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Making a difference
>>> Photo essay: Dr. Kamiar Alaei and his team's revolutionary effort in Iran to try to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS


Talieh Shahrokhi
January 31, 2007

Have you dreamed of going to Iran and actually making a difference? I mean we all try to go in the summers and visit our families, visit all the historical sties, and eat lots of delicious homemade food; but haven't you wondered what it would be like to actually be a part of the society there and observe things up close? ... Well here is your chance... Read on!

A couple of weeks ago I met a very remarkable young doctor here in San Francisco Bay Area. His name is Dr. Kamiar Alaei. He and his team have done some great revolutionary things in Iran to try to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. I have here a photo essay I did of his lectures of which I attended. My notes are directly on the photos >>>

Now, here is the program you need to apply to if you want to go to Iran and do research over the summer:

REACH (Research, Education, Action, and Communication in Health) is an international exchange of students involved in education and research that promotes the strengthening of healthcare systems in the Middle East. Moreover, REACH is intended to facilitate conducting projects in Iran for North American students.

Application Process:
Submit a 500-1500 word essay describing a project that you want to conduct in Iran by Friday February 9th. Please include your name, school, major, and year in your essay.

List of project ideas:
HIV/AIDS, Harm reduction, TB, TB/HIV, Lung Diseases, Tobacco Control, Heart Disease, ENT, Breast Cancer, Hem/Onc, Surgery, Bench Work - Lab Research, Medical Anthropology, Gender and Sexuality in Society, Sociology of Health, Emergency Med, Air Pollution, Environmental Health, Health Policy... If you need help finding a project, do not hesitate to contact REACH!

Once you apply, they will contact you by February 16 to notify you of the result of the primary review phase.

Please visit for more information! Note: the website is not up to date but it provides a decent overview.

Please feel free to contact REACH Network if you have any further questions

More interesting sites to visit:

* To see, hear, and read one of Dr. Alaei's presentations, you can visit here.
* Details of the grant from the Global Fund here
* About the Film "Mohammad and the Matchmaker" 2004.
* To learn more about the HIV programs in Iran, please visit:

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