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November 2004
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November 30

iranians of the day
* Rafigh Pooya: Director
* Payam Zamani, Behnam Behrouzi: Young millionaires
* Ali: Child Foundation
* Omid: Child Foundation
* Chalize Kouroshnia: 62-days-old

Whitewash as Public Service: How The 9/11 Commission Report defrauds the nation

Iranian bloggers "Google-bomb" Gulf in bid to keep it Persian

NIAC to meet National Geographic executives

here & there
* Video: Kish mall

* Video: Halloween in LA
* Hassani on nukes
* Persian Gulf cyberwar

hossein derakhshan
Blogs: best space for public discourse in Iran

abolala soudavar:
$25,000 REWARD: for providing proof that the US has designated Iranian passport holders as a "suspect class"

beverly hills
Islamic Center :o)

sam ghandchi:
Ballot initiatives and Iran

Mahmoud: Don't marry

November 29

prison conversations
July 2005 seminar on prison atrocities: Goftegoohaa-ye zendaan

save a life
Prevent the execution of 19-year-old Leila

Alabama vote opens old racial wounds

pentagon report
'They hate our policies, not our freedom'

* Green giant
* Don't shop here
* Indonesian hijab
* Wrong problem
* Really odd couple
* Rhino business

here & there
Tehran-Damghan Road (8)

bush war cabinet
Paths to power


UN nuclear watchdog confirms Iran has suspended its uranium enrichment activity

November 28

the gurardian
Israel shocked by image of soldiers forcing violinist to play at roadblock

shirin bazleh:
Watch my latest work as film editor on The Real Gilligan's Island

* Larger threat
* Democratic principles Saman
* Pahlavi reality show
* Condi: Missile gap
* Ukraine: Freedom
* Fanatic nut
* Koobideh party

flashback, July/August 1996

What's most bothering about the nuclear issue

iranian of the day
Ann Claire: Love is in the Heir

sheema kalbasi:


Jehovah's Iranian Witnesses

maryam mahie:
Alex Jones:

Mahasti's "An keh bord delam raa" for Shapoor High School students in Ahvaz

aref erfani:
Archaeology: What was Jiroft?

national geographic
Reza Deghati's latest photo feature: Tracking the Ghost of bin Laden

November 27

Saw Oliver Stone's "Alexander" last night. It's unbelievably bad.


iran focus
Boy 'Flogged to Death' by Para-Military Police

darius kadivar:
NYT: Iran's lonely crowd

November 26

aljazeera cartoon
Iran bans National Geographic

* Video: Persian dance
* President Bush's heart
* Scent of a woman
* Arafat disappointed
* Crystal grape dress
Music videos :o)

* Nuclear power: Independence
* Atomic WC
* Bush & Dariush
More than 8000 signatures so far: Call for national referendum

persia's revenge
"Alexander" bites

Pink Floyd pupils sue for royalties

Iran-EU talks on nuclear freeze put off until Monday

big fuss
Persian Gulf name change triggers tirades

darius kadivar:
NYT: Like America's current president, the hero of Oliver Stone's new movie, "Alexander," is a man who invades the Middle East in the name of high-minded ideals

November 25

uncle's house
Once upon a time in Khaniabad (17 pix)

iranian of the day
* Kambiz Foroohar: Journalism award
* Yasmin & Paymon Baradar: Atlanta (5)

Producer promotes new singer and organizes terrorist show in Moscow

November 24

official response
While National Geographic considers "Persian Gulf" to be the primary name, it has been the Society's cartographic practice to display a secondary name in parentheses when use of such a name has become commonly recognized

The Ayatollah and the Transsexual
That Maryam Khatoon Molkara can live a normal life is due to the leader of the Islamic revolution himself

* Nuclear shadow
* Iraqi Foreign Minister Zabari
* Ban on microphones

* That's my girl
* Thank you for...
* Rooz-e Shokrgozari
* Kourosh-e KABIR
* Blessing or a curse?
* Schayegh: Dissertation
* Hezbollah, Bush

Friday 26 November, 9:00 p.m. on PBS: David Brancaccio goes inside the world of author Roya Hakakian

brazil can. iran can't
Brazil says it has won IAEA approval to start enriching uranium

Are foreign investors souring on Wall Street? The data say yes

it ain't over?
Bombshell in Ohio: Proof of election fraud?

* Antar, Mantar & Rahbar (1)
* Antar, Mantar & Rahbar (2)

See amazon/com reviews of the National geographic Atlas

new: bidjan assadipour
Kaaghaz-e Akhbaar: Naval warfare

* Betty Boop: Soraya Beheshti
* Lili: "Hoolooye Poost Kandeh"
* Arezoo, Valizadeh, "Hoolooye Poost Kandeh"
* Parviz Kardan, Freshteh Jenabi, "Shir Too Shir"
* Fardin

November 23

Azadeh's health matters

* Arabian golf

does not exist
Arabian Gulf

She loves me, she loves me not

iranian of the day
Sara Racey-Tabrizi: Xposed

hossein nushazar
Short story: Qahvehkhaaneh #3

child foundation
* Mojgan
* Reyhaneh

by any chance, do any of u know of any female bass players in the SF bay area?! if so, we're looking for one! please hook me up!

Nuke deal

A piece written recently by Iraj Pezeshkzad where
he imagines his own funeral

* Goodarz: LA singer

* National Geographic: Behind closed doors

November 22

iranians of the day
* Susan: Lost friend
* Bahram Jouzi: Brother
* Ariana Barkeshli: DC recital

Scene of the crime: 6th anniversary of the Forouhar murders (8)

payman arabshahi:
So, had any good caviar lately? Colin Powell and Kamal Kharrazi had
"polite dinner conversation"

Two third-party presidential candidates filed a lawsuit to force a recount of Ohio ballots, and a spokesman for the state Democratic Party said it intends to join the suit.

shahla samii:
Let us all remember Arafat for who he was!

How to out-google the Arabian Gulf

* Amr-e beh maroof

ramin tabib:
All three wives of a 67-year-old Iranian man took overdoses in an unsuccessful triple suicide attempt after the youngest wife bought an expensive pair of boots

I find it surprising that when you give people total freedom, they are paralized, lost, unwilling to trust their instincts and be creative. Go on, be creative. You're free!

I am iranian. I live in Ilam. Please, save me.

payman arabshahi:
Gallup poll: Only about a third of Americans believe that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is a scientific theory... Forty-five percent of believe God created human beings about 10,000 years ago... and a third are biblical literalists who believe that the Bible is the actual word of God and is to be taken literally, word for word.

Interview: Michael Koubi was chief interrogator for Israel's security service

new york times
Invading Iran, a country of nearly 70 million people, would be a catastrophic mistake

special iranians of the day
Orphaned children of Bam

iranians of the day
* Fereydoon Batmanghelidj: Water
* Noosh: Halloween
* Mokarrameh Ghanbari: Painter
* Daeejan Bagher: Shol-e zard
* Reza: Photographer
* Barogh: Great father

* Protest: Then & now
* Good Haji

Jim Morris
* Prophetically scary: George Bush Senior
* John F Kennedy: Press conference

help me in identifying this song from a popular pre-revolution tape. Let Moe know

darius kadivar:
Perian wines in Germany

November 20

Mohsen Makhmalbaf on his Indian project

international herald tribune
Few stories are quite as strange in mankind's cultural history as the birth of an art school that blended the principles of Iranian painting with motifs borrowed from Northern Europe

parastou forouhar:
Homecoming: Chain murders' anniversary at the Forouhar residence

fariba amini:
Fallujah photos

iranians of the day
* Nikou Arjomand: Stop AIDS
* Ali Daei: 100 goals
* Raman: Buddahead
* Silvia Seasholtz times 5

* Video: DeNiro: Terrorists
* Cowboy converts

here & there
Iran: 1970s (5)

November 19

associated press
The Bush administration is building a case against Iran with disclosures of a covert nuclear weapons program that carry echoes of the run-up to the war with Iraq

ayatollah robertson
Are God and Allah the Same?

* Mojahedin Khalgh: Nukes
* Undisclosed nuclear facility
* Iraq: Pockets of resistence

here & there
Farhad (Amir) Nabipour: Deported to Paradise: New Zealand (added 5 more)

prynce payumy
I am going to give you guys a VERYYYY powerful track named POW "Product of War"

out of the closet
Derafsh-e Kaveh Ahangar

web worthy
New/Interesting Iranian sites

Sadaf Kaiani

Kamran Elahian

* Wanted: Jesus Christ
* Video: Newspaper: How dare you!
* Video: Use Tide with bleach

mehrangiz kar
Activist talks of life in Iran

farzaneh milani
Silencing a modern Scheherazade: Bush praised Shirin Ebadi, but she can't publish in the US.

baback khiavchi:

darius kadivar:
Looks like the German Nazi Reichtag to me. Only Hitler and Goebbels pictures are replaced by Khomeini and Khamenei.

November 18

Video: Ghaatebeh gets beat up by wife

iranians of the day
* Foad Naderzad: Judge Judy

yes spies
Porter J. Goss, the new intelligence chief, has told Central Intelligence Agency employees that their job is to "support the administration and its policies in our work,'' a copy of an internal memorandum shows.

* Axis of evil
* Bush on Powell
* Powell: Khataa kardam

Ebay auction: Virgin Mary In Grilled Cheese

Yasser Arafat

the nation
The Peter Principle and the Neocon Coup

mojahedin khalgh:
Iran obtained weapons-grade uranium and a nuclear bomb design from a Pakistani scientist who has admitted to selling nuclear secrets abroad

robin wright
Iran's New Alliance With China Could Cost U.S. Leverage

national (revisionist) geographic
The current editions of National Geographic's "Almanac of World History" and “Atlas of the World 2005” have listed the Persian Gulf with an alternative name "Arabian Gulf"

quote of the day
"House of Sand and Fog" is a film that causes a little twinge as your eyes pass over the star billings on the poster: Ben Kingsley paired opposite Jennifer Connelly. Panic sets in: Please, God, don't let this be a romantic comedy!

Ebrahim Yazdi has been sentenced to prison for acting against the IRI's national interest

India pulls back Kashmir troops

not safer
Chirac says the world has become more dangerous since Saddam Hussein's removal from power

November 17

shirin ebadi
Bound but Gagged

iranians of the day
* Al (Ali) Yeganeh: "Soup Nazi"
* Mansour: Bahrain concert

chain murders anniversary
Tuesday's internet speech by Sayeh Saeedi Sirjani

* Dogs & cats are unclean
* IRI trumpet

* Applying for a job at IKEA
* Video:That feels goooood
* Video: Husband & wife &...
* Ah Tale

bah bah
New Majlis building (5)

November 15

noooooosh-e jaan!
Iran food journey (60)

here & there
* Silk Road: Camping (10)
* Ardebil-Astara road (29)

now what?
Iran has not diverted declared nuclear materials for weapons but concern remains, the UN watchdog says

it keeps getting better and better
President Bush has chosen national security adviser Condoleezza Rice to replace Colin Powell as secretary of state

CIA in turmoil
The new boss is meeting resistance from America's spies

* Iran: Next

* Khatami: Reporters
* Rage: Chooneh

powell out
US Secretary of State Colin Powell is to leave his post, amid reports that three other top resignations are coming

An online war is under way between Americans who want to apologise for the US presidential election results, and those who are happy with the way it turned out

November 14

Ebrahim Nabavi on Javad Mojabi

robert d. kaplan
Barren Ground for Democracy

anthony pagden
Bush Is No Emperor

Iranian Nazi Party and a lot more

"Delight your child this Christmas with a personalized letter from Santa Claus"

Almos Baba's father's address is in Flint, Michigan. Maybe she's Michael Moore's great grandma. The Iranian connection would certainly explain a lot.

in return for...?
Iran has reportedly agreed to suspend uranium enrichment, as part of a deal with the EU aimed at resolving the dispute over its nuclear program

Merci! Arab (Iranian) wrestler

iranians of the day
* Behzad Ranjbaran: "Persian Trilogy"
* Hassan Hosseinpour: Brian Robson

peyvand khorsandi:
There is something racist about judging a brutalized people by their ability to provide sufficient pomp for their leader's final journey. Besides, if funerals are to decide whether a people deserve their own country, Palestinians are ahead of Iranians: at least the body didn't pop out.

must go
Iraj Pezeshkzad: Stanford Sunday, November 21

Let's all help poor Rafsanjani build a roof over his head.

talieh shahrokhi:
I think you would like to see this: Go to this webpage and then click on "production" and then "Cyrus".

* Veterans Day
* Crucified
* Faces (1)
* Faces (2)

peyvand khorsandi:
"Why are Muslims so bonkers?" said lass I am dating as we watched the arrival of Arafat's coffin in Ramallah. (We weren't there, it was on TV.) I reminded her of the reaction to England's rugby world cup win last year. "But that was sport," she said. "This should be a state funeral." They had that in Egypt, I told, her. Palestinians don't have a state. And they are not all Muslims. "It could be more dignified," she insisted. Maybe you're right, I conceded, and like when Diana died, Palestinians should be piling teddy bears outside their leader's compound with messages like: "Never knew you Yasser, but you will always be the people's princess."

This link for Theo Van Gogh's "Submission" works.
Everything about Astaneh (see old & new pix)

November 13

iranians of the day
* Ansari space prize
* Kathryn Babayan: Schoalr
* Dara: Washington Monument
* Javaneh & Mahdiyeh: Radio Farda
* Mahdiyeh: Washington Monument

November 12

Eyewitness accounts from Falluja

EU weighs Iranian nuclear reply

peyvand khorsandi:
The Guardian reports: "Ariel Sharon, has previously said he wanted Mr Arafat removed as an obstacle." Why don't they just say kill? You remove socks from a drawer, a six-year-old barring your path to the bathroom and George Bush from office, if you have charisma.

* Khatami STD

Click on the kitty's head and it meows. Click on its tummy, it purrs. Also check out Farhad Sepahbody's "Our Loving Cats Site".

* On Khamenei's mind

November 11

iranian of the day
Behnaz Sarafpour: Fashion

peiman rezaei (10)

ramin tabib:
Would somebody tell Mr. Bakhtavar that appearances can be deceiving. Although IT LOOKS LIKE President Bush won a "blow out" election, each of the red areas only show that he carried that area by a majority, i.e. more than 50%. See America's true color.

Most likely outcome of the nuclear dispute is Iran-US negotiations

hossein nushazar:
Arafat's legacy

The Israeli former nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu, released in April after 18 years in jail, has been re-arrested, police say

slater bakhtavar:
Blowout for President Bush: County by county map of Republican-Democrat victory for 2004

* Sharon & Arafat
* Arafat & Sharon
* Farewell, Arafat


Iranian photographers blocked from leaving Tehran for Paris show

mehran azhar:
Persian video with HipHop and Indian Fusion:

* Kill them all
* Religion for Dummies
* Moral values
* Mother's womb
* Third grade
* Arnold, The Bull

November 10

Veteran leader Yasser Arafat dies

iranians of the day
* Shohreh Zarei: Stem cell research
* Mina Ahadi: Stoning
* Mana Aghaie: Poet
* Iranian Alliances Across Borders

shirin ebadi
...denied permit for rally against execution of minors

why the latest arrests?
Cheraa Fereshteh Qazi va Mahmboubeh Abbas-Qolizadeh?

amnesty international
Iran: Civil society activists and human rights defenders under attack

nayereh tohidi:
Petition: Free Iranian Woman Journalist, Human Rights and Civil Society Activist

kenneth m. pollack
Behind the Scenes of a Tumultuous Relationship: The United States and Iran

more kenneth m. pollack
America needs a plan for dealing with Iran

poetry & music

American Iranian Council congratulates Bush

peyvand khorsandi:
"You're my little terrorist," a lass I am dating said to me the other day (I was wearing a camouflage jacket). "It's good to know I've got exotic appeal," I told her.

zara houshmand:
Some very interesting writing: Tirdad Zolghadr's: A Little Less Conversation

November 9

jahanshah ardalan:
Bush on Jay Leno

iranian of the day
Peyvand Khorsandi: Happy birthday

peyvand khorsandi:
Hallelujah! say Christian soldiers as they march upon Fallujah. Allah'o'akbars are hurled back in response, mortar fire follows. The civilians huddle in cellars, their lives devalued by the dollar-hungry oil barons who send our troops in to receive death blows.

Blue & red states then and now

Googoosh (10)

Virtual namaz

darius kadivar:
I just heard on the radio that Mr. Yasser Arafat's personal fortune is estimated at $900 million. Now who's the Taghouti?

peyvand khorsandi:
Poor Yasser Arafat. No one can tell him whether he's dead. All someone has to do is ask him if he caught the last series of Sex and the City.

The Incredibles is ok -- not incredible.

dead or done deal?
EU, Iran Nuclear Deal Seen Doomed Without U.S. Help

geneva convention
A US court halts the trial of a Guantanamo Bay detainee in a move with repercussions for other hearings there

The funeral for Dutch film maker, Theo van Gogh, who was shot and stabbed to death in Amsterdam a week ago

November 8

slater bakhtavar:
NCM Poll co-sponsored by Amnesty International: Iranian-Americans show greater levels of optimism about the overall U.S. position in the Middle East

Falluja: In case you forget

Mahmoud: Borj-e zahr-e maar

where do they find these characters?
TV: Fariborz Davoodian

Pravda: USA: Born July 4, 1776 - Died November 2, 2004

mamlekat-e goh o bol bol
NYT: Iran Jails More Journalists and Blocks Web Sites

Incredible: Persian e-Books and Virtual Libraries

rosie, the german: Wow, really interesting to me. this photographer has become really germanized! There is not a single portrait or human-focused picture in all of these When I looked at these I was transferred into my childhood, looking at pictures people had brought back from wherever they went: buildings, street corners, traffic signs, monuments, landscapes... no people. Really odd. How come Germans are so unfascinated by people?

German takes photos of Iran (see abve)

November 7


* Video: This old whorehouse
* Video: Hip hop for real

I know you at least appreciate it. Read about a BBC television series "The Power of Nightmares". Unreal, depressing. [Part 1][Part 2][Part 3]

Cheshme Kadivar-ha roshan: Princess to Star in New E! Reality Series

Mock War Game Shows Limited U.S. Options on Iran

What's happened to German soccer? Why have their games become so incredibly boring?

November 6

Bird in love

from a believer's perspective
What Would A Christian America Look Like?

November 5

peyvand khorsandi:
Critics say that Harold Pinter's poetry on the war lacked, er, poetry. That is, his words too frankly depicted the brutality of war. At the time, however, it was politicians that were the poets, daily using its devices to twist truth: Repetition: "failed to comply with UN Resolution 1441"; simile: "Saddam as dangerous as Al-Qaeda"; and of course metaphor: "Stockpiles of WMD" (barrels of oil). When politicians become poets, surely poets can be excused for being frank, which in an ideal world is what our elected representatives should be.  

At least 33 people have been killed in car bombs and other attacks in Samarra, north of Baghdad, police say

A hospital has been razed to the ground in one of the heaviest US air raids in the Iraqi city of Falluja

Iran says progress has been made at talks on its nuclear programme with diplomats from western Europe

- Iraj: Morality
- Thompson:
- Haji

the great escape
Canadian immigration officials said the number of US citizens visiting their website went up six-fold the day after the US election

michael moore
17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Wrists

If these numbers don't make you worried, what will?

* Video: Bush & gynecology
* Make love math
* Ageh hameh mesleh to boodan keh moshkelee nadaashteem
* US elections: IQ level
* Video: Drunk driver
* Video: Cunning stunt
* Video: Sign language: Interview

iranians of the day
* Tackin Tarighian: Young democract
* Sohail, Niousha & Niloufar: Kids in Frankfurt (6)
* Lance Seasholtz: Dubai (3)

Iranian immigrant says he gave a record $6-million
donation to a children's hospital in Vancouver to thank the country that
welcomed his family 18 years ago

November 4

* How could 59 million people be so dumb?
* Proposed new map: Jesusland

cheghad baayad aadam khar baasheh?
Iranian official says Iran can make the bomb, but doesn't want to

sign of the times
A man "with psychological problems" leapt into the lions' den at Taipei zoo yesterday to try to convert the king of beasts to Christianity

Hostage rug

There is no point in watching the news any more. Everything is so warped and fabricated. Welcome to 1984... which makes Orwell not only a fiction writer but a biographer.

Yasser Arafat falls into a coma

UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has said it is "inconceivable" that America would try to bomb Iran

A US brother and sister become the first people criminally convicted of sending spam e-mail

* Bush's clean up job
* Bin Laden's double victory
* Bushism
* Four more years

President Bush: Worst case scenario

here & there
More people & things in Iran (20)

Iranians of the day
* Homayoons
* Little Lily

Novemer 3

Iranians are Bush's biggest fans

the guargian
This is no passing phase. This is now an era

Violence against women

before & after
I voted :o)
I vomited :o(

hossein derakhshan
Americas really need a Christian revolution, maybe people would see what religion really is

I'm gonna stay objective. The glass is half-full of shit.

How about "all of the above" as an option for the latest poll? The worst has already happened. We are doomed for another four years. How are we going to take it without losing our sanity? Conceding to evil for the good of the people? I am going to throw up now...

Now what?

Due to the latest result in the US election I just want to pass along something for you to think about.


here & there
People of Iran (30)

khatami to bush
Keep away

* New drug
* Video: Mother of all goals
* Video: Fruit cake lady
* Video: Rock til you drop
* Video: Saved from cheetah

* Foroozan
* Iraj Ghaderi: Wild!
* Sepehrnia &...
* "Faryaad-e Nimeh Shab"
* Fardin: Twilight
* Vahda: "Safar Ali"
* Majid Mohseni

Welcome to the new Dark Ages.

peyvand khorsandi:
On a Bush victory I am going to send Tony Blair some marbles with a note saying: "I believe these are yours."


Novemer 2

Live blogging US elections
Hossein Derakhshan

Don't let the Bully get you down!

I voted for Kerry.

peyvand khorsandi:
Few Iranians would have minded the "Axis of evil" designation had we been banded with Brazil, France or Italy. But no, it was Iraq, bless'em, and North Korea. Why not throw in Bangladesh?

big deal
State-run Indian Oil Corporation has clinched a $3-billion deal to develop a gas block in Iran's gigantic South Pars gas field

reporting for the beeb
Iranian-American political action groups

November 1

* Mission accomplished
* Electronic tasbeeh
* Best tattoo

not gonna happen: human chain around evin prison
Demonstration: nuclear technology

the economist
The incompetent or the incoherent?

* Time: Washington, London, Baghdad
* Afghanistan elections
* Dokhtar maach qolvehee
* Last push for Bush
* Bin Bush
* Bin Laden voting for Bush
* Bin Laden: Wanted
* Voting ballot (3)
* Voting ballot (2)
* Voting ballot (1)

voter guide
First presidential guide to specifically address Iranian-American issues

The Iranian American Political Action Committee recently marked its third round of political contributions. Contributions were made to Senator Boxer, Senator Daschle, Senate Candidate Mel Martinez, Congressman Davis III, Congressman Shays, and San Francisco Board of Supervisors Candidate Ross Mirkarimi.

report card
The Iranian American Political Action Committee 2003-2004 Congressional
Scorecard rates members of Congress

peyvand khorsandi:
Race for the White House: pro-war capitalist millionaire vs. pro-war capitalist millionaire. Choose wisely people.

peyvand khorsandi:
I think my therapist suffers depression. Lately he’s been telling me about HIS problems. It’s like going to the dentist to give him a filling -- and still you pay.

Who will benefit from bin Laden?

Baghdad's deputy governor dies in a drive-by shooting on the first day of registration for elections due in January

At least four people die as a suspected suicide bomb explodes in a market in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv

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