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October 3, 2006

M. Nicole Jamali, M.D., Organized Medical Staff Section delegate to California Medical Association's House of Delegates, has been appointed to the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) Board of Commissioners. Dr. Jamali, one of CMA’s most active and enthusiastic young physicians, was chosen for this position by AMA, one of JCAHO’s organizational members.

“[Dr. Jamali] is a physician committed to serving her patients with the best care possible; a physician willing to speak up and fight when she sees the potential for compromised care; a physician willing to get involved and participate in organized medicine,” wrote CMA-OMSS Chair John Hill, M.D., in CMA’s nomination letter. “I believe that, although young and perhaps without the lengthy resume of other candidates for this position, Nicole is a future physician leader and one who would well serve our AMA on the JCAHO Board.”

As the nation’s principal health care accreditation organization, JCAHO evaluates and accredits more than 15,000 hospitals and health care organizations to evaluate compliance with its quality and safety standards and other accreditation requirements.

Dr. Jamali will serve for three years on JCAHO’s 29-member Board of Commissioners, which includes physicians, nurses, consumers, medical directors, administrators, providers, quality experts, educators, and others.

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