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Four more years
An endorsement of George W. Bush

October 26, 2004

Like Mr. Bakhtavar [see: "President Bush? Yes!"], I, too, will vote for GW Bush.

Four years ago, I said I opposed him, but now I stand corrected. I will vote for him this year, however, I am doing it as an investment in the future rather than an affirmation of his presidency.

I think George Bush is the wildest and most damaging political whirlwind of my lifetime. He has single-handedly, and within only 4 years, invaded and set devastation to two foreign countries, caused the death of countless unarmed people, insulted and lied to most of the world and alienated his allies in the NATO - and so far he has no tangible results to show for it but a smirk.

Domestically, he has presided over an ever-sagging economy, a declining job base, rising unemployment, rising poverty and a booming debt balance. He has overturned or sabotaged environmental advancements, opposed scientific progress, used religion as a dividing tool, propagated xenophobia as the new American ethos and opposed every progressive legislation in Congress.

But I need him there as president for 4 more years. Why? Because it makes sense!

If he stays in power another four years, the damage and desolation caused by his administration will reach levels that are undeniable even to the average conservative American voter. With a re-election victory in 2004, Bush will certainly feel more of a religious mandate than he currently does and be more of a zealot than ever before. He will be emboldened to unleash more of his seat-of-the-pant, gun-slinging, policies onto the economic, military and social arenas.

Defense companies will be fatter, weapons will proliferate even more, America will be leveraged with more borrowed money, Iraq will fester and become the world's sorest open wound, fear will dictate the cultural values in America even more than it does today, and optimism, openness and generosity that once set the American society apart will cease to reveal themselves.

I look four years down the road, and all I see is G.W. Bush having staggered and crushed every positive outcome of the secular, democratic values that this country has established since WWII.

It is only then - when all will seem lost and unbearable - that the conservatives will lose and concede power to the progressive forces, and with a huge difference: We will not see another conservative administration for probably a decade or so after that.

The devastation set in motion by the Bush presidency is so all-encompassing that it will take years to undo, and the voters will not forgive the travesty of these eight years. For years on, people will point to 2000-2008 as the years that preceded the awakening.

So bear with Bush for 4 more years and even help him get re-elected. Sometimes one has to hit the bottom to see the light, and we still have not seen the bottom.

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