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Don't let it be
Photo essay: Summer in Turkey
August 16, 2006

Let it go
It seems there are still a few among us who are determined to make the World Cup a miserable affair
June 16, 2006

Great, in spite of
A great nation, in spite of our government
May 30, 2006

Still felt good
Forty people chanting across CNN Center in downtown Atlanta were not going to change a thing in Iran, but I still felt good
March 10, 2006

Home is a blur
When I first put the Iranian flag in my car my family told me I was being idiotic
February 28, 2006

You're joking, right?
To judge all Iranian women because you haven't met one that is religious enough for you is juvenile
January 19, 2006

A night with Aghili
He belted out tune after tune, the classics, the pop songs, and provided more than a few funny stories in between
July 21, 2005

Who's calling who a nuclear threat?
Now, what happens if I say that the fact that the U.S. has built 67,500 nuclear missiles from 1951 to the present makes me nervous?
August 11, 2005

Italy's a lovely place. But it aint Iran.
To the "Italian" children of Iranian immigrants
June 14, 2005

Pretty hariy
I have not removed any of my body hair in three and a half years
May 5, 2005


As a university student Tahereh wastes away her the bulk of her life studying. In her spare time she drinks toxic amounts of tea while dreaming of a united Iran where she can raise her future children. She keeps a blog

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