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Spring in Beijing
Photo essay


Kourosh Salehi
April 20, 2006

I spent last week with work in Beijing. The cold weather was well compensated by the warmth of Chinese hospitality and food. The sight of white Magnolias was a reminder of early spring. China, a rapidly evolving country is hardly out of news these days, mainly due to the speed of its economic growth. Many commentators have touched on the environmental concerns facing this energy hungry nation. I as an architect however was also alarmed with the systematic destruction of the Chinese historical heritage. In Beijing one of the oldest cities in the world, over ninety percent of the historical fabric has been eradicated (according to their own statistics). What little that has been conserved bears witness to a magnificently rich and complex ancient past. The Chinese resourcefulness will in time address some of the more urgent environmental issues. Cultural heritage may prove harder to replace.

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