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April 2006
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dear mr. president

* Cyrus the Great Persian
* Fantastic job market for Farsi-speakers


* Mission impossible
Little Bird
* Ahmadinejad's Iran
* Velgardaane Saahel
* Oghaabe Talaie
* Az Esfahan taa Estanbol
* Gooz jamaa'at
* U.S. bans dual use technology
* Scent of a president
* Iran goes nuclear, world celebrates
* Holiday Inn nuclear expert
* One-legged chicken?
* Sharing nuclear technology

Davidam o davidam

zan, football, stadium
Enameh: Zanaane montazer va sargardaan

Washington Post: Towering Dream of Dubai

security council
AP: Poised for Iran Replay

NY Times: The Epic of Iran
-- Reza Aslan

where iran stands
PBS: Interview with Javad Zarif, Iranian ambassador to the UN

Babak & Friends Nominated for Persian Golden Lioness Awards

marde saal
Man of the year

iranians of the day
* Soraya Ghahremani Ghajar: Happy birthday
* Arian Khajehamid: Frankfurt
* Sareh Khajehnouri: Beautiful and artist
* Babak Rahimi: Iranian and Islamic Studies

CS Monitor: Why White House woos Azerbaijan

deadly twist
NY Times: Iran Strategy: Cold War Echo

gher bedeh
Babak Jahanbakhsh
* Namehrabooni
* Hozoor

Guardian: There can be a nuclear bargain

BBC: Iran nuclear plan 'irreversible'
Reuters: EU and US strike different tones on Iran
Reuters: Russia tells Iran to suspend enriching uranium

keeping quiet
Reuters: US-Iranian talks in Iraqi Kurdistan denied

you don't want to win
Game: Tha Maze

p whipped
Zan Zalil anthem :o)

Enfejar: "Khodet Migofti"

perfect timing
BBC: US says Iran top terror sponsor

perfect timing, part 2
BBC: Ex-Abu Ghraib U.S. officer charged over abuse of Iraqi detainees

shrewder than anyone realized
Financial Times: Ahmadinejad, man of the people ready to take on ayatollahs

Boston Globe: Bush's misbegotten Iran plan
-- Sarah Chayes and Amir Soltani Sheikholeslami

football music
* Arash & DJ Alligator: World Cup anthem
* Farzin: "Gerye Nakon Perspolis" :o)

do not take lightly
Washington Post: Nuclear Agency Says Iran Defying U.N.
AP: West vows to introduce Iran resolution
AFP: Chinese envoy opposes resorting to Chapter 7 resolution on Iran

people in iran
Current TV: Iranian vote
-- Kouross Esmaeli & Yasmin Vossoughian

BBC: US war costs 'could hit $811bn'

khoda rahm koneh
Guardian: Iran hangs tough as it fails to meet nuclear deadline
BBC: UN nuclear body to report on Iran
Reuters: Atom watchdog report likely to find Iran defying UN

keif al hal
NY Times: First feature film from Saudi Arabia, a country with not a single legal movie theater

On the hanger

iranian of the day
Kaveh Zahedi: "I Am a Sex Addict" (8 pix)
-- Jahanshah Javid

faale ghahveh
Video: Like it's nuclear science or something
-- Javaneh Javid

slow news day
Concert: Sima Bina in San Francisco

hoo! hoo! hoo!
Video: Dance, monkey, dance

kaah >>> kooh
CS Monitor: Israel raises profile in Iran nuclear fray
Reuters: Iran has missiles that put Europe in range: Israel intelligence report

khaarej az dastoor
Radio Farda: Mehrvarzi beh bandegaane khodaa
-- Siavash Ardalan

nice tune
New band, "Enfejar": "Vaghti nisti kenaaram"

Znet: Test Blast In Nevada A Nuclear Rehearsal

Asia Times: Iran: Let the democratic process work
-- Hamid Dabashi

security council
BBC: Appeals for calm over Iran crisis
Reuters: China unbending on Iran, but unlikely to block at UN

filmemoon kardan
Sunday Mail: Iran bars single women from sporting events

BBC: Iran: Life in the diaspora

killing field
BBC: Sister of new Iraqi vice-president killed two weeks after his brother was killed

dead line
CS Monitor: A defiant Iran banks on divisions at UN

Artistic inspiration

* Iran-U.S. ties: Yesterday & today
* Iranian unity government for Bush
* Guantanamo Bay prison: Bush
* Iran has not invaded any country (except...)
* Bad hejab crack down
* Ahmadinejad's stink will wake him up
* Ahmadinejad: B.O.

* Why cycling shorts should always be black
* Video: How men listen to women on phone
* Video: Coming soon to your favorite European city
* Video: Copy machine... woaaah!

historical statistics
Washington Post: America described in numbers

no joke
NY Times: Bush Picks Fox Commentator as Spokesman

tough talk
Washington Post: Iran Threatens U.S. Interests
BBC: Iran leader issues warning to US

Summer residence

angry? tough shit
BBC: Iran clergy angry over women football fans

CS Monitor: Kurds angle for independence

deep trouble
Washington Post: Carl Rove to Testify for 5th Time in CIA Leak Case

are americans ashamed?
Human Righst Watch U.S.: More Than 600 Implicated in Detainee Abuse

far from monolithic
BBC: Views on the growing nuclear crisis are far from monolithic
-- Sadeq Saba

tug of war
Asia Times: Iran, US in tug of war over Middle East
-- Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

khodemoon toosh moondeem
BBC: Khamenei says Iran is ready to share its nuclear technology with other nations

AFP: US envoy says Iran nuclear comments 'irresponsible'
AFP: Israel launches satellite to spy on Iran

seeing wolf
Guardian: The problem is: Iran does pose a threat in every way Iraq did not

here & there
* Doogh, Kebab and mobile camera! (14 pix)
-- Mehrdad Aref-Adib
* Iranian Scholarship Foundartion gala (14 pix)
-- Pantea & Hamid Karimi

Peiknet: Iran holds world record in road accident deaths

BBC: Iran threatens to end UN contacts

Looks like a mushroom cloud

Little Bird

* Iran vs. USA
* Kinder, gentler Islam
* Germany offers new options
* Military parade
* Ahmadinejad never hurt an ant
* Juliette Binoche in Iran (1)
* Juliette Binoche in Iran (2)

no... biggest mouth
Guardian: Iran biggest threat since Nazis, says Israel as Ahmadinejad provokes new outrage

honar kardee
Guardian: Ahmadinejad lifts ban on women watching football in Iran

Washington Post: Fired CIA Officer Denies Leak Role

after bin laden's message
BBC: Blasts rock Egyptian resort town; at least 22 killed

* Have you lost a washing machine?
* Because you stink
* Video: Distraction at work
* Video: Easter tragedy at White House
* Video: Hard landing, China Airlines
* Video: Wetback Mountain

emam zaman will protect us
Reuters: Iran says UN sanctions over nuclear row unlikely

nothing to talk about
BBC: Iran rules out Iraq talks with US

kabab & vodka
Banu bar in Toronto
Guardian: It came from the east

CS Monitor: Western pressure irks average Iranian

Tastes like home
the third bush war

Washington Post: As his term winds down, George Bush might start a war with Iran
-- Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

torture? again?
Washington Post: Inspectors in Iraq Find More Signs of Torture

patient diplomacy
Guardian: Western sabre-rattling won't keep Iran nuclear-free

inevitable confrontation
BBC: Iran nuclear work 'irreversible'

been there, done that
LA Times: Talk of a U.S. strike on Iran is eerily reminiscent of the run-up to the Iraq war
-- Zbigniew Brzezinski

film review
New Yorker: Kaveh Zahedi's "I Am a Sex Addict"

good luck
Washington Post: U.S. Outlines New Plans For Fighting Terrorism
CS Monitor: US to report huge rise in terror attacks

bad guys
Washington Post: World of tyrants, dictators and despots

kaftar baazi ham raft online
"Varzeshe Kabootar Paraani"


* Bush & Ahmadinejad: Make love, not war
* Haghe mosallam: nukes & more
* al-Sheikh Ahmadinejad
* All the nations who support Iran
* Reza Pahlavi & Prince Charles
* Prince Charles: Four wives
* Benefits of converting to Islam
* Silly walk: Ghorboon sadaghe
* Oil income enriches mollas
* Speeding towards civilization
* U.S. Homeland Security (and harassment)
* Peaceful nuclear program
* Khar Ahmadinjad
* Maymoon: Ahmadinejad
* Plundering more than the Shah

dear mr. president

Ferdosi in Europe

nuke deal?
BBC: Iran 'has Russia enrichment deal'
Reuters: Iran says has "basic" enrichment deal with Russia

jasmine and roses
LA Times: Senses and memories come alive in a Persian garden. But is it possible to recapture that experience in Los Angeles?

Little Bird

* Evolution of women in Iran

CS Monitor: Guerrilla video gives power to the people

denmark, again
CS Monitor: Now it's under fire for hosting Kurd TV station

Nisheto beband sheytoon!

they're laughing in tehran
Reuters: Russia must freeze arms deals with Iran: US
AFP: Russia-US split on Iran deepens

from russia with love
BBC: Russia has ruled out sanctions against Iran unless there is proof that its nuclear programme is not peaceful

Asia Times: The Gordian Knot of the nuclear crisis
-- Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

"suri" no persian rose
NY Daily News: Hey, Tom, nice job on name

ambitions denied
Washington Post: As Iran Presses Its Ambitions, Its Young See Theirs Denied

not good
AFP: Senior UN nuclear inspector puts off trip to Iran


* Music: Quran rap
* Video: How much is your life worth?
* Video: Latest video phone
* Video: Shalom (wassup!)

where do iranians stand?
Enameh: Mellate noorani!

no need to panic
AFP: Iran still years away from having nukes: US intelligence chief

big profits
NY Times: Google's First Quarter Profit Surges 60 Percent

Bay Area Iranian-American Democrats: Rally to Protest Nuking Iran

axis against the west?
CS Monitor: Iran forging ties with those that share hostility toward US, Israel

hassan rowhani
AFP: Iran's former nuclear chief hits out at hardliners

$10 billion per month
Washington Post: U.S. war costs balloon with spending for new guns, tanks

among the worst
BBC: Amnesty International says Iran executed 94 people in 2005

Guardian: The tragedy that followed Hillary Clinton's bombing of Iran in 2009s

Guardian: Iran's enemy lies within

Guardian: Police in Tehran ordered to arrest women in 'un-Islamic' dress

BBC: US warns Russia over aid to Iran

iranians of the day
* Behrokh Khoshnevis: Construction technology
* Tiny: My ten-week old baby
* Niv Vazirifard: 1 saaleh shod! (3 pix)
* Darius Rahmanian: First generation (5 pix)
* Carla Golian: Actress/producer
* Parisa DeFaie: Actress
* Suri Cruise: Tom & Katie's baby girl

* Video: Tom & Jerry do Bandari
* Video: Sleepy North Korean
* Video: Football stars in Germany
* Video: Benz: Husband, wife, mistress

Norooz in Dallas (7 pix)
-- Ben Bagheri

latest sms on iranian phones
Parody on "energy hasteh-ie hagh-e mossalam-e maast":
2 taa zan hagh-e mossalam-e maast - vali behemoon nemidan!
-- P.A.

AP: U.S.: More Countries Back Iran Sanctions
AFP: Time for world to send 'clear and united message' to Iran: Blair
AFP: US demands end to Russia-Iran nuclear cooperation

bah bah
AP: Iran President Says Oil Below Real Value
BBC: Oil price lingers near record $71

Journalist Camelia Entekhabi Fard

baarikalaa blair
CS Monitor: Report: Blair will not back strike on Iran

AP: Russia: Iran must halt uranium enrichment
AFP: Iran fails to split international community, Straw says

BBC: Bush keeps Iran military option

nuclear bunker buster
Animation: Union of Concerned Scientists on impact of possible attack on Iran

Enameh: Iranian judiciary orders Internet providers to disable search for "woman" because results are "filthy"

It's the oil, stupid

Map: American Ethnic Geography

i want to throw up
CS Monitor: Egypt's grand mufti issues fatwa: sculpture is forbidden by Islam

khol mashang
BBC: Tom Cruise plans to eat the placenta of his new baby

baghdad talks
Guardian: US refuses to discuss Iran's nuclear plans

imagine war
SF Chronicle: Think imaginatively about Iran
-- Mark Helprin

AP: Russia Seeks Diplomatic Solution on Iran
Reuters: Oil hits record $72 on Iran fears

NY Times: Ruined Treasures in Babylon Await an Iraq Without Fighting

iranians of the day
* Ahmadinejad: Shoes & socks
* Mohsen Mohsenin: Pionoeer skier
* Roshan Khadivi: Sudan (2 pix)
* Vahid Vatannia: Happy birthday Baba
* Shirin: Persian cuisine

* Video: Let's bomb Iran
* Invasion: Best of British hospitality
* Video: Diving olympics
* Persian Gulf Forever baby!
* Homeland security


* Uranium Opera: Three tenors join five sporanos

party's over
AP: Iran to replace about 60 ambassadors

news & more


* Enriched Behbahan Yogurt
* WTF?! Marching for mullahs
* You sexy divine president
* Ahmadinejad warns Aghazadeh
* Hit by mooshak

Reuters: Iran to continue enriching uranium: Rafsanjani
AP: Iran Claims It's Testing a New Centrifuge

we're all gonaa die
CafePress: Remind your friends and family of the imminent arrival of World War Three with stylish clothing inspired by Ahmadinejad

pglo.org: On Shirin Ebadi's comments about Iranian homosexuals

world cup anthem
Music: Football Iran
-- Mehrdad, Mehrzad & Daniel Javid in Stockholm

no nukes
14-Day Citizens' Campaign

AP: Iran sdvances could speed nuclear process
AFP: Iran's nuclear program more advanced than thought: report

BBC: Iran brushes off uranium worries
AP: Rafsanjani scoffs at talk of U.S. attack

missing link
Newsweek: The Last Word: Javad Zarif

Guardian: Leaders call for calm over Iran's nuclear ambitions
BBC: US Senators urge nuclear talks with Iran


NY Times: Bombs That Would Backfire


Hit by mooshak

keeseh khalifeh
BBC: Iran pledges $50m Palestinian aid

BBC: Pope calls for end to Iran crisis

drumbeat of war
Guardian: So how close is a showdown over Iran?
Guardian: Drumbeat of war is drowning out wiser counsels

jang baazi
Radio Farda: Razmaayeshe payaambare azam
-- Siavash Ardalan

war protesters
CS Monitor: Some 10,000 Americans refusing to pay taxes

khabare khosh
Enameh: Uranium ghani meekonim!

NY Times: Exxon CEO made $144,573 a day

spitting match
BBC: Israel condemns Iranian threats
AP: Ahmadinejad Again Lashes Out at Israel

Guardian: Britain took part in mock Iran invasion


* Nuclear victory
* ElBaradei married to Iranian
* Dome Khoroos: ElBaradei
* Have some yellow cake
* Rafsanjani's wealth
* Binoche thanks Kiarostami

tunes with toes
Video: Tony Melendez guitar player... without hands

war wary
CS Monitor: Iraq war pessimism colors American attitudes about confronting Tehran

no plan B
Guardian: Could the US ever learn to live with Iran in the nuclear club?

and iran will end up like iraq
Reuters: Peres says Ahmadinejad to end up like Saddam
AFP: Palestinian militant leaders rally behind Iran

ya hoo
BBC: Sufis in Iran claim the popularity of Islamic mysticism is growing

FT: National hero
-- Peyvand Khorsandi

keeseh khalifeh
BBC: Khamenei calls on Muslim world to aid Palestinians as Western funding dries up

mamlekato beh baad meedeh
AP: Ahmadinejad: Israel Will Be Annihilated

more than rhetoric
CS Monitor: Behind Bush's tough stance against Iran

without a trace
Video: August 1980, nine members of the Bahai faith's governing body in Iran were abducted and never heard from again

mr. president
Guardian: Heard the one about Ahmadinejad

more warnings
BBC: US in warning to 'defiant' Iran

Guardian: Iran escapes UN ban on caviar exports

dear god
The Onion: Critics Blast Bush For Not Praying Hard Enough

no compromise in sight
AP: Iran Rebuffs Request to Suspend Enrichment
Reuters: Rice says U.N. must adopt tough Iran resolution


Video: A thoughtful discussion of Iran's nuclear program with Joseph Cirincione & Gary Sick

sweety of the day
Layla Ardalan: Beautiful baby

NY Times: U.N. Official Reaches No Clear Outcome in Iran Talks
BBC: Talks fail to halt Iran program

year of pasargad
Video: Esmail Nooriala and Shokooh Mirzadegi on preserving archaeological sites


* Nuclear technology in, Iran out
* Lost in translation: ElBaradei meets Rafsanjani

* Uranium Ballet in Mashhad
* Baghdad Spaghetti Western
* Zanbar: Transportation for women only
* Canada's annual seal slaughter
* Iran to expand uranium enrichment

nuclear poll
Iran joins "Nuclear Club": Historic or reckless?

merci mahdavikia :o)
Guardian: Mehdi Mahdavikia has two wives

father & son
Podcast: Aref-Adib.com

BBC: ElBaradei puts pressure on Iran
AP: Iran Says It's Moving to Expand Enrichment

take a break
Song: Qoranic Atal Matal Tootooleh

badbakht emam reza
IRNA: First "yellow cake" enrichment product donated to Emam Reza museum

nuclear petition
MoveOn.Org: Bush and Congress should rule out attacking Iran with nuclear weapons

much ado about nothing
Novosti: Iran's nuclear announcement is pure PR move - Russian expert

female nobel laureates for peace
Shirin Ebadi: Feminist Majority Foundation gala in Los Angeles

french connection
Shargh: Interview with Juliette Binoche in Tehran

beh mordehaa ham rahm nemikonan
BBC Persian: Ahmad Shamlou's grave vandalized

Mr. Football

words vs war
NY Times: At the White House, Engaging Iran With Words Over Action
CS Monitor: Calculus of a military strike against Iran

Reuters: Rice: Time for "strong steps" over Iran
BBC: Iran urged to stop nuclear work
BBC: Iran 'years from nuclear bomb'

* Tehran's triumphalism plays into hands of US hawks
* Iran declares: we are in the nuclear club
* If ever there was a nation not to drive to extremes, it is Iran

Say cheese
Video: Posing for a photo at Alborz restaurant

BBC Persian: Women-only vans for Tehran women

high noon
BBC: US condemns Iran nuclear advance
AP: Iran Insists Enrichment Goal Is Peaceful
BBC: Iran raises stakes in nuclear row

Bare words


* Tange Hormoz
* Poor car owner
* Ahmadinejad without breaks
* Zalil beshi

remember the wmds?
Washington Post: Bush Pushed Notion of Banned Iraqi Weapons Despite Evidence to Contrary

vocal youth
BBC Persian: Iranian youth to meet UN rights chief in New York

NY Times: Iran Marks Step in Nuclear Development
Washington Post: Iran President Confirms Nuclear Technology

NIAC: Informing, empowering and mobilizing Iranian-Americans

* Goh AND Kheng
* Know your pestaan
* Video: Amazing juggler

good people

germans demoted
IranNews: If Germans were human beings a woman would not have become their leader, Iranian MP says

the world couldn't be more thrilled
BBC: Iran declares uranium enrichment advance


* Naval maneuvers
* Jaws: Work for Iran

option to obliterate
CS Monitor: Striking Iran is an option, not inevitable

iranians of the day
* Pezeshk & son: Iranian spirit
* Robert: Sheriff
* Alexandra Ahmadi: Future model
* Saman: Drumer in Vancouver
* Ronnie Irani: Zoroastrian Cricketer

Spreading the word

italia italia
BBC: Prodi hails Italy poll 'victory'

BBC: Oil tops $69 amid Iran tensions

that is the question
CS Monitor: Is US considering using nukes against Iran?

tv online
BBC: Disney puts top TV shows online for free

eu sanctions
Guardian: Europe proposes limited sanctions to halt Tehran's nuclear ambitions

final ride
Shargh: Shahre Baazi amusement park "closed forever"

save persian gulf... for only $11.99

ban turban cloth
Reuters: EU reviews possible Iran sanctions

conspiracy theory
Aljazeera: Another 9/11 to legitimize attack on Iran?

directory of the dead
Search: Beheshte Zahra cemetery


* Potential Hitler
* U.S. Iran policy
* Military might
* First Iranian Western

take a break
* Video: Mooooooooosh!
* Victoria's Secret

wild liar
AP: Bush calls talk of attacking Iran 'wild speculation'

being cyrus
Film: Comedy portrays contemporary Parsis in India

attack on iran
BBC: US 'bunker-buster' attack on Iran remains improbable

BBC: Tehran accuses US of mind games

extreme makeover
Washington Post: 'The Persians' as Antiwar Allegory

dropping nukes
Guardian: not be the best way to 'save' Iran
BBC: Iran 'nuclear option' criticised

the price of making fun of that miserable maniac khomeini
BBC Persian: Newspaper shut down, publisher sentenced to nearly two years in prison

goodbye iraq
NY Times: U.S. Study Paints Somber Portrait of Iraqi Discord

Washington Post: U.S. Studies Military Strike Options on Iran
BBC: UK dismisses talk of Iran attack
AP: Iran says US military strike talk 'psychological warfare'
Video: U.S. Congressman Ron Paul's speech on Iran

zabooneto gaaz begeer
CS Monitor: Did Bush misuse presidential powers?

Asia Times: Mission impossible? True US-Iran dialogue
-- Kaveh L Afrasiabi

ass tagh for ellah
Guardian: Hamas to end suicide bombings

and proud of it
Guardian: Shia assassins 'worst threat in Iraq'

New Yorker: Bush's Iran plans
AFP: US considers use of nuclear weapons against Iran

This was his car

must see
Video: U.S. Congressman Ron Paul's speech on Iran

Iraniantruth.com: Panel in San Francisco with Trita Parsi, Shlomo Brom, Ross Mirkarimi

Bahaal.com: Darsi az parvaaneh

rebirth of rostam
* Video: Saied Ghahari's 3D animation film based on Shahnameh
* Dreamor.com

AP: US-Iran talks over Iraq put on hold

david hirst
Guardian: If one side in a conflict goes nuclear, the other is bound to follow suit

pool bee pool
BBC: US and EU suspend aid to Palestinians

Good cook

CHN: 2000-year-old Achaemnid ruins dug up in Talgeh Bolaghi

BBC: Mohamed ElBaradei to visit Iran next week

bloody hell
AFP: Iran will defend nuclear program to 'last drop of blood'

Shargh: French star Juliette Binoche in Tehran with Abbas Kiarostami

* Video: Lama love
* Video: Iranian Iron Sheikh
* Best sabzeh 13 Bedar
* Audio: Mental Health Hotline
* Deep sleep

so ancient history
Video: Cyrus the Great

bokosh bokosh
BBC: Attack on Baghdad Shia mosque 'kills 51'

BBC: What Iran could gain from US talks

rudolph the president
NY Times: Former New York mayor charts path to 2008 presidential elections

NY Times: U.S. won't seek a seat on the U.N. rights council

copy right
Washington Post: UK Judge Rejects 'Da Vinci' Case


* Iran's flying war boat
* Iran's super glow missile

a lot less than a million
Mardom TV: How many Iranians in U.S.?

another populist
CS Monitor: Peru looks set to elect region's next populist

america today
Video: "Boston Legal" clip on erosion of freedoms and... just watch

Reuters : US: Iran may face sanctions after two UN warnings

Washington Post: Debating the Iranian 'Trendmill'

nuclear quarrel
NY Times : We in Iran don't need this quarrel
-- Javad Zarif

Enameh: Iran, U.S... areh, nah!

NY Times : 'Gospel of Judas' surfaces after 1,700 years

57 nafar
Orkut: iranian.com fan club

God is...

look here
You have been reported to the FBI

aghaa shireh
Music: Ghatlnameh Part I

civil resistance
CS Monitor: Gandhi evoked for all manner of causes


* Bird Flu
* New radar-evading Iranian missile
* Earthquake: reconstruction?

* Video: Gooz/Toot tones
* Khosh Amadeed
* Video: Nut bra
* Video: Hejab and spaghetti

too bad
AFP: US concerned over India-Iran ties: Rice

mooshak baaroon
BBC: Iran 'in further missile tests'

as if iran not scary enough
AFP: Iran raises specter of damage to world oil shipping: analysts

Washington Post: Mac software allows Windows

san francisco
SF Sentinel: Mayor & Iranian-American Supervisor join Nowruz celebration

* AP: Democrat: Intelligence on Iran Inadequate
* AP: Ready to negotiate on enrichment

show me the money
Washington Post: Democracy Efforts Lack Funding

persian chi chi award?
iranian.com wins Persian Golden Lioness Award

end is near
NY Times: Syria aggressively silencing opposition while accommodating religious conservatives

sitting tight
BBC: Iraqi PM rejects calls to resign

moral low ground
BBC: Amnesty details secret CIA prisons in eastern Europe

oonghadaam khar neestan
ISNA: Iran will reintroduce daylight savings time next month after 300 billion toman loss

no contest
Guardian: US-Iranian military might

her name is none of your business
Iranian wins Houston bikini contest (11 pix)

iranians of the day
* Niv Amani: (Cute) One
(8 pix)

rural demise
PBS video: Lives of rural Iranians in poor villages

Zipper slipper

don't laugh


* AFP: Germany calls for direct US-Iran talks on nuclear program
* AP: Iran stands by position on enrichment
* BBC: Nuclear inspectors to visit Iran

CS Monitor: US eyes two paths for illegal migrants

ebrahim nabavi's u.s. stops
Check your city

Delicate diplomacy

babak & freinds
Video: ABC interview featuring Shabnam Rezaei of Norooz Productions


* Jill Carroll
* Sharon: Scarecrow
* Peacemakers: April Folls mmovie
* Dubai woos Condi Rice

video diaryia
Actor Behrouz Behnejad

you'll be sorry
* CS Monitor: British consider effects of an attack on Iran
* Telegragh: UK in secret talks about strike against Iran

going to germany
Congrats to Nader Davoodi! World Cup media authorities have approved his iranian.com accreditation to cover the games in Germany

Boston Globe: A two-track path to dialogue with Iran
-- Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

kheng baazi
BBC: Iran holds visa-scam 'wrestlers'

disney movie next
Breaking the Ice: Neda Sarmast plants seeds of peace

super funny
Video: Iran tests 'super-fast' torpedo

alternative music
Radio Zirzamin

need more
UNICEF: provides tents and blankets for affected children
Relief International: Response to devastating earthquakes in Iran

settle down
AP: Hans Blix says Iran years away from nuclear bomb

Allah on World Cup bikinis

BBC: UK denies reports the military and the government are to discuss possible US-led military action against Iran

tirkamoon technology
BBC: Iran tests 'super-fast' torpedo
Guardian: Iran fires naval missile into nuclear debate

cooking award
BBC: Blogger cooks up a storm at literary prize awards

new & improved
New York Times website redesigned

khoda beh daadetoon bereseh
BBC: International justice is slowly catching up with war crimes suspects

Kiss fest

leila farjami
Ta'beeraate Irani

sound familiar?
Guardian: Once more there is talk of WMDs and regime change

AP: Rice Tells ITV: 'Iran Is Not Iraq'
AFP: US 'committed' to Iran diplomacy: Rice

Washington Post: Experts Say Iran May Use Terror If Attacked

relief international
Responding to Devastating Earthquakes in Iran

global divide
Washington Post: Israel Lobby Study
Chomsky: The Israel Lobby?

big instrument

chokh mamnoon
Our future

Farah Pahlavi

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