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October 26, 2006

105-year-old realizes dream of citizenship
Iranian-born Sona Babai was among 7,000 others who became U.S. citizens at ceremonies in Pomona. She joined family here six years ago
Los Angeles Times: Sona Babai counts good health, a loving mother-in-law and 10 children as the biggest blessings of a long and fruitful life [See front page photo]. But there was one more thing she wanted: American citizenship. So the native of Iran placed her hand over her heart, pledged allegiance to the flag and Wednesday became one of the nation's newest citizens to be sworn in. At 105 years old, she is also one of the oldest... America is a big umbrella that lets a lot of people underneath to be safe," Babai said in her native Azari language, which was translated by her son, Antoine Babai. "Because of the good hearts of American people, I want to be part of them." >>> Full text
Sent by Mohamad Navab

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