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Photograph by Andrew Rosenblatt



Misdirected anger
It's high time we learned a thing or two from AIPAC
March 22, 2006

Shock and... oops!
Iraq War: Three years on
March 21, 2006

Opposites Day
Guess who got a Presidential Medal of Freedom
January 7, 2005

What is Electoral College?
U.S. elections
September 22, 2004

Ask the questions
Don’t let scare tactics distract you from Bush’s record
September 3, 2004

Are we a minority group?
Americans of Iranian descent may or may not wish to be legally classified as a minority
July 20, 2004

Start with two pounds of voting
Recipe for political influence
June 29, 2004

Arnold is good for us
Engagement in American politics
May 27, 2004


Abtin Assadi is member of the board of directors at Bay Area Iranian American Voter Association

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The Persian Gulf
A Political and Economic History of Five Port Cities 1500-1730
by Willem Floor