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March 2007
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* 13 Bedar
* 13 Bedar (Reply)
* 300 movie: 100%...

iranian of the day
Talieh Shahrokhi: New camera

to deegeh chi migi?
BBC: Bush attacks Iran over captives

so annoying
BBC: UK navy captives could face trial

i don't watch
Zaghsia: Iranian TV stations based in LA

men gone wild
New Yorker: "300" and "Shooter" movie reviews, Page 1, Page 2

beyond youtube
* Justin.tv
* SF Chronicle: It's Justin! Live!

Me, myself and I

my sweet lord
BBC: Storm in US over chocolate Jesus

golden girl
FINA: Vaziri takes gold in world swimming championships

Photos: Iranians in Kabul (4 pix)

ey iran
Video: Music arranged and performed by Babak Amini

ey daad
Video: From Pouya Arts center

war weary
Reuters: Iran mum on nuclear info out of fear

chand taa apology?
BBC: Iran airs second sailor 'apology'

rite of spring
Slides: Palo Alto Iranian community celebrates Norooz

here we go
AP: Britain considering Iranian demands

no love for london
AFP: UK fails to gain strong UN support in row with Iran

let them go already
BBC: UN voices 'concern' on UK sailors

Dirty business

tell me about it
BBC: Iran crisis reflects growing isolation

* Video: Mommy jooooon!
* HELP hashari men
* Video: There's something about Sakineh

jimmy delshad
CS Monitor: Émigré from Iranbecomes Beverly Hills mayor

BBC: Iran offers UK access to sailors

Nader Davoodi: Breaking the rules

Soren: New car

Damavand: Nowrooz gift

Leila Vaziri breaks world record in 50 backstroke
* Photos
* Guardian



BBC: Iran TV shows seized UK navy crew
BBC: UK/Iran links suspended

NY Times: Iranian Rock Band Has a New York Moment

e = iranian
Mohammad Mansouryar: Next Einstein?

ladies first
AFP: Iran says British woman sailor to be freed

happy now?
AFP: Britain to freeze ties with Iran over sailors stand-off

inside iran
BBC: US relations with Iran could be different, says Matt Frei

sare aghl oomadan
CS Monitor: US hawks see strikes on Iran as less likely now

useless u.n.
HRW: UN: Rights Council Fails Victims in Iran

Key theory

quiet diplomacy
BBC: UK in 'discreet talks' with Iran

LA Weekly: The beautiful game: Interview with Jafar Panahi
-- Goaaaaaaaal!
-- Discovered by angry father
-- Girl caught
-- Why not?
-- Guys on bus find girl

* 300: "Tamper of Iran's history"
* Video: Dog pleasures himself
* Video: Gorilla cage
* Video: Boy decides to leave home

powerful response
Video: 300 Farts

good luck
Chicago Tribute: Iran vs. World

it's not funny any more
BBC: Blair warns Iran on Navy captives

move over britannica
AP: Here's Encyclopedia Iranica


roo ro beram
Mostafa Rahmani: Ego the size of Iran

Urban tiger


* 300: Say you're sorry or we'll eat you

don't worry
AP: Iran softens stance on British sailors

what's the next excuse?
AFP: Iran resumes payments for power station: Russia

Video: Mohsen Namjoo's "Zolf bar baad"

money matters
Washington Post: More than 40 major banks cut back business with Iran

so cute
Video: Aref: Iranian African world citizen

CS Monitor: West's face-off with Iran takes tougher turn

toying with tony
BBC: UK sailors may be charged, Iran warns

iranian sheep of the day
Esmail Zanjani: Created the world's first human-sheep chimera

shadow army
Video: Blackwater, the world's most powerful mercenary army

* A photo for a smile: Eid
-- Shahireh Sharif

BBC: Angry Iran reduces nuclear access

zbigniew brzezinski
Washington Post: Terrorized by 'War on Terror'

laleh bakhtiar
NY Times: New Koran Translation Prompts Debate on Islamic Verse


* Carpet bomb
* Thorns in Uncle Sam
* Un-natural sex
* If there's a war with U.S.
* Daughters of divorce
* Khamenei: I don't care
* Happy New Year

Geometric art

freezing assets
BBC: UN backs fresh sanctions on Iran
BBC: EU to seek new Iran nuclear talks

they'll be home in a few days
BBC: UK denied access to Iran sailors

kaar kaare engelissast
Guardian: Iranians blame UK for all that goes awry

Guardian: US and UK fail to find smoking gun

not so fast
Guardian: Free our sailors, UK tells Iran

BBC: Ahmadinejad cancels UN visit

new sanctions saturday
AFP: UN Security Council discusses Iran sanctions

dastaa baalaa
BBC: Iran accuses Britain over sailors
BBC: UK sailors captured by Iranian forces

Norooz international

security council
BBC: Tougher Iran sanctions 'agreed'

Newsweek: Time to make a nuclear deal?

go ahead, beat your wife
NY Times: Germany Cites Koran in Rejecting Divorce

welcome back
Democracy Now: Canadian boy and Iranian parents arrive in Toronto after 6 weeks in Texas jail

opens today
NY TImes: In Tehran Stadium, Women Out of Bounds
LA Times: To get into the game

Reuetrs: Young Iranians dream of better life in the West

feel good
IranClip: Get into the Norooz spirit

iranians of the day
* Marshall Manesh: "Andy Barker P.I."
* Iran & Samira Ardalan: 7-Seen in Maryland
* Cyrus, Darya Pishevar: Happy Nowruz
* Pahlavi & Fakhravar: Opposition

war zone
BBC: UN chief shaken by Baghdad blast

coming soon
BBC: UN seeks deal on Iran sanctions

hot and cold fusion
Guardian: Russia simultaneously opposing sanctions and delaying Iran's nuclear progress

persian influence
BBC Persian: Tajik President encourages de-Russianization of names

* Abdollah William Brown
* Video: Dumb dad
* Video: Don't judge quickly! (1) (2) (3)
* Video: Persian Fight Club
* Hymen fatwa
* Paykan in Sweden
* Latest fashion in Tehran
* Opposits don't attract

BBC: Iran 'willing to act illegally'

mko ny
AFP: Iranian exiles rally against Ahmadinejad in New York

Let's play

village talk
Video: Truth lies in the village

Video: Clips from Jafar Panahi's film
-- Girl caught
-- Why not?
-- Guys on bus find girl

bad business
NY Times: U.S. Cautions Foreign Companies on Iran Deals

total mess
BBC: Total boss quizzed in Iran probe

marjane satrapi
Salon: Sexual revolutionaries

watch out
Xseer video: Drum for peace

tick tock
Saal Tahvil: From California to Tehran

Read this

Video: Norooz celebration at San Francisco City Hall

bye bye
AP: Russia reportedly exits Iran nuke site

happy norooz
Meydaan: Activists Shadi Sadr and Mahboubeh Abasgholizadeh released

Videos: Norooz visualized by Fatemeh Farajmani

big blow
NY Times: Russia Gives Iran Ultimatum on Enrichment

ahmdinejad backlash
TIME: Iran's war within

300 racists
Guardian: A racist gore-fest
-- Masoud Golsorkhi

* NoroozShop.com
* PersisShop.com
* KalaMala.com

Eyde Shomaa Mobaarak

tragic anniversary
BBC: From hope to despair in Baghdad
BBC: Bush calls for patience on Iraq

fighting chance
NPR: Iranian Women Activists Gain Momentum

visual problem
Minnesota Daily: The battle against '300'

300 offenses :o)
Video: Jon Stewart explains Hollywood to Iranians

universal insanity
Boston Globe: The many forms of fundamentalism
-- James Carroll

security council
LA Times: Smarter sanctions against Iran


* Happy 1386
* Persian drama over "300"
* Latest

next american president
SNL: Chris Rock opens the show with some election talk

LA Times: 1987 chemical attack still haunts Iran

latest hype

reluctance to stoke tensions? az kay taa haalaa?
Reuters: Israel, U.S. scale back war-game amid Iran face-off

ready or not
AFP: Security Council braces for sanctions showdown with Iran leader
AFP: Russia warns US not to use nuclear issue to change Iran


* Shah's Norooz message
* Happy Norooz
* Ahmad the Shepherd

you've got some balls
Guardian: Iranian women's movement caught between foreign funders and government crackdown
-- Hossein Derakhshan

Round and round

let's take a walk
Sunday: Iranian Americans in San Francisco anti-war rally

roll out the red carpet
Reuters: U.S. visa for Ahmadinejad's New York visit


teachers take to the streets
Guardian: Iran cracks down on teachers' pay protests

echoes of 1953
Boston Globe: The peril of taking on Iran
-- Stephen Kinzer

how much can we take?
BBC: Iran sanctions go to UN council
Guardian: Russia joins west in turning sanctions screw on Iran

persian protest
BBC: Iranian anger at Hollywood's 300 'assault'

fighting back
300Project: 300themovie.info
E-Online: The Art of a Movie Protest


* The Game
* Casino Esfahan
* Beirut Nights
* Women using sex for personal gain (1) (2)
* Human rights

AP: Iran to appeal Interpol arrest 'notices'

hot damn
BBC: Winter warmth breaks all records

saale no mobaarak
BBC: UN breakthrough on Iran sanctions
AP: World powers agree on new Iran sanctions

now we're talkin
Guardian: Impeach Ahmadinejad
-- Hossein Derakhshan

LA Times: Moderate believers give cover to religious fanatics -- and are every bit as delusional

marjane satrapi
Nerve: Love is a desert

daughter of imprisoned activist
Rooz: I am Worried about my Mother

Pop art

fire jumping
Video: 4-Shanbeh Soori with Iranians, Americans, El Salvadorans, Assyrians, Canadians, Germans, ... in Richmond, California

persian counter attack
TIME: 300 Versus 70 Million Iranians

rock bottom
Int. Living: Iran 190th in Quality of Life Index

upcoming sanctions
Reuters: Iran sanctions talks at UN entering last phase

persians peeved
Guardian: Iran accuses Hollywood of 'psychological warfare'
MSNBC: Iranians outraged over hit movie ‘300’

easing tension
CS Monitor: The possibility of easing tension between the US and Iran

smokin' old time in tehran
US News: Why U.S. cigarettes are all the rage today in Iran

challenging men
CS Monitor: Muslim women can reshape Islam

smells like kidnapping
NY Times: German Official Adds to Mystery of Iranian Missing in Turkey

Washington Post: Iraq Intensifies Efforts to Expel Iranian Group

radioactive stamp
LA Times: Iranian bank note stirs chain reaction

* Jora't daaree begoo "hejaabet koo?"
* Video: iRACK and iRAN
* Video: Thermal imaging cameras at airport
* Video: Balls-out jeans
* Video: Be quiet!
* Video: What would easily distract a man? Hmm...
* Video: Beer & dating
* Video: Clean that apartment
* Video: New car for women

NPR: Biologist Keeps Track of Iran's Rare Cheetahs

Guardian: Relatives of missing Iranian general accuse US of kidnap


bechaap bechaap
AFP: Russia warns Iran to pay up or suffer 'irreversible consequences': report

i'm hooked

nuke power on paper
BBC: Iran defiant with atomic banknote

BBC: UN 'progress' over Iran sanctions

forget 300; worry about real human suffering
Meydaan: Campaign to Free Women's Rights Defenders in Iran

BBC Persian: Concerns rasied over threat to ancient ruins as Sivand dam construction nears end

when is geroge resigning?
BBC: Top US Army doctor out in scandal

een tamoom besho neest
Guardians: Cash dispute delays opening of Bushehr reactor

bah bah
The World: Iranian-born singer Azam Ali on "300" soundtrack

Milk shake

iranians of the day
* Susan Etezadi: Judge
* Babak Rafati: Bundesliga referee
* Zazan: Boxer in Thailand
* Anis Moin: Singer, Sweden
* Friends: With Diane Keaton
* Ata: With Schikamu
* Alireza: Brilliant mind

early norooz
Fog City Journal: San Francisco Iranian Culture Club celebrates New Year

make concessions
AFP: Khatami urges Iran to compromise on nuclear

civil society
CS Monitor: Iranians should engage one another before the West engages Iran

persians should sue :o)
Bloomberg: '300' Breaks Record With $70 Million

aghayoon, sharafetoon koo?
Koneshgaran: Revolutionary court indicts two detained women activists

abbas kiarostami
NY Times: Tales From Tehran

Washington Post: Iran's Dissenters

NY Times: Years of Strife and Lost Hope Scar Young Palestinians


roo ro beram
PressTV: Iran official condemns Hollywood over "300" movie

he misses new york
BBC: Ahmadinejad seeks UN audience

BBC: US and Iran break ice over Iraq
LA Times: Iraq summit raises hopes of U.S.-Iran thaw

dozde sare gardaneh
AFP: Iran frustration mounts over Russia nuclear delays

AFP: Renault drives back into Iranian market

year of pasargad
SavePasargad: Year of eradication of threats to ancient Iranian heritage

it's a start
Reuters: U.S., Iran trade barbed words at Baghdad talks
AP: U.S. calls Iran, Syria talks cordial

nice new look

naazok naaranjee :o)
Legofish: Baa "300" chekaar koneem?

Video: No war

baghdad talks
BBC: US switch on Iran adds 'missing link'

not so fast
BBC: No deal on UN sanctions for Iran

Reuters: U.S., Iran have history of contact since cutting ties

noam chomsky
Guardian: A predator becomes more dangerous when wounded

more arrests
LA Times: Iran arrests 10 at Women's Day rally

hush hush
LA Times: U.S. and Iran have been talking, quietly

CS Monitor: Iran's successful blend: charity, ideology

women's revolution
Video: Gissoo Shakeri sings "Vaght-e Enghelaab ast"
Video: Iranian Feminist Movement

Berkeley, Saturday: Emergency Summit to Prevent War with Iran

Stanford, Friday: Hadi Khorsandi discusses comedy with Abbas Milani

Eye on the ball

three on hunger strike
AP: Iran frees most women held after protest

security council
Reuters: Russia, China, object to tough sanctions on Iran

what would moses do?
BBC: Israeli army 'used human shields'

tribute to iranian women
Video: International Women's Day

BBC: Iran police stop women's protest

three still in jail
BBC: Nearly all Iranian women activists released

you're on your own
Reuters: IAEA freezes assistance programs to Iran

Washinton Post: Former Iranian Defense Official Talks to Western Intelligence
Guardian: Speculation grows after Iranian general goes awol in Turkey

do your part
Petition: Free Women's Rights Defenders in Iran

teaching men a few lessons
Guardian: Tehran's heroic women

Name that dog


* Elephant Friday Prayers
* Ya Ali missile (1) (2)
* Welcome to Ghazvin
* Elephants crossing Ghazvin
* Ahmadinejad visits soldiers
* Male elephants are large
* Ahmadinejad's cabinet
* Secert to survival
* Punishing bad hejabs

Guardian: Ahmadinejad challenged for control of Iran's economy

weak offer
AFP: EU offers olive branch to Iran on nuclear issue

zaeefeh no more
BBC: Iranian women struggle for equality

Reuters: Missing Iranian "founded" Hezbollah: Israeli spy

hunger strike
Iran women in jail hunger strike
* Human Rights Watch

AFP: Iran confirms will take part in Iraq conference

release them all
BBC Persian: Eight Iran women actvists released from detention

Video: Marjane Satrapi on French TV

it won't stop
* AFP: U.S. Democrat, Republican bills seek to squeeze Iran's economy
* AFP: EU to condemn Iran for not heeding UN nuclear resolution

wah wah wah
Petition: "300", an unethical movie picture

* Video: Namaz jamaa'at in parking lot
* Vaseline Bacheh Neshaan
* Johnny Koon?

Reuters: Iran starts building home-made atomic plant

Art in motion

joonami joon
BBC: White House official Scooter Libby found guilty

BBC: Up to 90 Iraqi pilgrims are killed

thanks to iranian "men"
Iranian Women Are Arrested After Protests Outside Court
* Amnesty International
* NY Times
* Washington Post

thank god for art
Chicago Tribune: Canvas holds hope for Iranian artist

heech baeed neest
CBS: Iran says West likely abducted former deputy defense minister

CS Monitor: Momentum for more Iran sanctions

who knows
NY Times: Israeli Says Iran Is Training Hamas Men

so true
YNetNews: Ahmadinejad: Israel's secret agent in Iran

thanks to religious freaks
BBC: Israel, Iran top 'negative list'


Oscar Special!
* And the Oscar goes to... Behrooz Vossooghi
* Too good for an Oscar: Reza Beyk Iman Verdi
* The return of old farts
* Scorsese finally gets his Oscar
* Life time achievement
* Why should I respect these animals?
* Muslim artist rejected by rsacist Canadians
* What happens to young girls in the West
* Another Vietnam
* Hungry hunter

are you sure?
AP: IAEA: Iran may have halted nuke program

mr. president, let them go
Farangeopolis: Letter to Ahmadinejad on the arrest of women activists
-- Sima Shakhsari

bottom line
New Yorker: Can the United States be made safe from nuclear terrorism?

if there's a war
Guardian: Iran's rich architecture and rare treasures threatened by possible US strikes
Guardian: Attack on Iran would backfire, warns report

who & why
Zanestan: Women activists taken to Evin
Memarian: Extensive Arrests of Women Activist in Tehran

killing people & evidence
BBC: More civilians die in Afghanistan
BBC: US 'erased Afghan attack footage'

nuclear secrecy
Reuters: Iran's atomic defiance sets it apart: IAEA chief

Half human

not a good idea
BBC: UK think tank report warns against Iran attack

trigger happy
BBC: US troops kill Afghan civilians

today's lesson
Radio Zamaneh: Thousands of teachers protest in front of the Majles
Kosoof: Photos

talks bee talks
AFP: Iran rejects US talks at Iraq conference

round up
BBC: Iran women arrested over protest
Farnaaz: 50 women's rights activists arrested in Tehran, some beaten

AFP: Major powers send Iran nuclear issue to UN envoys for talks: US

BBC: Iran and Saudi Arabia pledge to unite against sectarian strife

rsvp asap
AFP: Iran says has received US 'proposals' for Iraq talks

bezan bereem... kaaraakaas?
NY Times: Venezuela and Iran Strengthen Ties With Caracas-to-Tehran Flight

axis of art
eworldwire: Iranian American Art Exhibit Opens In San Francisco

* Islam: Thanks to remarkable Persians!
* Kiiri meeting
* Husband or horny animal?
* Video: Outsourcing... the future is now
* Kiriani circumcision row
* Geda busted

ghorboonam beri
Video: Alireza Fard sings "Faryad"

It messes up my hair

saal tahvil
Norooz from Tehran to California

AFP: Six powers agree on framework for UN resolution on Iran

Guardian: Student rebels in Iran expelled and earmarked for army

marde ghesseh
Video: Requiem for playwright Bijan Mofid, Part (1) (2)

BBC: Global shares drop for fourth day

shooting in the dark
AP: Analysis: U.S. intel on nukes in doubt

father's plea
Gooya: I don't want my son (Ahmad Batebi) to die in prison

make up your mind
TIME: Washington's Mixed Signals on Iran


* Brilliant move, George
* White Canadians racism
* Jesus loves me? Boro koss kesh!
* Women who shun marriage
* Iranian women in Canada no good for marriage
* Daughters of top mollas living it up

freedom fall
Photo: Man dies in failed attempt to climb Azadi monument

Lost in translation

* Mobile Persian Penis Pump
* Mobile Persian Toilet
* Video: Pervert put to good use
* Video: Now THAT'S traffic
* Jesus is a ... only in California
* Hitler's son found
* Video: Domino effect: Pool
* Video: Firehose rodeo
* Video: Water dance: Las Vegas

shake it
Bia2 music video: Andy goes back to Iran :o)


lots to gain
CS Monitror
* The US has nothing to lose by negotiating with Iran
* America's new path
on Iraq: talking to Iran

CS Monitror Ahmadinejad faces policy criticism at home

boro barnagard
Reuters: Iran president to visit Saudi amid tension

BBC: US drives stock market sell-off

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