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June 27, 2007

I would like to nominate my very good friend/roommate Mr. Farhad Abrishamkar as the best Iranian of the year. There are several reasons for this claim, such as:

1. Mr Abrishamkar is an educated person in a high level of science. He has almost two masters in engineering and business and determined to get his new either master or PhD in some other fields.

2. Mr Abrishamkar is a great worker, . He could be a brilliant pattern for all Iranian, since he has been nominated several times for best employee of the year from different companies he worked.

3. Mr Abrishamkar is very handsome. Most Texas girls would die to spend even a minute with him. However, he has already been hidden and advised not to appear in public uncovered.

4. Mr Abrishamkar is so generous, humble, compassionate,...

It would take days maybe years to write about this wizard so I omit the rest and ask everyone who have come across and met him to join me and vote to this super man for the"Iranian of year"
-- Mehdi Rahimi


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