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August 2, 2006

Mitra Ghaffari winner of BVSSL swimming competition
During the 2006 Boulder Valley Summer Swimming League championships that were held on Saturday, July 30, Mitra Ghaffari won the high point title in 9-10 age group, with 3 first places in all her individual events, and broke two league records, including a 1995 record in 50 yard Breaststroke. The new record set by Mitra is 37.97 seconds which is one full second faster than the old record. Mitra also won the 50 yards Free with the time of 30.47 seconds, and the 100 IM, which she swam in 1:19.13. Mitra’s times in 50 Breast and 100 IM were faster than the 9-10 boys times, while her 50 Free time was only 0.03 seconds slower than the winner in boys group. Also several other half Iranians, Shirin (age 15), Nisa (15), and Bijan (13), all from the Sedaghat family, and Charlie Beckman (10) won high places in different age groups among hundreds of swimmers who competed for the top 16 who went to the finals in each event. You can find the results here. In water polo, Colorado produced its first half Iranian player, Bijan Ghaffari to the 1st cut of the 15 & Under Zone Team back in March 2006. Twenty players were selected from Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada for the zone team and Bijan was one of them. Manucher Ghaffari, parent of Bijan and Mitra coaches high school water polo in Boulder, Colorado, in addition to his IT work at the University of Colorado. Manucher who was on Iran’s National Swimming Team from 1973-1974 is going to Masters Swimming World Championship this month in Palo Alto, California and will be competing in the 50-54 age group. -- Manucher Ghaffarifar

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