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October 2004
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October 31

iranian of the day
Farid Javandel: Albany elections

bokhor bokhor
Eftar with Rafsanjani and Khamenei (4)

Hossein Derakhshan: 'Hey World, Pay Attention to Us!'

washington post
Iranian Americans Join to Promote Political Activism:
Rights Complaints Spark Unity

monterey herald
Mohammad "Moe" Nobari: The soft-spoken developer behind Rancho San Juan

The Iranian parliament has passed the first stage of a bill which would force the government to resume its uranium enrichment program

October 30

* Thank you, Osama
* Undecided voter
* Four more days
* Iranian cartoonists
* Pro-women laws
* Cave man
* American TV shows
* Boring film

Marjaneh Satrapi in The New Yorker: Iranian-Americans: And informal poll

filmemoon kardan?
Omar Sharif and Peter O'Toole to star in Movie about Esther and King Xerxes

Don't play games with American people

peyvand khorsandi:
Back in the early days of this war everytime a headline screamed Black Hawk Down I thought who got shot, Condi or Colin?

bin laden
Transcript of excerpts broadcast by al-Jazeera

My uncle came over for dinner last night. He said four years ago Bush won by one vote in the Supreme Court. This year he will win by one vote again: bin Laden's.

Eight marines have been killed and nine wounded around Falluja

My Two Countries: America and Iran

Progress on new internet domain

October 29

october surprise
Bin Laden video threatens America

- We are not smart asses
- Video: Idiot (1)
- Video: Idiot (2)
- Video: Idiot (3)
- Video: Idiot (4)
- Dying wish

voter guide
First presidential guide to specifically address Iranian-American issues

The phone just rang. It was Arnold! Our governor. He asked me to join his fight against "special interests" by attending some rally somewhere near San Francisco on Sunday. And then he hung up. The recording was seamless and as natural as I've ever heard. It scared me at first, and then his accent, and thoughts about the whole marketing and presentation of politicians, made me laugh.

- Radmehrian: Four more years
- Mahmoud: Naneh export

peyvand khorsandi:
What is it about Ramadan I go into bacon overdrive.

Washington Post vs. Washington Times

Iran sees small chance of UN economic sanctions

Death toll of Iraqi civilians tops 100,000, study says

president schwartzewhatever
Talk about changing the constitution

Mahmoud: Naneh export

I'm dying. Should I tell my wife?

Iranians in Holland

Fereshteh Ghazi arrested

* Video: Super Granny
* Finally, a Christian fighting evil
* Animation: 2004 elections a la Queen
* Polar bear in Halloween spirit
* Video: Baby water
* Useful German

peyvand khorsandi:
Love comes when you least expect it. It's like the number nine bus. You wait and wait, it doesn't turn up. You decide to walk to the next stop, look behind you and there it is - too far to run back to.

peyvand khorsandi:
Why is the word dictionary in the dictionary? If you don't know what a dictionary is why would you be looking in one? You buy a vacuum cleaner you don't need to be told it's a cleaning device. It's a fair guess you know that already.

new rules for soccer players

I Heart Huckabees had potential. Vali ultimately kheyli looss bood. Go see some other flick.

big stink
Florida ballot papers go missing

who's listening?
Powell cautions Israel on Iran action

peyvand khorsandi:
Everything is in place for my wedding: catering, location, inivitations. No bride as yet but hey, minor detail.

Islamic Republic of Banning
Iran bans footballers with ponytails

Islamic Republic of Canada
The Shari'a is the subject of hot debate in Canada, where some Muslim community leaders were allowed to formally use it as a basis of arbitration

iranians of the day
- Mahan Amin-Tehran: Little Jude Law!
- Mahtab: Star
- Nazanin Salimi: Architect
- Faegheh (Fawn) Shirazi: Middle East studies

Iraj- Angry Bush

Doctors attend Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat at his Ramallah compound as aides confirm he is 'very, very sick'

October 27

here & there
- Trip: Afghanistan (33)
- Sellers: Iran (6)

eminem video


remains of a tiny species of ancient human is hailed as one of the most sensational finds in decades

- Haji: Declaration of Human Rights
- Mahmoud: Alain Delon

from sima:
This is funny: Ali Tamadon's spoof of Sipah-i Islam


- Animation: The few, the brave,... the rich
- Video: Bush victory salute

darius kadivar to kamal marashi:
That is true, I wonder how we missed that one ;o) Maybe we aren't that Shahollahi after all. Nevertheless, thanks and JAVID SHAH

kamal marashi:
How could the Kadivar brothers miss this?

jon stewart
Iran is Bush country

the guradian
President Bush has words with the Almighty

EU, Iran nuclear talks resume

peyvand khorsandi:
A friend of mine is paying sixty pounds to see the Beastie Boys in Wembley. That's in excess of a hundred dollars. For that price I want to see Elvis.

October 26

heard on tv
They say behind every great Black man is the police. -- Undercover Brother

I just weighed myself after taking a shower. My pants felt bigger than usual when I was putting them on. I thought the time is right. I stood on the scale with delshooreh and excitement. It showed 192 pounds. I smiled ear to ear: I've lost 10 pounds in past three months or so -- just by generally eating less, especially at night. I should be 30 pounds less in a perfect world. I'm glad it isn't.

Jimmy Carter

Homosexual blogs blocked

roya hakakian:
"Journey from the Land of No" just won Elle magazine's Best Nonfiction Book of the Year. Now, if only if John Kerry gets elected, we'll have a great deal to celebrate.

here & there
- Fruits'n'stuff: Iran (10)
- The poor: Iran (9)
- Iran Street in Israel
- German shreder
- Lottery tickets
- Vatican: Pahlavi

Animation: U.S. elections: Indian

October 25-26

iranians of the day
- Marsha Mehran: Novelist
- Tiana Hakimzadeh: Essay

jahanshah ardalan:
NATIONAL CELIBACY DAY: Tuesday, November 2, 2004. No Dick  -  No Bush

guive mirfendereski:
When asked why is the country building a monorail system, the Wise One quipped, "Because we cannot afford two tracks."

peyvand khorsandi:
I was looking at my six-year-old cousin yesterday and noticed I was wearing the same clothes as him: combats, T-shirt, trainers. Children should be forced to wear suits, pressed shirts and proper shoes until they're 21. Then they can dress like adults.

Ilnaz Roomiani:
I noticed that you showed Darius in the UK music charts. What is much more exciting is Deep Dish also on the list with the song Flashdance. This is an excellent dance track. The featured singer Anousheh is great as well. It would be cool if you featured this song and let other Iranians know about the good work these guys are doing.

A fire at an Iraq chemical plant has caused the largest recorded man-made release of sulphur dioxide, experts say

bee-hejab park
For Tehrani mothers

At least 78 people are now said to have died in a crush after Monday's clashes in southern Thailand

eastern neighbor
Pakistan president's Kashmir plan under fire


peyvand khorsandi:
There is something about the Qajar bloodline - it spawns female autobiographers. Marjane Satrapi, Shusha Guppy, Sattareh Farmanfarmaian, to name a few. I recently discovered my family is also connected to the famous royal household. We were the cleaners.

iranian of the day
Kaikhosrov D. Irani, philosopher

Dog for Kerry

Radmehrian: Target >>> Bushehr
Mahmoud: King

How to Make New Enemies

Nearly 350 tons of explosives are missing from a former military complex in Iraq

Iran's Classic Cars Come Out from Hiding

Joining the cast of an untitled exorcism project based on true events

peyvand khorsandi:
A Palestinian friend of mine said: "Fishermen in Gaza are only allowed 12 nautical miles out to sea. At that distance all you can get is sardines." It would be fairer if Israel could convince the fish to swim within this cordon too.

Iranian-American Bar Association

emadeddin baghi
Many people in the West believe that the deadlock in Iran's domestic politics blocks any hope for societal reform. But from my viewpoint here in Iran, there is hope. Let me tell you why.

my report for bbc persian
U.S, elections and the media

michael jackson
Give thanx to Allah

you can take your presidency and...
Iranian women barred from standing in presidential vote

Iran ready to meet EU demands on suspension of uranium enrichment

Iraj: Halloween & Sanctions
Mahmoud: Nekbat
Haji: Rafsanjani bio
Kazem: Sperm egg

iranian of the day
Hossein Hajiagha: Cartoonist

October 23-24

New Mercedes Benz logo

guess who
No. 8 on the UK Pop music chart

eminem will not vote for Bush
protest song


ali shariati
Shrine in Damascus threatened by planned street expansion

without a doubt
The same conflict raging across much of the world is a battle between modernists and fundamentalists, pragmatists and true believers, reason and religion -- Ron Suskind
The New York Times

peyvand khorsandi:
I have a slogan for that Iranian nazi party member:

our fate is in their hands
Majlis session today

if you missed it, read it
Ahmad Sadri's on secular & religious intellectuals

yaad begeereen
British navy approves first ever Satanist

shahi tv

iranian & arab art in berkeley
Arabs. Muslims. How does the West see them? Artists use bold strokes to penetrate stereotypes

iranian & arab art...
(official site)
Somewhere Elsewhere is an art exhibition that provides a rare opportunity in the Bay Area to view contemporary art production by artists of Arab and Iranian heritage who are living in the United States

iranian art...
Sample art piece by Haleh Niazmand on display at the Berkeley show

note from tehran
I don't want to "roode-deraazi", but did you know some of the ISPs in Iran have begun filtering Like I am at work right now, and the provider I use here (Afranet) gives me the "access-denied" page almost everytime I try to see your site, but the one I use at home (Neda Network) never does. Strange thing is that it used to be the other way around, meaning Neda Network was censoring for some time and Afranet wasn't. Thought you'd be interested to know. Btw, please don't publish this as
a "letter to the editor". :-)

-- Video: Shrek donkey does "Divooneh"
-- Video: Sneak peak

i love raymond
I have to share with you this excerpt from "In Search of Zarathustra" by Paul KriwaczekIt.

no comment
Some Turkish women 'back beating'

In "Tabriz to Monaco", I made reference to Prince Arfa's house in Borjom - Villa Férouzi. I now add a photo of this villa and the following quote

October 21-22

iranian of the day
Sirus Naseri: Nuclear negotiator

It's 5 am. I just woke up from a 12-hour nap. chasbeed :o)

At least 10 people die as bombers strike an Iraqi military base, and four more are killed in a checkpoint attack

At least one person dies and more than 70 are injured in a series of earthquakes in northern Japan

free soccer tickets
San Jose Earthquakes, this Sunday

turban ok? hijab not?
French court has ruled on an appeal brought by three Sikh boys who have been excluded from classes for wearing the under-turban

we won't see a dime
Iran claims 97.2 billion dollars reparations from Iraq

Sanctions won't work

love song
Andy sings for the late Imam Khomeini

bemeeram baraash
I don't want my husband become president; he already works as much as the president -- Effat Mar'ashi, Rafsanjani's wife

- Beer & Viagra
- East & West


October 19-20

- Mahmoud
- Haji

Presidential Prayer Team urges voters to pray each day for President Bush and the nation

Aid agency Care International stops work in the wake of the kidnapping of Margaret Hassan in Baghdad

A bitter struggle rages between West Bank farmers and settlers

human rights award
Mehrangiz Kar

Today's schedule

where's my friend?
Omid Memarian

god bless the net

Poll: George Bush

take it or take it
EU makes final nuke offer to Iran Thursday [What a coincidence. We bought a TV from Best Buy yesterday. They are delivering it on Thursday.]

U.S. presidential fund-raisers trade with Iran, Iraq

gand zadeen
Iraq war increased Al-Qaeda's recruitment, top think-tank says

watch your mouth
French editor quits in Israel row

must see
Jon Syewart kicks ass on Crossfire

Moe my man, these logos (1) (2) (3) (4) are OK ("I'm not scared" I like!). Oon malaagheh ghaziyash chiyeh? :o)))

iranian of the day
My husband with Howard Dean

nothing is sacred
Far out Iranian t-shirts

what a joke
Ericsson bans Iranian joke site

it's amazing that an issue as critical as nuclear technology is being debated and decided by a few -- a few powerful western governments looking after their own interests and a few clerics looking after their own self-interest. and i guess mardom booghan.

* Dr. Hameh Fan Hareef

Mom's interview with Farah

something better

neat tricks
How to handle a ball

Filip takes the Oscars! Bit of an overkill :o)

must see
Latest Iranian web sites

October 17-18

- New Yorker: USA/Abu Gharaib
- Mahmoud: Hakha Shash
- Haji: Wild dogs

vroom vroom

Babak I love this logo out of the two you sent. But I don't know how long I can bear it. The Halloween one drove me nuts after a day. By the way, I'm glad you have a lot of spare time on your hand -- at WORK! I haven't worked in an office for almost ten years now. I love it when workers in the corporeate world stay human.

Basij militia wants observers at US vote

Iran Wants Right to Enrich Uranium

khamenei rocks
Music by Bahador Kharazmi

kalleh paacheh
Up 500 tomans

nothing to offer
Champions of Islamic revolution are fooling themselves

Scowcroft is critical of Bush

howard zinn
Our War on Terrorism

round the world
Hassan and Amir reach Sweden

iranian of the day
Mehrdad Mirkhani with Jay Leno

Russia says Iran must do more to dispel international concerns about its nuclear programme

US forces and Iraqi militants exchange fire outside Falluja, as a blockade around the city continues

Israelis in fresh Gaza incursion

Muslim humour aims to break down US stereotypes

Connecticut to host Iranian human rights documentation center

Iran Rejects Any Deal to End Uranium Enrichment

bad bakhtaa
British soldiers could be sent to support American forces in some of Iraq's most volatile areas

very entertaining
Mondo Magic

great guy
listen to ted turner

just take a glance at this page. these are the top news photos from iran. this is all we get, all the time: religion, religion, religion and more religion. and let's not forget religion. i want to throw up.

iranians of the day
* Slater Bakhtavar: Republican
* Akbar Ganji: Paying respects
* Tina Chinichian: Artist

javaneh and i flew to washington a few weeks ago to attend saman's wedding. when we got onto the united airlines plane, i noticed there were bibles in the magazine racks. is this a new practice? what on earth? isn't taking a flight scary enough these days? do we need to increase an already super religious climate? do passengers need to feel they're in a church? i think the questions themselves gave me the answer: we live in an ultra religious/ conservative era. look around you. in almost every country the mood is wayyyy to the right. so we shouldn't be surprised. but a lot of us are. at saman's wedding, a friend of mine said she had noticed the same thing. on a recent flight she had been upgraded to first class. when she got her meal, there were small cards on the tray with quotes from the bible! her reaction? "what the fuck?!" ohoy! listen up you airline knuckleheads: why not quote mark twain? albert einstein? i dunno, confucius? or rodney dangerfield? we have moved beyond jesus (and mohammad and bab). stop stirring religious fervor for a fast buck. it's not worth it. the world is turning into one giant temple. let us at least be god-free in the skies.

Just came back from seeing "Team America: World Police". It's a riot!

October 16

italian politics
another nut job

Seymour Hersh relating US soldiers' tales from the field in Iraq

jesus christ
First animated Islamic movie: "Mohammed: The Last Prophet"

- Video: Voting
- Portuguese border
- Video: Suicide bomber
- Carry your camera everywhere (1) (2) (3)

U.S. soldiers in Iraq refuse risky mission

Europe 'to offer Iran nuclear deal'

dj maryam
Is she for real?

spirit award
Congrats to Farshad Mahjoor

FR: Khatami Fritos
Kazem: Superman

pure bs
Kerry's Iran scandal

"Funny in Farsi" author Firoozeh Dumas encouraging you to vote

hazaraat mesle sag tarseedan
Iran wants guarantee of no 'regime change'-diplomats

awwww... i'm touched
Israel pulling back 'for Ramadan'

103 activists complain to Khamenei about arrest of Internet writers and... Listen to interview with Isa Saharkhiz

site of the day
Anoush Khazeni's

October 14-15

Video: Bush on bin Laden

Philosophy, as I have so far understood and lived it, means living willingly among ice and high mountains, seeking out everything strange and questionable in existence, everything so far placed under a ban by morality. The ice is near, the solitude tremendous, but how serenely all things lie, how freely one breathes, how much one feels lies beneath one's self. -- Friedrich Nietzsche

Berkeley: ReOrient 2004-Sixth Annual Festival of Short Plays Exploring the Middle East

Mahmoud: Hakhaa khalaa
Haji: Ass kissers (1)
Ass kissers (2)
Ass kissers (3)
Kazem: Smelly robber
Kazem: Game for Bam

Hard working George

Baback Khiavchi animated Bruce's Halloween logo for What's next? The skeleton jumps the witch?

- Iran child killer sentenced to death
- Kermanshah booze bust

iranians of the day
- Shayesteh: Berkeley
- Paul Katami: Fitness
- Mousavi: No president

Russia Says Finished Building Iran Nuclear Plant

Iraq releases 130 Iranian prisoners

Iraq's spy chief accuses Iranian embassy of killing agents

On Mohajerani's novel

Congress requires office on anti-Semitism

the nation
James Baker's Double Life

I had spoken to Bruce Bahmani about doing fun logos. He just emailed me one for Halloween. I love it! I was so excited I put it up, even though we are two weeks away. I encourage all you artists out there to submit your own fun logos (251 x 70 pixels, gif format).

October 13

Court halts sale of September 11 coins

Iran cracks down on blog protests

Iran beats Qatar

Pre-1979 lottery tickets

- "Dokhtar Nagoo Balaa Begoo"
- Fardin's Spaghetti Western
- Tabesh as a women
- Iren: Moon face
- Shoorangiz

world cup
Iran have one foot in after beating Qatar 3-2

Iran 3 Qatar2

cs monitor
France's pride in its thinkers: praise of Jacques Derrida, who died last weekend

If you aren't able to watch the Iran-Qatar match on TV, you can read the minute by minute report on I myself won't be able to follow the match live. I'm playing tennis with a porn star. Well, former porn star. He's in his early 50s (more about him later). I cancelled our Monday game because I had to re-string my racket. When I called him this afternoon we agreed to play Wednesday morning at 10 -- half an hour after the big World Cup match kick-off. Shoot! I wish I had the nerve to cancel again. I can't. GO IRAN!

Army boot camp for tourists

The bathroom is tunring into a library. Right now my favorite read is "In Search of Zarathustraz" by Paul Kriwaczek. A great story spoken by a great storyteller. Hatman bekhooneenesh.

October 12

Millionaires for Bush, Billionaires for Kerry

Iranian views on Tehran's nuclear plans

world cup
Do or die Wednesday: Iran vs. Qatar

- Mankoff: Money
- Mahmoud: Life & wife

here & there
Kianoosh's love affair with Spain (40 pix)

six questions
Nicholas Kristof on Iran

US Senate sees first-ever contest between two black candidates

U.S. considering incentives for Iran

Nine die in Japan 'suicide pacts'

baghdad blogger
'Only fair and credible elections can end the violence in Iraq'

Journalist's brother arrested

Iranian Human Rights Documentation Center Established

Ebadi cites human rights progress in Iran

Vice President Abtahi's resignation accepted

Iran 'child murder' trial starts

Sharon rushes to widen coalition after parliament rejects Gaza plan

asoociated press
Iran Offers Nuclear Assurances to Europe

October 11

* Outsourcing to India
* Iran nuclear bomb
* haji: Akbar Shah
* mahmoud: Korreh khar

here & there
Kianoosh's love affair with Spain

* Iranian Baja Fresh
* Shoes off
* Afghan Arnold
* Bush painting


Are you willing to die for what you believe in?

iranians of the day
Shahab Samieian: Bahai flees to Montana

Sharon rushes to widen coalition after parliament rejects Gaza plan

asoociated press
Iran Offers Nuclear Assurances to Europe

robert fisk
Future generations will struggle to escape the legacy of the disaster in Iraq

boston globe
The revolution next time

SMS service

Germany's goals against Iran

Iranian hezbollahis

Kerry opens 3-point lead on Bush

Hassani says Ayatollah Yazdi should run for president

Jean Michel Jarre performs in China's Forbidden City

Oil prices surge to fresh record highs in London

Probe into Afghan vote announced

Gene switch can 'turn off cancer'

the guardian
US seizes webservers from independent media sites

the guardian
Australia's Christian right celebrates gains as PM wins fourth term

Jehovah's Witnesses: Persian

dariush ashouri
Nitzche, Zartosht va Iran

Afghans vote, ready or not

$50-plus oil drags on economy

the guardian
Climate fear as carbon levels soar

Superman: Christopher Reeve

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