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August 29, 2006

I would like to nominate Ms. Shireen Soltani for the Iranian of the Day award.  Ms. Soltani was born in Teheran, Iran in September 1979.  She attended elementary school both in Iran and in Alaska.  She is graduated from Oregon State University with a Masters (I forget in what) and is currently working on her Masters Teaching Certificate at the University of Alaska Southeast. Shireen founded the Center for the Advancement of Women (Karadj Villages) in 2004 >>> More

Due to the fact that she was born in Iran she has a very close relationship with many of the villages along Chaloos Road through her grandfather and father.  She has spent many years visiting as well as living in many of these places and has solidified a close relationship with these families and has a great understanding of and insight into their daily lives. 

As International Liaison and Grant Administrator she works tirelessly at obtaining grants and funding for the different projects for the villages.  Her dream is to improve the daily living conditions of the women in some 50 villages along Chaloos Road in hopes that they may become educated, in some cases be able to provide for their families and to receive adequate health care. 

All services provided by Ms. Soltani and her board of directors/volunteers is free of charge.  All donations are used 100% for the projects of the Center and no one receives any monetary compensation for their services.  Speaking fluent Farsi and English has enabled her to be a most effective liaison between the old and new worlds.

If there are any questions regarding Ms. Soltani, please contact the undersigned.  It is my greatest privilege to know this young lady and I hereby nominate her for this award.


(Ms) Jerry L. Jones

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