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Doesn't work both ways
One can only conclude that these stupid men obviously have someone to pair up with

April 5, 2004

Ooooohh! I just want to say for the record, that I'm almost writing this against my free will. It's a sad compulsion to say something to a rhetorical question because you just can't let it go. Those who know me, know I can't let things go. 

I was looking at Moe's Power Point about Mitra's piece and figured, I had to read the original to know what all the brouhaha was about. [Guys are stupid] Who knew the satire was better than the real thing? Just for the record, regardless of my personal choices I don't care if people are celibate or the human equivalents of rabbits in heat. That indifference doesn't mean I don't occasionally judge people for what they bring on themselves. 

Ms. Mitra, I'm not going to comment on your English or your writing. I will comment on the fact that for someone who thinks other people lack class for the way they speak and behave, you leave a lot to be desired as far as your skills go. If you have to use profanities to describe bad events, and have to punctuate the "good" things with profanities too, it shows that's how you express yourself.

I don't know an awful lot of people who need to fill their speech with profanities to get their point across. This is the equivalent of the use of words like "dude", "you know what I mean" and "like" when you really have nothing else to say. Drop the filler, get to the point.   

Second, as someone who was labeled a "feminist" before I knew what the word meant, I have to tell you, feminism isn't about sleeping around (or fucking) anything that walks by you. Feminism was and is about empowering women to have equal rights in society. For example, in the US, rights such as voting, owning property, getting an education, getting equal pay for equal work-- that kind of thing -- were the goals of feminists. Sexual liberation came as a part of that.

No, women shouldn't be labeled for having sex and rejected for it (especially since heterosexual men need their participation), but I don't really consider sexual activity as a badge of honor either. It's relatively straightforward and common. If you have to talk about sex that much in light of the millions of other things (Iranian) women need to overcome, perhaps you don't really know what feminism is and are trying to brag about something that most people don't want to know about. You had sex? Congratulations! You enjoy sex? Good for you! I don't care.

Far be it from me to defend Iranian men, or men of any stripe for that matter. But today, I'll make another exception and take a stab at it. If you spend a month dating a guy and having sex with him before you're disgusted by his multi-faceted stupidity, that says more about you than him. Either you want a relationship with someone (which generally takes a few months to establish before you jump in the sack with him) or you want no strings attached sex, which leaves little room for intellectual criticism. It doesn't work both ways.

Considering how some (Iranian) women act -- the nosiness, the materialism, the cattiness, the por rooyee, the list can go on -- one can only conclude that these stupid men obviously have someone to pair up with. That is as it should be. Otherwise, the well-adjusted, intellectual types would put these inferior creatures in the zoo and gawk at them until their race dwindled to nothing. Now, tell me, how sad would that be? While I'm on this topic, I also recommend you find some new friends. With friends like that setting you up, who needs enemies?

In conclusion, I wish you luck--lots and lots of luck. I hope you first figure out what it is you want in life and then find it as soon as possible. You're right, everyone deserves to experience Life while they're around. Just please don't share the dirty details with people who can't help you.

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