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July 2007
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AFP: Iran defends TV broadcast amid reformist criticism

enghad crackdown koneen taa khasteh sheen
AFP: Iran to launch new dress code crackdown

yaad begeereen
BBC: India elects a female president

Brain dead

Washington Post: How to Talk to Iran

pedar saalaari
CS Monitor: Novels feature plight of fatherless families in patriarchal Iran

Washington Post: Has the CIA ever been good at intelligence gathering?

BBC: Iran shows new scholars' footage

fast forward 50 years
Comic book: Iran in 1952 T-Man

feet for hands
Video: Can you do it too?

Amnesty: Sina Paymard, fear of imminent execution
Amnesty: Mohammad Kaboudvand, fear of torture

Dark mind

Guardian: US steps up effort to stop EU firms trading with Iran

cutting off oilfields
Economist: Nuclear proliferation: The riddle of Iran

bleak future
Washington Post: Quartet, Iran See Different Futures for Middle East

day at the races
Times: Desert orchids: average Iranian gripped by a very British passion

It's 4:43 am. Woke up from a strong earthquake in Albany, near San Francisco... it took a few seconds... 4.2 on richter scale.

genius who will change your life
* Pardis Sabeti: Evolution of human diseases
* Nima Arkani-Hamed: Particle physicist

iranians of the day
* Amir Yaghoub-Ali: 20th birthday in Evin
* Asghar Dehbozorgi: Shiraz, 1975
* Abbas Kiarostami & Juliette Binoche: Certified Copy

my mother
Washington Post: In an Iranian Propaganda Broadcast, the Real Guilty Party Is Clear

Radio Zamaneh: Ayatollah Meshkini falls into a coma

eeeeron... eeeeeron... doo doo doo
FIFA: Iran ready to welcome Korea
Taipei Times: Iran moves up in Asian Cup, Uzbeks send china home

my evin
NPR: Interview with Ali Afshari and Mehrangiz Kar

Our prophet

* Kashfe hejab, 2007
* Iranian flat-screen TV
* Marde khodkhaahe Irani
* Video: How to peel a boiled egg
* Video: Poker face

LA Times: Iran alleges plot to overthrow regime
AFP: US-Iranians 'reveal' links to US democracy drive

rumi limited
Book: Limited edition replica of Rumi's Divan-e Kabir (Divan-e Shams)

* TINTIN: Land of the Camel Jockeys
* People can't live in peace

you have ten days
AFP: Iran halts teenager's execution

chi migan beh ham?
Washingtin Post: U.S., Iran to Hold More Talks on Iraq's Future

Enemies of religion

hostage crisis
HRW: Iran should cancel televised ‘confessions’
HRW: US should end indefinite detention of five Iranians in Iraq

something positive, for a change
BBC: UN welcomes 'positive' Iran moves

politics of fear
Guardian: Flurry of Middle East activity is product of very real threat: Iran

no, maybe
CS Monitor: Will Iran, Korea back off nukes?

london real estate
Guardian: Iranian militants demand return of British diplomatic compound

iranians of the day
* Shirin Keyghobadi: Very definition or extraordinary
* Mehrdad Sarlak: Actor, Executive Producer
* Zohreh Jooya: Singer
* Mehdi Palang: Fast food

the other hostages
Human Rights Watch: US Should End Indefinite Detention of Five Iranians

round 2
BBC: US wants fresh Iran talks on Iraq

Sense of humor

BBC: Murdoch takeover of Wall Street Journal near

stalin is alive and well
Washington Post: Showing Jailed Americans, Iran TV Cites Confessions
LA Times: Iran to televise Americans' confessions
NY Times: Iran Puts Detained Scholars Before TV Cameras

Video: TV anchor clearly annoyed by technical difficulties

Video: Old Bazaar in Tajrish, north Tehran

rahman o rahim
Amnesty: Iran: Execution of child offender imminent

baba joon
Telegraph: A voyage to find my father in Iran

ey baba
Reuters: Iran police step up crackdown on unIslamic dress

meeting lieberman
Democracy Now: Iranian Activists Call for Peace

asylum seeker
BBC: 'How I escaped from torture in Iran'

lie or die
BBC: Iran TV shows detained Iranian Americans
BBC video

* Special condoms for mom
* Public toilets and martyrs
* Young boys in a mall in Saudi Arabia
* Toilet: great wall of china
* Sinister cat; dumb dog
* Cat-dog love
* Video: Jay Leno funny interviews
* Video: Professional football player teaches kids

Shadi o gham

folks, it's serious
Guardian: Cheney pushes Bush to act on Iran

love hate
SF Chronicle: Five extraordinary Iranian Americans love both countries but loathe their leaders' war talk

unequal rights
WeChange: Over 1,000 Equal Rights Defenders Protest Recent Arrest of Student Activists
WeChange: Equal rights activist Amir Yaghoub-Ali Transfered to Section 209 of Evin Prison

* LA Iranians playing with Iran's future
* Why I'm forced to draw raunchy cartoons
* Interview with myself
* Have sex with me, not just foreigners
* After watching Iranian girls dancing
* Awakening of the Iranian people
* Western decadence destroys Iranian culture
* Non-sense demands for freedom
* Fuck you, don't talk
* Canadian democracy or capitalism?
* Western democracy
* Pay me and I'll lampoon anyone you want
* Why Iranians are invited to Canada

LA Times: Iran issues warning on U.N. sanctions

quiet dirty war
Telegraph: US funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran

holy perverts
BBC: LA Church 'in record abuse deal'

singles king
Personals Watch: Saïd Amin, CEO World Singles

everything else is banned. eenam roosh.
Guardian: Iran bans political campaigning

kaar o kaaregar
AFP: Iran's Ebadi group worried by labour crackdown

harfe hesaab
AFP: Iran economists warn Ahmadinejad in person

dancing the class away
Video: Iranian girls dancing in class (1) (2)

bechaap bechaap
Video: Iraq for sale
Reuters: Thieves steal nearly $300 million from Baghdad bank

BBC: Iran agrees to reactor inspection

man iraniam
Guardian: Iran's Jews reject cash offer to move to Israel

CS Monitor: Under fire from US, Iran reacts by cracking down at home

depressing tv
LA Times: Iran's Press TV to give alternative view

true friends
BBC: Child wedding 'stopped by pupils'

Who doesn't know him?

Video: Child flower sellers in Terhan

Sky News: Police in Iran arrest 14 squirrels near border suspected of spying
BBC: British blamed for Basra badgers

bezaneem beh takhteh
Reuters: Iran, IAEA see progress in atomic transparency talks

iranians of the day
* Ershaghi, Fassihian, Maleknia, Molavi: New NIAC board members
* Mehdi Ghomeshi: Florida banker
* Iranians people: After all the crap they have gone through
* Erwin Paydar: Gold in Tae Kwon Do
* Suree Towfighnia: Filmmaker
* Nader H. Moniri: Pharmaceutical Sciences
* Milad: Great athlete; architect
* Kayvon Zand: Keep an eye out for this one

artists rule
Washington Post: Iranian Artists Bridge Cultures

voice of slander
NIAC: NIAC takes legal action against Voice of America

another one bites the dust
AFP: Iran bans moderate news agency

begeer o beband
AP: Union wants release of Iranian activist
BBC: Iranian union leader 'abducted'

Reuters: Iran, U.N. team hold further talks on nuclear issues

need a miracle
HRW: Prevent Stoning of Condemned Mother
AFP: Iran probes judge behind stoning execution

when will we join the rest of the human race?
Guardian: Iran to hang 20 criminals in defiance of human rights criticism

nobody listens
Washington Post: CIA Said Instability in Iraq Seemed 'Irreversible'

al-jawad al-hillarious
Video: Sayed Jawad Qazwini sermonizes in English

Video: Youth in Qom show their moves

NY Times: A Ring Around Iran
LA Times: The stakes are big and the waterway is small

BBC: UN delegation in Tehran for talks

Times: Briton marries bin Laden’s son

young iranian of the day
Parsa Raissi: "Youngest official ball person" (10 pix)

never too late
AP: Iranian automaker pushes dual-fuel cars

who's not worried?
AFP: Iran conservatives worried over Ahmadinejad policies: reformist


bloody islam
Meydaan: Jafar Kiani stoned in village near Ghazvin
Amnesty: Save Iranian woman from execution by stoning
BBC: Iran 'adulterer' stoned to death

* Video: Stoned cop & wife call 911: "I think we're dead"
* Video: Fire fighter inhales marijuana smoke
* Video: Office stress (1) (2)
* Video: Detergent commercial in two parts (1) (2)
* America socks

AP: Iran says has new evidence against US-Iranians

lowest priority
AP: Poll: Iranians support nuclear weapons

BBC: Pakistani soldiers storm mosque, 50 Islamic militants killed

sunshine state
BBC: Money pours into California's flourishing green energy industry

esteghlaal, chomaagh, jomhouriye eslaami
Statement: Rights activists condemn student arrests
AP: Iranian police raid pro-democracy group

Norooz: Ahmadinejad aide says Sepetmber 11 attacks a "lie"

the god vote
Washington Post/Newsweek: The Religion-Industrial Complex
-- Jacques Berlinerblau

beautiful iranian of the day
* Nazanin Afshin-Jam: Miss Canada in Chicago (15 pix)

AFP: Iran president's adviser defends restraint on press freedom
Guardian: Iran media accused of trying to oust president

summer break
BBC: Iran slowing down uranium enrichment: ElBaradei

god bless america
BBC: US Iraq chief warns fighting insurgency could take decades

car museum
Video: National Car Museum of Iran near Karaj

camp ayandeh
Washington Post
* Iranian American Youths Gather for Fellowship, Sharing -- and Politeness
* Slide show>>>


SF Chronicle: Kiarostami's work in Berkeley retrospective

music with a passion
From Berkeley: Interview with Hamed Nikpay
* HamedNikpay.com

AP: Iraq al-Qaida group threatens Iran

paranoid pricks
Reuters: Iran sees "creeping coup" in the press: report

paranoid period
Washington Post: Tunneling Near Iranian Nuclear Site Stirs Worry

BBC: Iranians visit captives in Iraq
AFP: Iran calls for Iraq detainees' release

alain delon :o)
Video: Films dubbed into Persian in the 70's

that'll be the day
Truthdig: A Declaration of Independence From Israel
-- Chris Hedges

memory lane
Video: Trip to Iran (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
-- Eslam Anthony Shams

iranians of the day
* Nima Daneshvar: True Persian
* Katayoun Hashemi: Iranian American Medical Association (3 pix)

Video: Suicide in Tehran metro

bebeeneem o tareef koneem
BBC: Iran ends petrol-only car making

BBC: Farewell to a changed, subtle Iran

god among the dead
BBC: Iraq market truck bomb kills 105

boro baba...
AFP: Rice warns of 'increasingly dangerous' Iran

nature of unchecked power
Washington Post: Unquestioned Right to Dominate

all you can eat
NY Times: 90% of Israeli settlements in occupied West Bank sprawl beyond official boundaries

beh salaamati
Pictory: Surviving pre-1979 Iranian wines (3 pix)

AFP: Iran expects the UN to hold off on new sanctions for now

iran & u.s.
LA Times: Mideast has an old Cold War look

AP: Khamenei signals flexibility on women

* Browsing Iranian.com (3 pix)

time to remember
Viideo: Promotion for 2nd conference on Iranian political prisoners

Moo ghermez

censoring satrapi
Guardian: Cartoon villains

BBC: Iranian soccer player in UK league

AP: 80 fuel riot suspects arrested in Iran

too late haji, too late
Reuters: Don't "play" with Islamic law, Khamenei tells Iranian women

women fighting back
PBS Frontline: Iran: Behind Closed Doors

che khar too khariyeh
AFP: Iran judge sees no grounds for rebanning moderate newspaper

in america
Enameh: Shomaa Irani hasteed?

NY Times: U.S. sues Merrill Lynch on treatment of Iranian Muslim
Iranian: Can we trust you?
-- Majid Boroumand

iranians of the day
* Arzhang: Mt. Kilimanjaro (3 pix)
* Grandma Soltani: For her loving support
* Arash Amini: Adca Music Ensemble
* Mr. & Mrs. Amirhosseini: My beloved parents (4 pix)

shame on all men
Meydaan: Equal rights activist sentenced to prison and lashes
Meydaan: Young woman hanged for incest

what went wrong?
The Nation: The Iranian Impasse
-- Janet Afary & Kevin B. Anderson

Guardian: Iran TV challenges BBC
NY Times: Iran Expands Role in Media

war is a bitch
Washington Post: Iran's Elite Force Use 'Proxy' in Iraq
NY Times: U.S. Says Iran Helped Iraqis Kill Five G.I.’s

por qué
Reuters: Venezuela agrees to sell gasoline to Iran: paper

such b.s.
BBC: Q&A: US missile defence & Iran

AP: To thwart Iran, Pentagon will destroy old jets

them too
HRW: Kurdistan security forces torture detainees

surprise surprise
BBC: Bush spares Scooter Libby from prison

you wish
BBC: Bush and Putin 'united' on Iran

zahra kazemi
AFP: Iran court in new hearing into photographer 'murder'

* Baby Care :o)
* We're not dead, thank you very much!
* Video: Global warming
* President Ahmadinejad joins circus
* Could we have Lebanese Hizbollah rule over us instead of our own? Please?

swan song
Video: Googoosh praying for Mahasti

right on
JewishJournal: L.A. Persian Jews and Muslims oppose bombing Iran


Radio Sweden: Interview with Mohsen Namjoo

comedy central
BBC: Iran launches English TV channel

i signed
Petition: Child executions: Abolish death penalty

get that wax out of your ears
Washington Post
* Outlook: A Cry for Calm Amid Iran Belligerence
* Iran Has a Message. Are We Listening?
-- Michael Hirsh, Senior Editor, Newsweek

laa elaaha... o laa laa
Ham-Mihan: Zanaane Irani mode misaazand

June 2007

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