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We don't need old farts
We need young, charismatic and reckless leaders who can breathe fire into our hearts and strengthen our will


June 2, 2006

Old farts are everywhere, and they bring with them the ghosts of the past; Ghosts that are long dead and need to remain so. So long have we stood with our backs to the future, dragging with us the remnants of our past. Important as history may be, it need not necessarily be used as a yardstick to measure the future. For the morrow brings with it new and unexplored terrains worthy of a new look. So many of us perceive today's world through lenses crafted in the searing fires of the industrial world; One that still bore the pains of colonialism, of coups, of revolutions and counter-revolutions.

Iranians have much respect for the older generations. A trait that is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing because a sea of knowledge and experience is given the value it deserves, and a curse because those experiences of yesterday are not always looked upon with an objective eye, and so distort our visions of tomorrow. Better to be done with it all I say and set foot boldly into the light of future than to remain haunted by visions of the past. Better to forgive and forget and start with a clean slate than hold onto age old prejudices and remain bitter and defeated as our fathers. For the task that remains ahead of us is a colossal one that cannot bare a moment's distraction.

The abyss of the Islamic Republic is a knot that cannot be undone by intellectual wanderings and endless futile discussion. This knot must be done away with at once with a swift and clean strike. Much like the one dealt with by Alexander when he first set foot on the shores of Asia, all those millennia ago. For as the savage tyrant himself once said, 'it does not matter how the knot was undone, what matters is that it was undone'; And with that, I will attempt to bring the train wreck that is my thought stream to the problem of leadership our country faces today.

It is unfortunate that our enemies have so far been much better leaders of men than our allies in this epic battle of our time. For they know well that the way to lead men is through their hearts. A madman once said that 'the doom of a nation can be averted by a storm of flowing passion, but only those who are passionate themselves can arouse passion in others'. Adolph Hitler may not be the best source to quote from but that does not change the fact that he was right.

It is Ironic that we have so much to learn from the sly fox that is a Mullah. Were they not the ones that mobilized the youth for war with their slogans and songs who's melodies seemed to touch the heart and breathe fire into it? Are they not the ones that rally their supporters by exploiting their deepest beliefs and feelings? But we are somewhat unfortunate because far too littered is our battlefield with old farts and their outworn ideas. "Leaders" that do not know how to arouse people's sense of patriotism and put a fire in their belly. And even more unfortunate, the few charismatic young leaders in stock seem too weak of both body and mind to be fit leaders of our youth.

The Islamic republic is mentally and morally bankrupt, and so any attempt to tackle this issue intellectually is to step into the cesspool that is Islamic Rule. All that remains of this system is a structure based on sheer tyranny. It's weapon is brute force, and it's answer is hot steal. For this we require young, charismatic and reckless leaders who can breathe fire into our hearts and strengthen our will. Those prepared to rally the masses and give their lives to a cause they believe is bigger than themselves. Leaders strong enough to bear the human cost of this battle and know full well that our cause is righteous. Leaders who will become the gardeners of our nation, pruning the diseased and yellowing leaves from the tree of our motherland. Should such men arise I for one will stand firm by their side. Baring the emotional scars inflicted by the enemy I am now ready for the physical ones. For I will fight savage and hard. And I will show no mercy…


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