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Parallel lines
Similaries between Khomeini and Bush

Mahvash Shahegh
September 1, 2004

Although at first glance it may not seem relevant to draw parallels between two foes, a closer look reveals the possibility and actuality of such an attempt. This presumption is readily applicable to the late Ayatollah Khomeini and G.W. Bush.

As we all know, Ayatollah Khomeini was a staunch enemy of all things American, and although he did not know G.W. Bush personally, one could easily imagine the disdain Khomeini would have for the most prominent representative of America. Now get ready to connect the lines between these two enemies.

First, Ayatollah Khomeini’s most infamous slogan was "Saddam must go.” Isn’t G.W. Bush as much - if not more so - obsessed with toppling Saddam as was Khomeini? With only one exception, the latter was a lot luckier than his counterpart in witnessing the dismantling of Saddam and the collapse of his regime; a satisfaction Khomeini never achieved.

Second, G.W. Bush, before starting the Iraq war, often mentioned that the US would go to war with or without United Nations approval. And he did it without UN agreement which is an obvious indication of Bush’s disrespect for that international organizations. Khomeini frequently indicated that Moslem countries do not need the United Nations. They have their own Islamic rules and regulations and need only to abide by those rules.

Third, Khomeini was well known for his simplicity, so is Bush; the kind of simplicity that weighs more towards imbecility.

Fourth and intimately related to the third parallel, Khomeini’s speeches and talks were and still are subject to ridicule for their bad grammar. Something for which Bush is also famous. Bush can not even pronounce the word "nuclear" correctly. There are ample examples of his inarticulateness and stupidity all over the newspapers - in hard copies or electronically.

Fifth, Khomeini used religion to establish his political agenda; a quintessential example of religion used for political gain. G.W. Bush, as Ronald Reagan's son indirectly mentioned, is wearing his religion on his sleeve for political gain as well.

And last but not least, they both are inconceivably popular, not only among the masses but also among the so-called intellectuals of their own nations.

Having said all of that, my only fear is that Khomeini is rolling over in his grave by being compared to G.W. Bush!

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