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United States of Iran
Believe it, accept it, and respect it

Javad Fakharzadeh
February 2, 2007

1. Iran has never been independent or self-ruled for the last 300 years. This has raised many eyebrows in many Western capitals.

2. The Axis of Evil, US-UK-Israel, are very scared seeing a true democracy growing in the heart of the Middle East where BLACK GOLD is at stake and they want to control it.

3. The traditional Western mentality and operatives of subversive actions against smaller nations, like Iran, that used to work for the past 300 years is no longer working on Iran. This has made these folks very nervous.

4. As the other General stated (can be seen on YouTube) the US  has had operatives inside Iran for the past 18 months The traditional method is not working, so they're trying other methods: Bringing several aircraft carriers to the Persian Gulf, coupled with a media blitz against Iran, lies, deceptive practices, accusations, WMD BS, nuclear untruths to name a few.

5. This is GWB, Dick Cheney and neo-cons war to continue the occupation to control the oil rich region. GWB-war wants to publicly project a deceptive public ploy withdraw a winner using this ploy to convince the public to stay for a long haul. This is not what the majority (about 70%) of the American people want. This is a GWB war against the will of the (American) people and the US congress.

6. The world has never seen this situation before. If war breaks out, there will be no winners. This is not Vietnam of the 60's. This is United States of Iran with the people united in and outside of Iran. If any idiot touches our homeland, all Hell will break loose. Take my word!

7. The best way out of this mess is for the US congress to cut off funds to GWB-war machine and bring the American soldiers home alive and immediately open up a dialogue with Iran. Subversive ploys will no longer work. Force will not work. Bombs will not work. Killing millions will not work. Deceptive practices will not work.

8. This is not Algeria where over one million citizens, innocent people, women and children were slaughtered by the French. This definitely is not Iraq where shock and awe were exercised by the US forces.

9.This is The UNITED STATES OF IRAN. Believe it, accept it, and respect it. Comment

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Javad Fakharzadeh


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