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July 16, 2005

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On Saturday July 9th, at Stanford University in Palo Alto, northern California, we went to the screening of "Zane Ziadi" (Unwanted Woman) in the presence of Tahmineh Milani who is the film's Director. I highly recomment you to go and see this movie since it spells out some of the social disease(s) escalating in Iran. I didn't find that this movie was accusing any specific gender for this, but as was obvious in the question and answer session some people thought that it takes sides. You must watch it and be the judge for yourself. I must say that after meeting Tahmineh Milani and feeling her energy up close; I have a new respect for her and her work. I look forward to many more of her expressions in the future! In these photos, the is wearing a read scarf. And Behrouz Vossoughi was among the audience >>> All photos here

Talieh Shahrokhi

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