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Problem of war
A letter to my son
July 11, 2007

Behind the mask of evil
Try to understand, try to put themselves into the shoes of the killer
April 25, 2007

Losing faith
Untying the gordian knot of the Christianity
August 7, 2006

Our children need to be told the truth
To the young people of America
June 21, 2006

To kill a sand nigger
One day I decided to kill
May 8, 2006

Most evil
Christian fundamentalists seem to exemplify such folks at the apogee of evil
April 16, 2006

Love of war
Some thoughts about Jesus, the church, my country, and the war
March 24, 2006

To future soldiers
The courage to say yes to humanity and no to the draft, by having the guts to make a determined stand against the God awful madness of war
January 13, 2006

The mindless American
A tragedy in the making
October 18, 2005

Our god’s plan
The Lord has informed me that He wants America to prepare, to make safe, the way for freedom and democracy in the world
June 7, 2005

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To Doug Soderstrom

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