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New Orleans saints
Photo essay: Joining Katrina relief efforts in New Orleans


Najmeh Modarres
April 14, 2006

These are pictures of my daughter Najmeh Modarres and her Rutgers classmates who spent their Spring Break volunteering with an organization by the name of Common Ground Relief. They drove for 24 hours from New Jersey by themselves! They spent their week gutting homes and doing outreach in the Lower Ninth Ward. They spent their nights in sleeping bags with other Common Ground volunteers in an abandoned middle school (that housed 200 Katrina victims during the storm) by the name of St Marys. This building ran on a generator and had no running water! According to my daughter this building was only 5 minutes away from the French Quater area, where everything worked as if nothing had happened! These pictures speak for themselves. Keep in mind this is six months after the storm. It was an eye opener for her as well as for me. -- Homa Modarres

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