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Survival of the fittest
Israel and the IRI are strong. Palestinians and Iranian opposition are weak

April 1, 2004

I'm a firm believer in the laws of nature. I believe that nature has a master plan. I believe that nature has ways of purifying, controlling, cleansing, healing, and correcting itself. I believe that nature knows what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  I believe that nature knows best.

The whole premise of nature is based on a simple rule: survival of the fittest and demise of the weak. Since nature knows the limitations of its environment, it makes wise decisions as to whom to keep and whom to dispose.

Nature does not discriminate, accept paarti baazi, or let little things slid by. Nature hates weakness. This might not sit well with many latté drinking, politically correct, easily disheartened, pencil-necks out there who defend the misplaced from the comfort of their living rooms.

Nature doesn't like burdens. Weak is liability. Weak slows down the process of evolution and deteriorates the gene pool.  Evolution is the key to survival. Nature rewards the fit and punishes the frail. Nature creates opportunities for the strong and creates misfortunes for the weak. The law applies to all aspects of our lives.

Picture a herd of buffalos: the strong move on and weak stay behind. The strong mate and create strong calves which in effect keep the herd healthy and moving. The weak stay behind and serve as food supply to strong scavengers and hunters.

Israel is strong. She is strong not because Israelis bench press 300 lbs. She is strong because she has been able to pull together its financial and human resources. Israelis are hard working, smart, rich, rough, cut-throat, united, and they don't hesitate for a second to blowup your house and take your land. That's strength.

Palestinians on the other hand are weak. They are poor, divided, superstitious, brain drained, driven by emotions, and lack focus. They spend too much time beating the drums of self-pity and sorrow. That's weak.

We all agree what has happened to Palestinians is the tragedy of the modern day history. But nature doesn't care about that. Nature does not care who is right and who is wrong. Nature has its eye on the big picture. Nature does not care about that stunningly beautiful African deer being chased by an assembly of hungry lions. Lions are united and skilled and that's the key to survival.

The Shah of Iran was weak. He often fled his domain and left the faithful behind. He never faced his enemies. He didn't lead in the front. He was a runner. He feared the future and its consequences. He avoided conflict. That made him weak and his enemies strong. He was timid and nature took care of him.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is strong. It has abundant supply of cash (Bonyade Mostazafin) and an army of motivated thugs who give 100% for monitory rewards and governmental positions. The IRI has organized well--it is focused and ruthless. The IRI has no problem killing and destroying its enemies. The IRIR has no respect for its own reputation or image in human society. It seeks and destroys to live another day. That's strength. Nature rewards that.

Iranian opposition groups on the other hand are weak. They are self-promoting and seek comfort. They fear conflict and can't stand the site of each other. They are divided and selfish. They are too attached to their worldly possessions and suspicious of each other. They are too involved with their own future. That's fragile and nature has no patience for that.

The beauty of nature is its open mindedness on whom to reward and whom to punish. Nature has no personal interest in who comes on top. The strong-willed weak who manage to pull their resources together, increase their numbers, find supplies of cash and inspiration will become strong and nature notices that. The weak that's willing to fight like lions and sacrifice like lambs will get the nature's attention. Nature is fascinated by those who give it all to take even a little.

Well, I have to go now; nature is calling.

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By Siamack Baniameri




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