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April 7, 2004

Shahin Football Club, Vancouver

Top Row (Left to right): Mohammad Paslar, Ali Saneii, Mike Densky, Trever Kew, Sherwin Nabi, Amir Soltani, Farshid Shahbazi, Bahram Moghaddam (Coach)

Middle Row (Left to right): Eric Hager, Kwesi (Eric) Quansah, Saeed Aalami, Ali Movasseghi, Ashkan Montazeri, Ali Samaeian, Fuad Mirzai, Babak Shahbazi, Behrad Honarbakhsh

Bottom Row (Left to right): Shahab Vaezmir, Dorin Ranisov, Amir Taeb, Mohammad Taha, Carlos Aquirre,  Davood Najarian, Ashkan Parsa, Dara Dabiri, Salman Moghaddam >>> See

Sent by Javaneh Khodabakhsh

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