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August 2007
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makes no sense
AFP: Iran, Iraq sign oil pipeline deal

Amnesty: Equality activist Yaghoub-Ali released on bail

supporting excellence
IASF: Recipients of Iranian-American fund scholarships

BBC: Bomb kills southern Iraq governor and police chief

esther, the movie
Video: Shani speaks about her experience singing in Persian in One Night with The King

iranian (men) of the day
Team Iran: Math Olympiad

gher bedeh
Video: Rafsanjani, pop music star?

take a break
* Video: Begoo "Yaa Hossein" balaa!
* Ahmadinejad models for Armani
* We are the champions!
* (Lots and lots of) patience and perseverance :o)

incredible nature
* Video: Survival of the fittest
* Video: Man vs. lion

equality activists
WeChange: Amir Yaghoub-Ali and Bahareh Hedayat released on bail

democracy isn't pro-bush
NY Times : U.S. Promotes Free Elections, Only to See Allies Lose

patience, forever
Enameh: Saboori taa kay?

civil disobedience
Zamaneh: Osanloo home surrounded by security forces; Six trade unionists arrested

azad shodam!
Salam-Democrat: Comic arrest of Bina Darab Zand

my children & i
iranian.com: Once 17

bankrolling iran? mozakhraf nagoo
Washington Post: World Bank Undermining U.N. and the West

making money
CS Monitor: Afghan business thrives on Iran's border

iranians of the day
* Mohammad "Mo" Ehsani: He knows bridges
* Dalia Sofer: The Septembers of Shiraz
* Mostafa Karami: Unfortunate cameraman


allah o akbar
Anglican: Iran’s new bishop installed

fighting words
Washington Post: More calls for a tougher U.S. stance against Iran

party's over
BBC: Iranian police arrest partygoers

radio reject
NIAC: Khalaji highlights problems with US Persian-language broadcasts

we're taking over
Washington Post: Minorities outnumber whites in nearly one out of ten counties in U.S.

BBC: Russia's Cossacks rise again

* Navaazandeh
* Double points: Singing for a cause

The Onion: Report: Iran Less Than 10 Years Away From 2016

beautiful people

khasteh nabaasheen
Video: CNN coverage of Iranian cyclists pedaling for peace

no, YOU are
CS Monitor: Is Iran meddling in Afghanistan?

yaa akhee
BBC: Iraq PM in Tehran for security talks

u.s. says a lot of things
NY Times: Iran-Supplied Bomb Is Killing More Troops in Iraq, U.S. Says

* Video: Zidane Rashti
* Man of the year
* Video: Big mouth
* Video: Math emergency

art with capital a

New Yorker: The destiny of old-school journalism

cheating pays
BBC: Bonds sets new baseball record

nuclear show
AFP: Moscow puts new conditions on nuclear fuel for Iran reactor
Reuters: Iran aims to avoid sanctions with atomic openness

Tall art

* Muslim life in UK
* High costs in Canada (1) (2)
* My biography
* Mom in Iran, daughter in Canada
* UK spy cameras everywhere
* If U.S. takes over Iran...
* Hard work in Canada (1) (2)

Guardian: Logic that defends past nuclear atrocities used to support strike against Iran
-- Abbas Edalat and Mehrnaz Shahabi

doorooghe gondeh
AFP: Bush levels dubious Iran nuclear arms charge

august 9
Protest: International solidarity with Osanloo and Salehi


round 3
AP: U.S., Iranian Ambassadors Hold Talks

haleh esfandiari
AFP: Shirin Ebadi complains to UN over detained US-Iranian

iranians of the day
* Kayvan Novak: Fonejacker taking UK by storm
* Rosie Ravon: With best friend

* We need a good worker, not a sissy
* Laser hair removal for Persian rug
* Rubber fashion

shargh shut for millionth time
AFP: Iran bans paper for interviewing homosexual

satanist ammatooneh
Guardian: Iranian morals police arrest 230 in raid on 'satanist' rave

sports ties
USA Today: Iran's paddlers take crash course in America

new orientalist narratives
ZNET: Jasmine and Stars
-- Fatemeh Keshavarz
and Foaad Khosmood

AFP: Iran shows off homegrown fighter jet

rock n roll into jail
AFP: Iran arrests 230 in raid on illegal rock concert

Last stand

what about building a refinery in iran?
BBC: Iran has agreed to build an oil refinery in Senegal

happy birthday
Radio Zamaneh
* Shahrnush Parsipur: Majzoobe Radio Zamaneh shodeham
* Ideas: Andisheh
* Mahmonir Rahimi: Jensiyat va jaame'eh
* Rights: Hoghoogheh ensaaniye maa

b namus: Tehran today

show me the way
Karim Sadjadpour: The wrong way to contain Iran

Prison romance


* Arresting thugs?!

seeing things

* Cosmic tombak
* Moon look-alike


* Quarreling, bickering and backstabbing
* Careless smile before death

Al-Ahram: The '300' stroke: Pride, prejudice, Persia and other empires

Financial Times: Making Iran pay the nuclear price

excessive force
LA Times: Report criticizes use of Taser on UCLA Iranian-American student
Video: Iranian taserd at UCLA library

more talks
Reuters: Iran-U.S. to hold expert level talks on Iraq: envoy

where's my husband?
AP: Wife plans Iran trip to find husband

WeChange: 800 Iran equality defenders express concern on the condition of two detainees

brainy iranian of the day
* Ali Rezai: Deep brain stimulation

iranians of the day
* Ross Mirkarimi: Paper not plastic
* Joseph & Nazee Moinian: New York real estate
* Iranian flag: Night club, Mexico

shakespeare in the park
BBC: Iran hangs judge's killers in public

Zan zaleel

dear god
Video: Hanging in Tabriz

iran on capitol hill
NIAC: Iran human rights violations, US policy criticized at Washington conference

Amnesty: Four students begin hunger strike to protest illegal detention

ya emam reza
BBC: Iran hangs 9 in public executions

dar band
Video: Evening stroll in Darband, north Tehran

forough on stage
Video: "The Bride of Acacias": A play about Forough Farrokhzad

Superior imagination

holy oil
BBC: Oil price rises to all-time high

do you feel safe?
Boston Globe: The $63 billion sham
Washington Post: Arms for 'Stability'

we (still) have the internet
BBC: Murdoch wins control of Wall Street Journal

no one is
Beehner: Is Washington prepared for apost-Khamenei Iran?

check it out
Site: IranianRadio.com

reporters without right to live
RWB: Two Kurdish journalists sentenced to death
BBC: Death verdicts for Iran reporters

REALLY great carpet

mordam az khandeh
* What would Jesus do?
* Video: Let me tell you, Father...
* Non-Muslim wins Islamic lottery
* Al-Fatiha: Mobile Qoran

not funny
AP: U.S. House of Reps backs Iran divestment bill

rahbar rafsanjani
Guardian: Senior cleric's death opens up power struggle in Iran
LA Times: Prominent hard-line cleric dies in Iran

crossing over
NIAC: Hollywood director changes “honor killing” scene

khosh oomadeen
BBC: UN inspectors visit key Iran site

killer plan
NY Times: U.S. Arms Plan for Mideast Aims to Counter Iranian Power
BBC: Iran 'biggest threat to Mid-East'

ey baba
AP: Dr. Hootan Roozrokh charged: death hastened for transplant

San Francisco!
(Khejaalati shodeen?)

if you say so
Chomsky: Cold War Between Iran and U.S.

iranians of the day
* Farah Pahlavi: With the Shah
* Amir Abbas Fakhravar: With George W. Bush
* Ali Esmali: Poker computer
* Metal Sanaz: Heavy Metal
* Sanaz Shirazi : Fashion designer
* Nahid Rachlin: Persian Girls
* David & Layla: Romeo & Juliet

freedom aint free
Amnesty: Fear of torture: Amir Yaghoub-Ali
Amnesty: 15 arrested on anniversary of student demonstrations

Voices: One Million Signatures to end discrimination in Iran

popular destination
Reuters: U.N. inspectors revisit Iran's Arak heavy-water site

military option
Reuters: Iran attacks U.S. plans for Saudi arms deal

nuclear tour
Independent: Stage-managed nuclear tour reveals why Iran won't be the first to blink
Guardian: Inside Iran's halfway house to an atomic bomb

i'm so beautiful :o)
Video: 2003 Miss Iran contestants in Sweden

* Master & servant body language
* Student thugs: Future leaders
* Questions about mob rule

* My fate: Head to the hills
* Recruiting criminal gangs against Iran (1) (2)
* Tax for sitting on a park bench?
* Miss Iran?!
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give & take
AFP: Israeli PM announces 30 billion dollar U.S. defence aid
AFP: US tightens financial squeeze on Iran
DPA: US pressures German banks to halt business in Iran: report

joy joy joy
BBC: Iraq celebrates Asia Cup football victory

peace plan :o)
Washington Post: U.S. plans largest arms sale to Arab states
BBC: U.S. 'plans huge Saudi arms deal'

Word by word

you forgot iranian people
Reuters: Khamenei says U.S. and Israel are main foes

vahshi vs. vahshi
Washington Post: U.S. vs. Iran: Cold War, Too
-- Robin Wright

Zamaneh: August 9 solidarity day for detained labor activists Osanloo and Salehi

HRW: 19 Jailed Students Abused to Obtain Forced Confessions
Guardian: Families claim Iranian student activists were tortured in prison

bebin peyvand
Bebin TV: Interview with comedian Peyvand Khorsandi in southern California

* The (Petrol) Rationing
* Bastani gheefee-ye 6 tabagheh!
* Ghahveh khaaneh ghanbar
* Vaaledeh Agha Mostafa!

a few good men
OC Register: Iranian-Americans tackle domestic-violence secret

good business
Wall Street Journal: China-Iran Trade Surge Vexes U.S.

rahim mashaie
SavePasargad: Lawyer fighting legal battle for preservation of historic sites, slapped with hefty taxes

rapture ready
Huffington Post: Unauthorized Christians United for Israel Tour

* Farhange Javaati
* Video: What bears can do for food
* Dog at man's service
* Video: Cat with table manners
* Mona Lisa visiting Iran

living in the past
LA Times: Shah's mourners in Cairo recall a golden era

Shahrzad: Meysam Lotfi: "thug" or a little too political?

London Times: US pension funds ask Shell to scrap £5bn Iran project

iranian of the day
Video: Iranian TV anchor grills police chief on mistreatmnent of "bad hejabs"

now they can't stop talking
AP: Iran wants higher-level talks with U.S.

Trader Joe's

sad rahmat beh shahe makhloo'
AP: Iran announces more arrests made

bastards :o)))
Reuters: Russia delays Bushehr nuclear plant to 2008

US, Iran, and Iraq agree to form security committee
-- Boston Globe
-- Washington Post
-- CS Monitor

economic pressure
NY Times: U.S. funds pressure oil companies on Iran links

boyaade shaheed
U.S. moves against Iran-based Martyrdom Foundation
* Daily Star
* Zamaneh

masters of mardomaazaari
LA Times: Tehran fashion police tighten up

so far
CS Monitor: Turkey is proving that Islam and democracy can coexist

iranians of the day
* Sarah Doraghi: Télé Matin
* Jody Kamali: Standup comedian
* Kasra Raoofi: My very dear son
* Soraya Mohazab: Happy birtrhday
* Farhad Mirfakhraie: Bone marrow transplant

Road map

AFP: Christian pilgrimage holds strong in Islamic Iran

where is my romeo?
Video: Abbas Kiarostami's latest film

eerooni baazi

Financial Times: Only one man can save Ahmadinejad: George W. Bush

Reuters: IAEA to revisit Iran atom site in transparency push

AP: U.S., Iraq, Iran plan security committee

BBC: US accuses Iran of increased support for Iraq militia groups
Guardian: US 'confronts' Iran as Iraq talks resume

rabid dogs
AFP: On patrol with Iran's fashion police

context with complexity
Nieman Reports: A Master Narrative About Iran Emerges
-- Ali M. Ansari

NAM: Republican Candidates Rattle Nuclear Tails Against Iran

to be fair, how should a wife kick her husband's ass?
Video: How to beat your wife

ramsar grand hotel
Video: On a hillside overlooking Ramsar and the Caspian Sea


rights? hah...
Amnesty: Iranian Kurdish human rights activist arrested

beesheen sare jaat baba
Reuters: UK's Brown won't rule out military action in Iran
BBC: Envoy Blair arrives in Mid-East

* $50 million for Bin Laden's head
* Punish Iranian-American spies
* Burned my bridge to Iran
* Give me an Iranian passport to go back
* Wish I could run back to Iran
* Can't find anyone for marriage

no bon voyage
LA Times: Iranian American's chilling return to homeland

blah blah blah
BBC: US and Iran to hold second talks

and last time
Guardian: Father-to-be allowed into delivery room for first time in Iran

lost tabriz
Zamaneh: Documentary on Tabriz through the eyes of photographer Vartan Vahramian

holocaust-obsessed, militaristic, xenophobic (not ahmadinejad)
New Yorker: A Zionist politician loses faith in the future

engelisi balad neestam
Zamaneh: Ebrahim Nabavi interviews Manouchehr Mohammadi

Asia Cup: Iran pay penalty as Korea progress to final

wish i was a turk
BBC: Turkey's governing party 'near win'

wish i was an arab
BBC: Dubai skyscraper world's tallest

wish i was dead
Zamaneh: 16 "thugs" executed in Iran

so talkative, suddenly
Reuters: U.S. and Iran to meet on Iraq again on Tuesday

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