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July 17, 2007

*I would like to nominate my really good friend as Iranian of the year, heck Iranian of century. Her name is Shirin Keyghobadi*

*Shirin represents the very definition or extraordinary, going beyond what is usual, regular or customary in everything she does. She is an exceptional person.

*Shirin is dedicated to God, family, friends, her friends,friends of her friends and the community. Shirin makes frequent trips to Rasht to assist her mother and to check on her mentally disabled friend "Arusha'. She is active in her school and she sits on the Board of United Nation Services.(UNS)*

*Shirin is the Vice President of Client Services at Beheshti UV. Shirin is always willing to help resolve issues, discuss problems, make suggestions, and always offers a smile and hello (with no accent). She is willing to roll up her sleeves and dig in to any problem to find a resolution. She does what most would consider ``remedial'' jobs when faced with a challenge, without a second thought.*

*Shirin didn't give it a second thought and was one of the first was contacted by Mr. Joodi and heard "Manzele aghay joodie?" where,she returned immediately "Aghaaaaaaaaaa shire madaret dige inja zang nazan" it was established as the most important second of prank calling of all history. The legend has it, that she punched her professor in mouth because she looked at her "left left"*

*I think this sums up why I think Shirin is extraordinary. She always thinks of others, and is the best at lending an ear, offering advice, and just being a kind, compassionate person and a great friend. I feel truly blessed to know her and to be able to call her not only my friend, but above all,one of my best doost.*
-- Mehdi Rahimi


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