything to preserve their heritage.

Surprisingly even some people of common origin such as Arabs and Israelis (Semites) or Persian and Kurds (Indo-Iranians) are deluded to the point that they believe they are superior to their cousins; those with such a mind set would do everything to make sure their opponents can not live in peace and prosperity!

I do not know how to describe such an attitude except for sociocultural pathology led by psychopaths! Israelis and Kurds have suffered heavily because of the attitude and behavior of many violent psychopaths. Creation of Israel has been a thorn in the eye of fascists who would rather eliminate the Jewish state.

Creation of a Kurdistan as a country is still a taboo and has been referred to as a potential second Israel not only by fascists but also by some progressive groups. Such groups ignore the fact that Israel, despite the brutal behavior of its extremists toward the violent extremists of its counterparts, is still the most democratic country in the region and has not named the country the Jewish Republic of Israel!

One could argue that the Jewish community has pride in other achievements and values than in a private matter such as religious belief. While many countries in the Middle East only reluctantly recognize the right of the Israel to exist as a nation, Israel seems to be more tolerant and accepts the existence of a Palestinian state.

Similar attitude holds true by those who can not see the existence of a Kurdish state, even if the Kurds respect the existence of their counterparts. Those Kurds who question such a jungles law in the Middle East are called dangerous traitors, even if they are among the most peaceful people.

Having gone through a similar experience, an alliance of Kurds and Jews is quite natural. Contrary to a possible assumption that only the Jewish state, the Kurds, and the US would benefit from such an alliance, it might in fact be an evolutionary stage that could be beneficiary to all involved party in the Middle East, once they see that sincere mutual respect and recognition of each others rights can lead to peace and prosperity.

Such a potential alliance, which would be based on shared values of civil societies rather than on national or religious background seems to be one step forward and deserves support of progressive intellectuals and leaders of every nation.

Kamal H. Artin, MD, is from the Kurdish-American Education Society in Orange County, California.

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Kamal H. Artin




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