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June 11, 2007

"Big Brother" on UK's Channel 4: Shabnam lives at home with her mother, who she gets on with like a sister. She describes herself as "full of life, vivacious, nuts, passionate, inimitable and striking". She'd like to be reincarnated as "another enigma" like Michael Jackson or Johnny Depp. Shabnam's main ambition is to travel the world and enjoy life. Her philosophy is "to live each moment to the full, because the moment never comes again." An energetic chatterbox, make-up mad Shabnam feels she may get nominated for being messy and because her zest for life might grate. "Housemates that would annoy me would be the ones who don't listen to me," she says, "I should really be listened to because I talk a lot of sense." Shabnam lasted two days working in McDonald's and once had a job dressing up as Hello Kitty and Mr Men characters in a toy department.
-- Sent by Nick Faraday


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