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April 9, 2007

I would like to nominate Shari Vasseghi, Max Amini, Hossein Nosar, and my sister Vida Ghaffari as Iranians of the Day [Another photo]. At 10pm/9 central tonight, Sunday, April 8th, on "Mind of Mencia" on Comedy Central, DC metropolitan area natives Vida Ghaffari and Max Amini play an Iraqi husband and wife in a hilarious spoof of "Deal or No Deal" called "Deal or We Kill Your Whole Family." Fresno native Shari Vasseghi plays Amini's worrisome mother. Hossein Nosar plays an Iraqi guard. For more on Vida, please go to, for more on Max, go to, and for more on Shari, go to -- Ida Ghaffari

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