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June 27, 2005

Armenian-Iranian Vladimir Bezrookove PhD is a cancer researcher at University of California San Francisco. Alongside scientific methods of research, Dr Bezrookove also seeks answers by application of the natural laws.

New approaches to understanding cancer treatment through the natural laws
An Interview with Dr Vladimir Bezrookove

"The problem with science," Vladimir began, "is that it concentrates primarily on physical aspects. The cells in our bodies contain so many intricate and dedicated mechanisms and fail-safe operations that theoretically it would seem impossible to get cancer - and yet we do. Science focuses mainly on the physical part of our body, and now scientists are beginning to dig deeper into the study of the cell and its nucleus, hoping to find clues about the causes of cancer in the very structure of DNA itself. At the genetic level there are many anomalies in cancerous cells, sometimes as small as a single change in the DNA sequence, sometimes as large as the complete disappearance of a portion of a gene or even a whole chromosome that can then distort the fail-safe mechanisms in a cell's life cycle." >>> Read

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