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To kill a sand nigger

May 8, 2006

One day,
I decided,
To kill,
A sand nigger.

Then a chink,
A wetback,
A coon ass,
A dago,
A bastard,
A moron,
A spic,
A hillbilly,
A hayseed,
A holy roller,
A fat ass,
A white trash honky,
A pollock,
A gook,
A whore,
A fag,
A bitch,
A jew boy,
A jap,
A jungle bunny,
A rag head,
A queer,
A commie,
A cripple,
A negra,
A nurd,
A lunatic,
A kraut,
A kike,
A grease bag,
A porch monkey,
A red man,
A tunnel rat,
A dyke,
A yard ape,
And a camel jockey.

It was then,
I decided,
To kill Jesus.

November 27, 2005

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Doug Soderstrom

Doug Soderstrom


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