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Nine ghazals
New translation of Hafez poems
August 4, 2006

Satisfaction of human appetites
New translation of Hafez poems
August 4, 2006

The body who invaded my life
Part II
November 24, 2003

Politicizing linguistics
It is a mistake to confuse ethnicity with language
August 14, 2002

Kafka's cockroach
Short story
April 15, 2002

Head to toe
Poetry on Abu Sa'id
February 12, 2002

Did I die
September 18, 2001

Flesh & blood
About a short story
August 14, 2001

The man who would sleep with his angel
Short story
August 6, 2001

The clear mirror
Hafiz poems
January 10, 2001

The child of bazaar
Short story
September 14, 2000

The up-start woman
Short story
May 15, 2000

The wedding
Short story
January 18, 2000

Not so fast
Similarities in Christian-Persian traditions may not be what they seem
December 30, 1999

The dragon kite
Short story
November 20, 1999

The body who invaded my life
Short story
July 7, 1999


Reza Ordoubadian holds a Ph.D. degree in English and linguistics. He has held a professorship at Middle Tennessee State University and Visiting Professorship at Umea University (Sweden). He has published numerous pieces of fiction and poetry as well as scholarly articles and books on both sides of the ocean. He was the editor of SECOL Review for 18 years. Top

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