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January 14, 2004

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I was working on the computer and I heard a woman on Judge Judy say, "... he would bring me eyerainian sweets..." I went in front of the TV and watched the the trial. The plaintiff was "Tony" Nikkhoo, a limousine driver suing a woman for not paying the limo bill. The woman claimed Nikkhoo had waved the limo fee as a birthday gift. Judge Judy ruled in Nikkhoo's favor, but rejected his demand to be refunded for the champagne he bought during their evening together. According to the defendant, "Tony" was interested in her and was upset because she rejected his advances. When the trial ended, Nikkhoo walked down the isle towards the exist and bowed to the audience to his right and left saying, "Thank you very much... thank you very much."

By Jahanshah Javid

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